Odds on the Quarantine Eating Challenge Are Now Online!

All major sports leagues in the United States are shut down. It’s been disappointing for many people at home looking for some entertainment. On Friday, a unique new eating challenge is taking place, featuring some of the top competitive eaters in the world. Odds on the quarantine eating challenge are now being offered online!

Joey Chestnut

This should be a fun show for many people around the country. Many are already placing their wagers on who will win. Today, we’re going to break down the odds for each competitor.

Let’s get into it!

All US Sports Leagues Remain Shut Down

This has been the most unusual month in the history of professional sports. Since early March, all major sports leagues in the country have been forced to close down. It’s still unclear when any of these leagues will resume normal operations.

The UFC has worked hard to get back to normal. Officials within the company worked hard to put on an event on April 18th at the Tachi Palace Casino in California. It nearly took place, yet California’s leaders ended up putting an end to the show at the last minute.

Members of the IOC were also forced to cancel the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. This is the first time the Olympics have ever been canceled for something other than war. The event will now be postponed until the Summer of 2021.

MLB officials are also looking at ways to start holding events again. Not long ago, news broke that leaders of this league are considering holding all of the season’s games in one venue without fans. It’s unclear whether or not this is a real possibility.

All casinos across the country, including ones in Las Vegas, are shut down, too. This makes it almost impossible to make land-based wagers in-person! More people are now choosing to place bets online.

Many people around the country are desperate for some kind of live entertainment event. This week, that’s exactly what we’re getting.

A Major Eating Challenge Takes Place This Friday

Eating contests tend to be very entertaining. While they don’t have nearly as big of a fan base as traditional sports, many still enjoy watching the top competitive eaters putting everything on the line. That’s exactly what’s scheduled to take place this week. Of course, this event will be different from all of the others.

On Friday, April 27th, the biggest names in competitive eating will face off in what’s called the quarantine eating challenge. This event will be live-streamed online at 7 pm on Major League Eating’s Youtube Channel. Below is a breakdown of the foods that will be consumed.

  • Qualifying Round: Sliced Bologna — two pounds
  • Quarterfinals: Milk and Cookies — one family pack of Oreos and a half-gallon of milk
  • Semifinals: Baked Beans — 1.5 gallons
  • Finals: Ramen Noodles — 10 individual ramen cups

George Shea, chairman of the MLE, commented on this event to the media this week.

“While there has been substantial discussion about which professional sport would be the first to return — with baseball, basketball, golf and MMA all floating recent potential return plans — competitive eating is first to come back. It is a powerful statement of American resilience.”

The winner of this event will take home $5,000. People around the United States are now getting ready to bet on the event. Let’s take a look at the odds for each competitor to win.

Breaking Down the Odds for the Quarantine Eating Challenge

For years, two men have dominated the world’s competitive eating challenges. Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie are both known for their incredible ability to put food away. On Friday, these men will be taking part in the live-streamed eating challenge.

BetOnline, one of the top online sportsbooks in the US, is now offering odds on this event.

At the moment, Joey Chestnut is listed as the favorite with odds of -110. Matt Stonie enters as the second favorite with odds to win at +350. Below is a complete list of the odds for the quarantine eating challenge.

  • Joey Chestnut: -110
  • Matt Stonie: +350
  • Darron Breeden: +500
  • Gideon Oji: +900
  • Miki Sudo: +1000
  • Michelle Lesco: +1200
  • Nick Wehry: +1200
  • Eric Brooker: +2000

Of course, most analysts feel that Joey Chestnut will take the win. He’s the most accomplished professional eater in the world. Matt Stone has a real possibility of pulling off the win, too.

Those looking to go with an underdog may want to wager on Miki Sudo. She’s won many Nathan’s Hot Dog Contests over the years and has already won several major events in 2020.

Make sure to check out BetOnline for a complete list of the odds for the quarantine eating challenge taking place this Friday! Let us know who you think will win the comments section below.