Circa Las Vegas Could Help to Boost Tourism in Downtown Las Vegas

Derek Stevens Circa Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas is preparing for another hugely successful year. Casino operators here are anticipating surges of tourism, and not just on the Strip. Casino executive Derek Stevens believes that Circa Las Vegas could help to significantly boost tourism in Downtown Las Vegas this year. 

This new casino is one of the most exciting ones to open in the Downtown area in many years. Now is a great time to talk about how this venue and others in Las Vegas might fare over the next eleven months. 

Let’s get into it!

Derek Stevens Predicts Tourism in Downtown Las Vegas to Increase in the Future

A huge amount of attention has been put on Las Vegas and its incredible economic recovery throughout 2021. The casinos here experienced huge surges of tourism throughout the year. Several monthly gambling revenue records were also set during the year

With the pandemic becoming more under control, analysts are predicting another great year for the city’s casino industry. The majority of popular casino-resorts are based on the Las Vegas Strip. Other areas of the city, including Downtown Las Vegas, are also very popular and home to world-class gambling properties. 

Derek Stevens is one of the most prolific casino owners in Las Vegas. Stevens opened Circa Las Vegas in late 2020 at a time when the city was still struggling. Stevens spoke to the media this week about Circa, and claims he expects this property to boost tourism in Downtown Las Vegas in the future

“We really like it here. We love Fremont Street. We love downtown Las Vegas, and we love to operate these businesses. The great thing about Vegas is you never really know what’s gonna happen to the future. Sometimes you gotta let the day or the business conditions or the economic conditions, you gotta let them come to you. And we’ll see what happens. We really like it here in downtown Las Vegas,” Stevens said. “We like what we’re doing. I’m not looking too far ahead here. I mean in 15 years I haven’t looked too far ahead, kind of let things come to you. Let’s do something pretty great for the city.”

Circa Las Vegas is a very impressive casino with one of the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas. There is no doubt it will help to bring in more visitors to the Downtown area. What other Downtown properties are anticipating tourism surges this year?

Downtown Las Vegas Casinos Work to Bring in Visitors 

Las Vegas is known for being home to the world’s most expensive casinos. The majority of these are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is now home to many popular casinos, as well, including Circa Las Vegas. 

Some of the oldest and most historic casinos in the city are located in this area. The Golden Nugget was originally built in 1946 and remains a hugely popular casino in the city. It has gone through many renovations over the years and is preparing to see boosts of tourism in Downtown Las Vegas as the year continues.  

The D Casino & Hotel is another very popular venue in Downtown Las Vegas. This property is owned by Derek Stevens and was the first casino to accept Bitcoin for hotel rooms. Its location near the end of the Fremont Street Experience makes it a popular option for tourists in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Station Casinos is one of the largest casino owners in Las Vegas and runs many successful properties outside of the Las Vegas Strip. This company claims it is now interested in opening a casino in the Downtown area. Specific plans for this proposed venue have not yet been revealed. 

It’s a very exciting time for the entire casino industry in Las Vegas. We’ll be sure to offer updates on how the city’s gambling operators are faring over the next eleven months.

More Casino Companies Work to Break into the Las Vegas Market

In mid-2020, the casino industry in Las Vegas found itself in a dire situation. All of the casinos here were forced to remain closed for months and it was unclear when they would receive permission to reopen. Things are much different now and the casinos in Las Vegas have been thriving. 

It is not a surprise to see many casino companies now working hard to break into this city. Analysts are predicting another successful year for the casinos here in 2022. This has led many gaming operators to look at purchasing different casinos in Las Vegas. 

MGM Resorts recently sold The Mirage to Hard Rock International for just over $1 billion. This marks the first time that a tribal casino operator has run a casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a major accomplishment for Hard Rock and has led other tribal groups to look at purchasing a casino in the city. 

More Las Vegas casino sales are likely to take place over the next year. Stay tuned for more updates on these sales as soon as they are announced. 

Do you expect tourism in Downtown Las Vegas to increase this year? How will casinos like Circa Las Vegas fare in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!

Circa Sports Expands at Off-Strip Tuscany Suites

Circa Sportsbook
Circa Sports is expanding outside its properties by opening a physical sportsbook at the off-strip Tuscany Suites located at Flamingo Road, just east of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Tuscany sportsbook had a soft opening on Monday before a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday. It is located at the same space that housed the William Hill book, across Pub 365, near the casino’s entrance. It was closed earlier this month for remodeling.

Said Circa owner Derek Stevens:

“We’re excited to open up (at Tuscany) right before March Madness. The Tuscany is a great property with great ease of access, and I like what we’re doing in Henderson on Water Street.”

Tuscany Suites Expansion

The Tuscany Suites expansion is much smaller than the sportsbook at Circa Las Vegas, which is one of the largest in the world with a multi-level 1,000 seat facility with a 78-million pixel TV screen that can show two dozen sporting events at once. The Tuscany book is also the first Stevens sportsbook to open outside his casino lineup. However, it won’t be the last one.

Stevens is also planning to open a Circa Sports shop at the Pass, the new property set to open at the former Eldorado property in downtown Henderson. That sportsbook is expected to start taking bets on May 1st, pending regulatory approvals. The Pass, also subject to final regulatory approval, is slated to open on April 1st.

Circa Sports Takes Big NCAA Bets Right Away

Circa Sports had set its eyes on the NCAA men’s basketball Tournament and it wasn’t a surprise why it was the first sportsbook to post the opening odds for all of the 32 opening games of the tournament, scheduled on March 18th.

Circa Sports released its NCAA betting lines concurrent to the Selection Sunday show.
It took bets even before the full bracket was revealed and there was no such thing as a soft opening. The Derek Stevens brand sportsbook took big bets right away, with $10,000 limits on sides in each of the 32 opening games.

Circa’s Football Betting Squares Are Coming Back!

Circa Sportsbook

Circa Las Vegas is one of the coolest new casino-resorts in Nevada. Soon, this venue will be putting on exciting events surrounding Super Bowl weekend. Many are excited to hear that Circa’s football betting squares are officially coming back this year!

Betting squares are a fun way for football fans to get in on the action. The ones at Circa have grown extremely popular with visitors. Today, we’ll explain what Circa and some other casinos in Las Vegas have planned for Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s what we know.

Las Vegas is Working to Bring in Visitors for Super Bowl LV

The city of Las Vegas is still considered the entertainment capital of the world. You might not know that by visiting right now. Many of the casino-resorts are struggling to bring in visitors and gaming revenue has been on a decline here.

It’s a new trend for this city. Prior to 2020, Las Vegas saw approximately 40 million visitors every single year. New casinos kept appearing throughout the city and it seemed that things were going better here than ever before.

The effect that last year’s events had on Las Vegas is well-documented. Many hoped that things would be recovered by early 2021. It’s becoming clear that this will take significantly longer. In fact, no one can accurately say when Las Vegas will see pre-pandemic levels of tourism.

Casino companies are still doing everything they can to bring in visitors. Many of these companies are hoping that Super Bowl weekend ends up bringing a surge of tourism. Historically speaking, this is a big revenue-generating time for Las Vegas.

Things won’t be quite as festive in Las Vegas as they might normally be. Many of the major casino-resorts here have events planned, yet reservations remain much lower than what was seen in years prior. Circa Las Vegas is beginning to announce some of its events surrounding the big game on Sunday.

Betting fans, in particular, are excited to hear what Circa has planned. It will be an exciting time for those who end up making the trip to Sin City.

Reports Confirm that Circa’s Football Betting Squares Are Returning

Most NFL fans are familiar with betting squares. For those that don’t, it’s fairly simple. Essentially, this is a grid usually consisting of 100 blank squares. Bettors are then either randomly assigned a square, or they are able to choose one for themselves.

Once the squares are assigned, you begin setting numbers for the different squares. Once all of these numbers have been set, everyone can sit back and enjoy the game! Winners will be announced after the first, second, third, and fourth quarters. A winner is declared when their two numbers match the last number of both team’s scores.

Circa Las Vegas offered its visitors a bettable version of this popular Super Bowl game last year. This week, the casino’s sportsbook manager Chris Bennett confirmed that Circa’s football betting squares are officially coming back! Bennet spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and expressed his excitement to see this game return.

“The popularity blew me away (last year),” he said. “It was maybe the most fun thing we put up for betting since we opened for business. I learned a lot from doing it last year and roughly what the odds should be on every given square, because the sharp bettors, they’ll comb through this and tell you if you’re wrong.”

Super Bowl betting squares are an extremely fun way for football fans to feel more involved in the game. Some of these squares are also offering some massive opportunities to win. In the end, the owners of Circa just hope that this new game will help to bring in more visitors.

Not everyone will manage to make it to Las Vegas to watch the big game. Fortunately, there are now easy ways for football fans across the country to bet on the NFL championship game!

There’s Still Time to Bet on Super Bowl 55 Online

The 2020/2021 NFL season has been one of the most-watched in history. Many football fans have been largely stuck at home for months and followed every game of the season. On February 7, this historic season will finally come to an end.

Many of the visitors to Las Vegas will end up betting on this game. You don’t have to be in this city to place your wagers on the action, though. There are now amazing online sports betting sites operating throughout the country.

That includes Bovada. This website is still allowing its members to place a variety of bets on the big game. Some are choosing to bet on the moneyline. Kansas City comes in as the -165 favorites and Tampa Bay comes in as the +145 underdogs.

This is just one option, though. This site also offers a wide range of amazing prop wagers on this championship game.

Those lucky enough to make it to Las Vegas may want to take part in Circa’s football betting squares. It will be a fun way to get involved in the game with other fans.

Do you plan on going to Las Vegas for the game? Who do you think wins at Super Bowl LV? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Opening of Circa Las Vegas is Just a Week Away!

Circa Las Vegas

The Downtown area of Las Vegas is now home to some of the biggest and best casinos in the city. Incredibly, it’s about to get significantly better. The opening of Circa Las Vegas is now less than a week away!

There’s been a tremendous amount of attention placed on this new casino-resort recently. Circa is expected to be one of the best new gambling venues opened in the city for years. Today, we’re going to take a last-minute look at what this property will have to offer its members.

Let’s get into it!

Downtown Las Vegas Casinos Still Struggle to Bring in Players

All of Las Vegas is working hard to get back to normal. It’s become apparent how important the city’s gambling industry is for businesses here. The massive drop in revenue has taken a serious toll on the entire city.

Different parts of Las Vegas are suffering more than others. Downtown Las Vegas has been taking a serious hit over the past eight months. The casinos here are now open, yet all are struggling to bring in new players.

More visitors to Las Vegas are heading to the Strip right now. This area is home to some of the best casino-resorts on the planet. That includes the Cosmopolitan, The Venetian, and the Las Vegas Wynn Casino-Resort.

There are some fantastic hotel-casinos in Downtown Las Vegas, too. Not long ago, one of them found itself in hot water for illegally detaining a patron. This led to several major complaints from Nevada’s Gaming Control Board.

It will likely be years before things completely return to normal here. That doesn’t mean the casinos here are stopping in their effort to bring in new players. Many of the best Downtown Las Vegas casinos are offering great new deals to their members to boost visitation rates.

Soon, a massive new casino-resort will officially open its doors Downtown!

Here’s What We Know About the Opening of Circa Las Vegas!

It’s always fun when a major new casino opens its doors in Las Vegas. There have been several of these properties under construction here in recent years. Next week, we’ll finally get to witness the opening of Circa Las Vegas!

Construction on this property has been underway since February of 2019. As time went on, it became clear that this would become one of the best properties in the city. It features a two-story casino with 1,350 slot machines, 49 table games, and a fantastic new sportsbook.

We’re starting to hear even more details about this property’s new sportsbook. This sports betting area can fit 1,000 people at a time. It features a massive 78-million pixel television with a world-class speaker system. Most analysts claim it’s the largest sportsbook ever opened in Downtown Las Vegas.

Mike Van Ermen, the sports book’s strategic operations manager, spoke about his excitement about this sportsbook to the media this week.

“There’s really not a bad seat in the house, just because this thing is so unbelievably big,” he said. “I love to sit down in the Legends Club [section], the recliners. After you recline, the table pulls in closer to you. So you have your drink and your food right there. And you have to move your neck like an inch and a half at most, and you don’t have to move for the rest of the day. It’s really, really quality real estate.”

As many know, Circa will also feature one of the most impressive swimming pools in the city. It’s a true resort and should help to bring Las Vegas some much-needed tourism once it opens on October 28th.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Still Expected to Open Next Summer

Whenever a new casino-resort opens in Las Vegas, a surge in tourism is experienced in the city. It seems likely that many gambling fans will want to see what’s being offered at Circa Las Vegas. This isn’t the only exciting new property being opened in this city soon, though.

All eyes are on Resorts World Las Vegas. We’ve been reporting on this venue for years. At $4.2 billion, it’s the most expensive gambling property ever built in the city. It is expected to be a one-of-a-kind casino-resort with a number of incredible amenities.

As of now, the plan is for this property to open its doors sometime in summer of 2021. The opening of this property has already been delayed several times. Fortunately, things seem to be aligning for the casino-resort to begin accepting guests by the time next summer rolls around.

Those looking for a new job may want to consider applying to Resorts World. Not long ago, this hotel-casino hosted a massive job fair. According to new reports, this venue is preparing to hire 6,000 new employees.

Many of these positions are still open. Feel free to check out what’s available today!

We’ll finally get to see the opening of Circa Las Vegas next week. Hope is that this property can help to boost tourism rates in the Downtown area of the city. Make sure to stay tuned for updates over the next couple of weeks!

Are you excited to see Circa open its doors? Do you plan to visit this property anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Circa Las Vegas Gains License to Open Casino Next Month

There are several incredible new hotel-casinos scheduled to open in Las Vegas over the next 10 months. One that many are excited about is Circa las Vegas, located in the Downtown area of the city. New reports claim this property has officially received a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission to open next month.Circa Resort & Casino

It’s exciting news to hear. Many believe that Circa could quickly transform Downtown Las Vegas into one of the hottest areas of the city. It’s easy to see why. Now is the perfect time to look at what this hotel-casino has to offer its guests.

Let’s get into it!

Downtown Las Vegas is Working Hard to Boost Tourism

When most people think of Las Vegas nowadays, the image of the Strip comes to mind. It’s easy to see why, as this area is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. Downtown Las Vegas has always been a popular gambling destination too, and seems to be improving right now.

There are many great casinos in this section of Las Vegas. Many are owned by the Stevens brothers. Of course, all of the Downtown Las Vegas casinos were forced to close their doors back in March and didn’t reopen until late June.

The focus for these casino owners is now bringing in new players. Casinos have taken many different measures to achieve this goal. Not everything is running smoothly for them, though. News recently came out that the Fremont Hotel-Casino was facing official complaints for unrightfully detaining one of its patrons.

It’s been a difficult year for all of the casinos in Las Vegas. Revenue earnings are considerably lower right now than they were in 2019. That seems unlikely to change anytime soon and may even get worse as winter rolls around.

One of the most exciting new properties scheduled to open here is Circa Las Vegas. Gambling fans around the country have been eagerly awaiting news on when this hotel-casino would open its doors. It now appears we have an answer.

NGC Finally Grants Casino License to Circa Las Vegas

There are a number of large casinos being constructed in Las Vegas. To the surprise of many analysts, Circa Las Vegas has been one of the most-anticipated hotel-casinos in the city. It’s owned by the aforementioned Stevens brothers and should prove to be the most impressive venue ever built in Downtown Las Vegas.

There’s a lot of exciting features of this property. Most of the attention the media is giving this property is on its swimming pool. This is a multi-level resort pool featuring one of the largest television screens in the entire city.

Everyone knew that Circa would be opening its doors sometime in 2020. With the events unfolding around the world, however, no one seemed to know exactly when this property would begin accepting guests. One of the main delays was obtaining a casino license from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

This process is now officially complete. News has just surfaced that this property has finally obtained its elusive license from the NGC. That guarantees the casinos opening on October 28th. It’s important to note that the hotel won’t open up until December.

Circa Las Vegas may help to significantly boost tourism in Las Vegas. The casino floor here features nearly the same number of gambling options as the Golden Gate and D Las Vegas combined. It will be interesting to see how many tourists flock to this new venue once it finally opens its doors.

Stay tuned for more updates on Circa over the next few weeks.

The Las Vegas Virgin Hotel Will Open in Early 2021

As we already mentioned, there are a number of exciting new casino-resorts scheduled to open their doors in Las Vegas over the next few months. This week, we officially received news that the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel will be opening up in early 2021.

This is Virgin’s first foray into the land-based gambling industry. The company’s new casino will open in the same location as the former Hard Rock Hotel. Company officials have been working hard to make this one of the best new gambling venues in the city.

Virgin Hotel’s project was delayed several times this year. The initial hope was for this hotel-casino to begin accepting guests sometime late into 2020. That proved impossible with the delays in the renovation.

Las Vegas will soon be treated to a wave of new casino-resorts. Most of the owners of these venues could never have predicted how things look the way they do now. The gambling and tourism industry in Las Vegas is still struggling and may remain that way for years.

These casino owners aren’t letting that slow them down, though. Hopefully, these new properties help to stimulate Nevada’s tourism industry and bring casinos some much-needed revenue.

Are you excited to see Circa Las Vegas open its doors? Do you plan to visit Las Vegas this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

There Are Now More Reasons to Wear Masks in Casinos

More Las Vegas casinos are beginning to open and tourism is increasing here every single week. Due to the regulations set in place, however, some are still unwilling to visit this city. Caesars Entertainment is now starting to give visitors here more reasons to wear masks in casinos.Man Wearing Face Mask

Most would agree that wearing a mask inside a casino-resort is a little uncomfortable. Caesars is trying to help make this a little easier to bare. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly this major casino company is offering to its guests.

Let’s get into it!

More Caesars Entertainment Properties Are Opening in Las Vegas

As the weeks go on, more major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are starting to accept guests. It’s been a long road to get here. Since March, many of the casino companies here have lost an incredible amount of revenue.

Caesars Entertainment is one of the biggest casino companies in Las Vegas. Over the past few weeks, this company has begun opening several of its properties including Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Flamingo, The Linq, and Harrah’s Las Vegas. Revenue is slowly beginning to increase for this gaming operator.

As many know, Caesars is also in the middle of a massive merger with Eldorado Resorts. Initially, this deal was expected to be finalized by the end of this month. According to recent reports, it’s now being pushed back.

Revenue still isn’t coming in like it used to. Tourism into Las Vegas is slowly increasing every single week. It may be months, or even a year, before rates of tourism here get back to how they were in January of this year.

Caesars, like many other casino companies, is doing everything it can to attract more visitors. Things have been made more difficult now that masks are expected to be required on all casino floors. Officials within Caesars are now trying to encourage mask-wearing in the city in a unique way.

Here Are a Few More Reasons to Wear Masks in Casinos

Over the past few months, health officials in the US have tried to come up with the best ways to better protect the public from the dangers of Covid-19. It now appears that mask-wearing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent infection spread. Most states are now highly encouraging their residents to wear a mask when going in public.

For a time, wearing a mask was only recommended inside Las Vegas casinos. Most gambling officials realized that forcing players to wear masks will end up decreasing tourism. Now, lawmakers here are taking a more aggressive approach.

Governor Sisolak recently held a press conference and announced that masks are likely to be required inside casinos. Fortunately, Caesars Entertainment is now giving its players more reasons to wear masks in casinos. This company has begun offering free slot credits to many players who are abiding by the mask rule.

A spokesperson for Caesars told the media that $7,500 in free slot credits was awarded over the past few days.

It’s clear that Caesars Entertainment is taking the most proactive approach to masks. The company was one of the first to officially require masks to be worn when playing table games. Now, they’re actually rewarding the players abiding by the rules.

There were already many reasons to wear masks in casinos. Now, you might even get paid for it!

Circa Las Vegas Announces Opening Date

The city of Las Vegas was earning an incredible amount of revenue over the past couple of years. As a result, several companies here have begun constructing major casino-resorts. That includes Circa Las Vegas, located in the Downtown area.

This property is owned by Derek Stevens, one of the top casino operators in the city. Stevens officially announced that reservations can now be made starting tomorrow, June 24th. To the surprise of some, this major casino-resort will be an adult-only venue.

“Once, Las Vegas held a certain mystique as this fabulous place where only grown-ups could play,” Circa’s official Twitter account said. “Call us old-fashioned, but we think adults need some of that mystique back in their lives. Book your room starting June 24th at 9am for #CircaLasVegas, a 21+ experience.”

Just about everyone is excited to see this new venue open up. Circa is now home to the largest and most impressive swimming pool complex in Las Vegas. Derek Stevens believes that this new venue will help to significantly increase tourism into Downtown Las Vegas.

Health officials continue to reveal more reasons to wear masks in casinos. Cases of Covid-19 are increasing around the country. Wearing a mask may help to prevent another casino shutdown experienced over the past few months.

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Construction On a Major Las Vegas Road Project Will Begin Soon

Despite much of Las Vegas being shut down right now, several major construction projects are still taking place here. City officials want to ensure that these projects are completed by their originally planned dates. Construction will begin on a massive Las Vegas road project next week.Famous Las Vegas Sign

It’s great news to see these projects take place. Many analysts around the country are trying to predict when Las Vegas will get back to normal. Today, we’re going to look at the new construction project set to take place here. We’ll also discuss some of the other major projects in the city.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Sisolak Extends Casino Shutdown

Nearly 785,000 people have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus in the United States. In some parts of the country, infection rates are beginning to plateau. In other areas, these rates are increasing rapidly.

Nevada has a relatively low number of infections right now. According to John Hopkins University, 3,840 individuals have been confirmed infected in this state. Despite the fact that infections are low, Nevada’s officials are maintaining strict social distancing measures.

All casinos in Nevada have been forced to close down. Not long ago, Governor Steve Sisolak decided to extend the casino closures here. This has been devastating for many companies in cities like Las Vegas, some of which are losing millions of dollars every single day.

Carolyn Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, has begun to plead for changes. She is arguing that the city cannot survive long-term under the current restrictions. Several major Las Vegas casino CEO’s have also presented their own plans to reopen the state economy.

Sisolak isn’t budging, though. He believes that the regulations set in place are necessary to prevent further infection spread. The Governor is not revealing when gambling venues will open to the public once again.

Interestingly, major construction projects are still able to take place here.

Work on a Major Las Vegas Road Project Will Soon Begin

There are always construction projects taking place in Las Vegas. New hotel-casinos are constantly opening here and city officials continue to look at improving infrastructure. Next week, construction on the largest road project in the history of the city will officially begin.

Work on a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard will kick off on April 27th. The $125 million project is expected to take three years to complete. It includes replacing underground utilities, traffic signals, medians, curbs, and sidewalks and pavement.

Margaret Kurtz, city spokesperson, commented on the need for this project to the media this week.

“The existing waterlines to be replaced are from 1955, the storm drains from 1954, some of the traffic signals from 1965, and the sewer pipe from 1942,” she said. 

Many city residents are excited to see the Las Vegas road project begin. It should help to significantly improve the Downtown area. This isn’t the only major construction project taking place in this city. Unfortunately, some of them are being affected by the coronavirus.

Worker at Circa Casino Resort Tests Positive for Coronavirus

This is a very tough time for Las Vegas right now. Many businesses are shutting down and tourism here is at an all-time low. There are still a huge number of major construction projects taking place in this city. That includes the new Las Vegas road project.

One of the biggest projects is on the Circa Casino Resort in Downtown Las Vegas. This new property, owned by the Stevens brothers, is expected to be the most impressive venue ever opened in Downtown Las Vegas. It will feature the largest pool in the city and thousands of feet of gaming space.

Unfortunately, a worker at Circa Las Vegas has tested positive for the new coronavirus. Company officials released a statement about the situation to the media this week.

“The individual is now in isolation and will not return to work until cleared to do so by their healthcare provider,” the statement said.

There are now several measures set in place to prevent further infections. That includes directing team members who feel sick or have health-related concerns to stay home and reducing “worker concentrations,” staggering start times for employees and adjusting “workflows as necessary.”

As of now, these projects are still continuing. If more infections are reported, however, city officials may force major construction to halt.

Are you excited to see the Las Vegas road project take place? Let us know in the comments section below.

LV Construction Presses on During Coronavirus Closures

Las Vegas Construction SiteWhile Las Vegas is currently experiencing a shutdown like never seen before with the mandated 30-day closure of casinos and nonessential businesses, it’s still business as usual for the valley’s construction workers.

In fact, the shutdown has allowed for an opportune time for various projects to be worked on in light of fewer vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

But it’s not just in Las Vegas either. Leaders throughout the U.S. gave the construction sector the green light to stay in operation during the pandemic, so long as extra precautions are put into place to keep job sites safe.

Gov. Sisolak classified construction and homebuilding as “essential” businesses last week in his public health crisis announcement, in addition to grocery stores, gas stations, police and fire departments, and hospitals to name a few.

Las Vegas’ 2020 Construction Boom

This new year, into next year, will see the completion of a surge of massive, city-changing projects for Las Vegas.

The most notable one being the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium, which will serve as the home football stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Outside of the Vegas’ first football stadium, new hotels are nearing completion, like Downtown Las Vegas’ Circa Resort and Resorts World Las Vegas. The new entertainment stadium, MGM Sphere, is set to be completed next year.

Besides stadiums and hotels, new apartments, shopping centers, and warehouses are popping up all across town.

The coronavirus closures will allow more daylight hours for certain construction projects, especially roadwork projects on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Safety Guidelines Implemented

Construction sites have implemented new policies and procedures to maintain a higher level of safety during the outbreak.

Those include ensuring 6 feet of space between workers, as per the State’s official guidelines, limiting meetings or gatherings to a maximum of 10 people, and checking on workers’ health conditions daily.

Daily health surveys include daily temperature checks on workers for sites like Resorts World Las Vegas. The site has also added more hand-washing stations and bumped up disinfecting measures on their portable restrooms.

Resorts World Management advised they rolled out these policies to “minimize the risk of coronavirus.” Their new safety policies come on the heels on one of their site worker’s testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this week.

On the Allegiant Stadium site, every worker was asked to undergo a verbal health screening, the number of workers in specific areas have been limited, and sanitization has increased significantly, especially in high-traffic areas where cleanings happen a few times daily.

Outside Work Considered ‘Advantageous’

While construction workers are being expected to adhere to the newly imposed policies, their work conditions are considered “advantageous” by health professionals.

Noah Seixas, director of the University of Washington’s Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety, said working outdoors is “advantageous” since airborne materials are able to dissipate more easily.

While that’s the case, not all construction work is performed outdoors, which has caused some worries to arise.

Workers’ Worries

While construction workers seem to have an advantage when it comes to being outdoor, the sting of the outbreak is being felt everywhere…even in their industry.

“People are nervous. … You can kind of feel it in the air,” said a Resorts World worker.

And they’re not immune to contracting the virus, either.

Just this week, another worker at the Allegiant Stadium construction site tested positive for COVID-19. This happened a day before the positive testing came out for the worker at Resorts World.

In regards to the stadium case, Gov. Sisolak was asked whether or not he thought it was best to suspend construction statewide, to which he said that the more cases come to light, the more he will “continue to consult with the medical advisory team and evaluate any new decisions that need to be made.”

With two cases reported in the Las Vegas construction industry as of now, it’s hard to tell whether cases will increase and if that industry as a whole will be impacted similarly to the way the casino industry has been hit in this town.

We can only continue to monitor the news for updates to see if any new patterns emerge. Stay tuned and stay safe out there.

Las Vegas Gaming Revenue Increased Once Again in 2019

For most of 2019, gambling revenue in Las Vegas increased. It was great news, especially considering the rise in competition from other states with expanded gambling options. Las Vegas gaming revenue increased last year for the first time and many predict that 2020 will be even more successful. Hundred Dollar Bills

This is an exciting time for the city. Some incredible new venues are slated to open here this year. Today, we’re going to take a look at how much gambling revenue was earned last year, and talk about what to expect in 2020.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Remains the Gambling Hub of the United States

Ask someone what comes to mind when they think about Nevada. There’s a good chance you’ll hear them say “gambling.” The Silver State is home to several major gambling cities including Las Vegas and Reno. For decades, it’s been the gaming hub of the country.

Las Vegas, in particular, is run by the gambling industry. Many of the biggest and best gambling venues in the world are located in this city. Several of the world’s biggest casino companies are also headquartered here, including Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International, and Wynn Resorts.

For decades, Nevada was the only state that could legally offer sports betting options, as well. As a result, thousands of people would flock to this city just to place bets on their favorite teams and players. Today, however, a huge number of states have legalized sports gambling.

This is due to the Supreme Court striking down PASPA back in May of 2018. It immediately gave every state in the country the ability to set its own laws on this industry. More than 20 states now have regulated sports gambling options and earn millions of dollars a month through taxes.

In recent years, a huge number of states have begun expanding their gambling options. Despite this, Las Vegas continues to thrive.

Las Vegas Gaming Revenue Surged in 2019

Early last year, gambling revenue in Las Vegas was fluctuating. There was fear that the new options in states like New Jersey were taking away some of the city’s gambling tourists. Before long, things began to turn around and 2019 proved to be one of the most successful years in the city’s history.

Statewide, casinos in the state of Nevada took in an average of more than $1 billion a month in overall wagers. Nevada’s Gaming Control Board reports a statewide win of $12.032 last year. Clark County, where Las Vegas sits, accounts for more than 86% of the state’s total winnings.

This means that Las Vegas gaming revenue has increased for five straight years. It’s an incredible statistic that shows just how strong the state’s gambling market really is.

The rise of legal sports betting around the country was expected to hit Nevada hard. This doesn’t appear to be the case. Nevada’s sportsbooks won $329.1 million last year. This represents a 9.5% increase from 2018.

Gambling operators in this city have to be celebrating. Many have invested heavily in Macau, which has been struggling to generate revenue lately. Hopefully, this trend continues throughout 2020.

Massive New Properties Set to Open in Las Vegas This Year

As we’ve already mentioned, Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. In 2020, we’re going to see some of the most incredible casino-resorts open in this city. The one that most are looking forward to is the Resorts World Las Vegas.

This massive property has been in the works for years. Several major delays have pushed back its opening date. As of now, it’s scheduled to open in December of 2020.

Resorts World Las Vegas is the most expensive casino-resort ever constructed in Las Vegas. It’s expected to be one of the best properties in the world. Scott Sibella, former president of MGM Resorts International, has taken control of this property and promises that it will be something special.

The Downtown area is also set to welcome some exciting new properties. The most exciting is Circa Las Vegas, owned by Derek and Greg Stevens. This venue will feature a host of amazing restaurants and one of the best swimming pools in the city.

Las Vegas gaming revenue continues to surge. Most analysts predict that 2020 will be an even more successful year.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

More Details About Circa Las Vegas Are Coming Out

For the past year, construction has been taking place on a brand new hotel-casino located in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s one of the most highly-anticipated venues on the Fremont Street Experience in recent memory and is expected to become hugely popular. This week, Circa Las Vegas announced several new restaurants that are set to open up this year.Circa Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas is known for its incredible restaurants. Recently, many of these world-class eateries have begun opening up in the Downtown area. Now is the perfect time to look at what to expect from the newest major casino-resort opening here.

Downtown Las Vegas is Beginning to Transform

Opinions are torn on the Downtown area of Las Vegas. Some claim that this part of the city is more authentic and affordable than the Strip area. Others claim it’s rundown and doesn’t offer the same level of entertainment that the Strip does. There may be some validity to both of those statements.

In recent years, Downtown Las Vegas has begun to transform and more visitors to the city are choosing to head over to this area. Over the past decade alone, several new hotel-casinos have opened here and some major renovations have taken place to the venues.

Several major casino operators realize the potential in Downtown Las Vegas. Back in August of 2015, Derek and Greg Stevens began planning a massive new casino-resort on Fremont Street. It was eventually named Circa Las Vegas and was scheduled to open in December of 2020.

Construction on this project began in early 2019. Since that time, more and more details of the property have been released. This week, the owners revealed several new additions to the new hotel-casino.

Based on what’s being said, this will be one of the best venues in Downtown Las Vegas to date. Here’s what has just been announced.

Several New Restaurants Are Coming to Circa Las Vegas

Nowadays, many people visit Las Vegas simply for the different culinary options. There are a host of fantastic restaurants in this city, more of which are beginning to open on Fremont Street. Derek Stevens recently told the media about five incredible new restaurants that are opening up inside this hotel-casino.

“While each owner brings a diverse background to Circa, they are united by the common thread of having a passion for customer service and the Downtown Las Vegas community,” Stevens told the media. “In addition to incredible food, they will all deliver that spirit of fun and community that is integral to the Circa experience.”

Here’s are some of the restaurants coming to Circa Las Vegas.

  • Saginaw’s Delicatessen, a deli-style restaurant by Paul Saginaw.
  • Barry’s Downtown Prime, a steakhouse being developed by Chef Barry S. Dakake.
  • Victory Burger & Wings Co., this will be Circa’s main sports bar developed by the owners of American Coney Island.
  • 8 East, a pan-Asian restaurant from chef Dan Coughlin.
  • Project BBQ, the first permanent food truck at Circa Las Vegas featuring Carolina barbecue options.

It’s clear that the Stevens brothers are focused on making this resort a food haven. Each of the restaurants opening here is expected to be fantastic.

Circa’s Pool Will Be the Best in Las Vegas

The food scene at Circa Las Vegas is incredible. That’s not the only thing people are talking about right now, though. Derek Stevens claims that this casino-resort will feature the best swimming pool in Las Vegas.

According to the CEO, it will be a multi-level pool amphitheater featuring a massive 134 by 41-foot video screen. Hotel developers are calling it a “destination pool.” The goal is to attract visitors from around the country solely to spend time in this luxurious swimming area.

“This is going to be a great venue to watch sports, a great place to catch sun, a great place to listen to music,” Stevens said, “and a great place for product launches. We expect to be able to do 4,000 people a day.” 

30 cabanas, 38 day beds, and 337 chaise lounges are opening at the hotel’s pool. We’re expected to see some pictures of this area in a few months.

Downtown Las Vegas is improving rapidly. Circa Las Vegas is expected to be the crown jewel in this part of the city. Stay tuned for more updates on the hotel-casino over the next few months!