Circa Las Vegas to Be an ‘Adult-Only’ Casino When It Opens

Fremont Street ExperienceDowntown’s hottest new casino, the Circa Resort & Casino, will be an adult-only property when it opens this October.

The casino, which bumped up its opening date from December to Oct. 28, is making is creating a whole new “mystique” where grown-ups could come and play. It will be an entertainment and hospitality hub downtown, seeking to provide over-the-top experiences that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Circa’s name itself reflects its goal of marrying vintage Vegas hospitality with modern splendor by honoring the golden ages of Sin City, circa 1940, 1980, and 2020. The beautiful new project is a joint effort by the Stevens brothers, Derek and Greg.

While Las Vegas was originally marketed to bring in an adult crowd, throughout the 1990s, the city worked hard to attract families. This was evident in the amount of entertainment geared toward kids, think MGM’s former amusement park, the old Wet n’ Wild water park that was once located adjacent to the Sahara Las Vegas, and Circus Circus’ popular Adventure Dome among other themed attractions.

Now, the Circa is trying to break new grounds…and in more ways than one. In fact, it’s the first ground-up hotel and casino to be built in Downtown Las Vegas since the Lucky Dragon, which opened up in 2016. It’s now also the tallest building north of the Las Vegas Strip, standing pretty at 44 stories tall, and nearly 500 feet high.

The exciting new property will add to owner Derek Steven’s downtown empire, which includes the popular Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and the D Las Vegas. He’s being intentional with the new Circa, with an emphasis on Vegas’ lucky number 7. Circa will have 777 total rooms and suites that will fill up the mega 25 million-square-foot property.

While it stands at 44 stories tall, the floor numbers will actually go 60 levels up, but Stevens explained that some floor numbers will be purposely left out.

But, the newest player in downtown Las Vegas will have a lot to write home about. The one-of-a-kind resort will feature one-of-a-kind amenities, such as the largest sportsbook in all of Vegas, a 9-story parking garage, a multi-tiered pool amphitheater with a year-round temperature-controlled pool, and more.

Circa’s Game-Changing Features

Let’s dive into exactly what will make Circa the most exciting new property to hit the Las Vegas valley this decade.

Vegas’ Largest New Sports Book

Stevens was inspired to create the biggest sportsbook in Las Vegas after recalling the feeling he got when he noticed the splendor of the then Las Vegas Hilton Superbook in 1986.

As a lover and sports and sports betting, he vowed to fulfill his vision of someday creating a state-of-the-art, multi-level sportsbook that would be in a class of its own in a city filled with sportsbooks.

Circa’s new 3-story sportsbook is being built stadium-style and will feature the biggest screen in sportsbook history. The sportsbook will have two floors of stadium seating, and the third floor of it will feature a studio for the Vegas Sports and Information Network (VSiN).

There will be five media studios in total at the Circa Sportsbook, with the other studios being available for various other broadcasts.

Stevens wants Circa’s sportsbook to recreate that exact same “wow” feeling he first got over 30 years ago at the former Hilton. And it sounds like there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of those reactions to come.

“We want to create something that people don’t forget. For me, I’ll never forget that moment I walked into the Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate) SuperBook. I looked around, and I thought to myself, ‘my god, this is the greatest place on Earth right here.’”

Garage Mahal

Circa’s first-of-its-kind 9-story parking garage, called “Garage Mahal,” will make it convenient for guests to come downtown.

It was designed with today’s popular form of transportation in mind: ride-sharing. Uber and Lyft will be able to easily access the garage, taking passengers to and from the property, making it an easy access point for patrons in the area.

The World’s Coolest Rooftop Pool

Circa’s multi-tiered pool is planning on being recognized as the “greatest pool in the world” once it’s open to the public. The pool will be more than just a place to take a dip, it’ll double as an events center.

It’ll feature multiple levels, with a 134-by-41-foot video as its special draw.

The video screen will allow for various customized experienced, making it an excellent sports-viewing experience. There will be six different pools for guests to enjoy, and able to accommodate 4,000 people.

And it’s not its massive size or design that will set it apart from any other pool in Las Vegas, or the rest of the world for that matter, but its temperature control system that will make it possible for the pool to remain open 365 days out of the year.

That’s new for a pool in Las Vegas, whereas other Vegas pools typically shut down for the winter, reopening in the Spring for guests. It’s gearing up to be the hottest Spring Break/March Madness locale in Sin City.

Vegas Vickie

Vegas Vickie, an iconic, kicking cowgirl statue that used to perch proudly above the Fremont Street Experience, is coming back to life inside of Circa’s hotel lobby, where she’ll live.

Many Vegas veterans will recognize her, adding that vintage flair that the company is trying to capitalize on.


In the early 2000s in Vegas, the city began to make the shift from marketing toward the whole family, to shifting the focus back to a more adult-themed playground as originally envisioned.

Circa will serve as a reprieve for those not traveling with children or to those who don’t have them, as being the first adult-only exclusive resort in Las Vegas in 2020.

Four Restaurants Will Debut in October Opening

When the property opens this October, there will be four different dining establishments for guests to choose from.

Barry S. Dakake, who most recently the executive chef at Scotch 80 Prime at the Palms, will make his return to the Vegas dining scene with Barry’s Downtown Prime. It will feature vintage steak and seafood cuisine.

Paul Siginaw, a Michigan restaurateur, will be opening up Saginaw’s Delicatessen. The deli will feature traditional items such as Reubens, matzo ball soup, latkes, salads, chopped liver, breakfast favorites, and more.

The family who owns the 102-year-old American Coney Island franchise will bring Victory Burgers & Wings Co. to the Circa, which will be located near the three-story sports book screen.

Victory Burger will feature specialty burgers, such as the half-pound burger Victory Burger which will be prepared using a special blend of short rib, brisket, and Angus beef.

And finally, chef Rex Bernales will be opening up Project BBQ. It will feature Carolina-style barbecue dishes including pulled brisket, pork, and chicken. The restaurant will include patio dining and an outdoor bar situated on the Fremont Street Experience.

In December, Chef Dan Coughlin, the chef who runs Le Thai on Fremont East District, will open up his Pan-Asian restaurant 8 East. It will feature Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai dishes

Circa Las Vegas Opening Ahead of Schedule

The new resort was originally slated for a Dec. 2020 opening launch, but with the way that 2020 has gone, they’re decided to push the opening date even earlier.

Now, Oct. 28 will see the first five floors of amenities and “Garage Mahal” fully functioning and opening to the public.

When the resort opens, it will open with an unannounced number of rooms to start, the casino gaming floor, the three-story race and sports book, its various restaurants and bars, the glamorous pool, and a multi-tiered outdoor amphitheater.

To accomplish the ahead-of-schedule move, construction workers were reallocated from Circa’s hotel tower to finish construction on the property’s first five floors.

Beginning Wednesday at 9 a.m., the property will begin taking reservations. Once it opens, it’s expected to have 1,000 staff members on hand.

Stay Tuned

Perhaps Circa is opening ahead of schedule with all of the changes in tourism caused by the COVID-19, but we’re glad that it will be ready for the public to experience just ahead of Halloween weekend.

What do you think of the resorts’ “adult-only” restriction? Does it make you more inclined to stay at the resort?

Share your thoughts with us below! And be sure to check back for the latest Las Vegas news.

The Pool at Circa Las Vegas is Opening in October

Downtown Las Vegas has been rapidly improving over the years. Several new properties are currently being constructed here, perhaps none of which are as exciting as the Circa Casino-Resort. According to new reports, the pool at Circa Las Vegas will officially open to the public in October.Circa Resort & Casino

This city has been slowly reopening. Several of the biggest gambling venues here are now accepting guests once again. Today, we’re going to look at what the owners of the Circa Hotel have planned for the future.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas Are Reopening

People around the country have been hugely interested to see how the city of Las Vegas responds to this global pandemic. For months, all of the casino-resorts here were closed to the public. This resulted in an unprecedented amount of job loss and millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Lawmakers in the state realized things couldn’t remain the way they were. If things didn’t change, the city might not have ever recovered. Fortunately, Governor Sisolak gave these casinos permission to reopen on June 4th.

As long as they implement safety measures, the casinos in this state can open back up. Today, some of the biggest and best gaming venues are now operating again. That includes the New York-New York, the Bellagio, and the Venetian Casino-Resort.

Some of the top casinos in Downtown Las Vegas have started to accept guests, as well. The Golden Nugget and Orleans are now operating with reduced occupancy. Since June 4th, tourism in this city has gradually increased.

There are several new properties in this city that both residents and tourists are excited about. The Circa Casino-Resort, in particular, has been generating serious interest. The owners of this property now claim that some of the amenities here will begin opening back up soon.

Derek Stevens Gives Update on the Pool at Circa Las Vegas

The Circa Casino and Resort is the first major hotel-casino built in downtown Las Vegas for decades. It’s owned by the Stevens brothers, who already control several major gaming venues in the state. Derek Stevens recently spoke to the media about how this project is coming together.

According to Derek, this property will open a little earlier than expected. The basement and first five floors of this casino-resort will reopen to the public on October 28th. To the surprise of many, the pool at Circa Las Vegas is opening up in October, as well.

As many know, the pool here is one of the largest in the entire city. Derek Stevens wanted to make this one of the most exciting new properties in the city. A resort-style pool, he feels, will help to boost tourism in the Downtown area.

Opening back up hasn’t been easy. He spoke about this with USA Today this week.

“We took the hand that was dealt us and tried to work as efficient as possible,” Stevens said. 

As of now, the plan is for much of this property to reopen in October. It’s still not entirely clear how things will look. Will social distancing measures be required at the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Are employees going to need to wear masks? That all remains to be seen.

Las Vegas isn’t the same that it was a few months ago. Casino owners are doing their best to bring life back to the city, though. We’ll continue to offer updates on Circa over the next few weeks.

New Jersey Prepares to Reopen its Casino Industry

Las Vegas remains the world’s top gambling destination. Many new casino-resorts are scheduled to open here over the next few years. Now that the casinos have reopened, revenue in the city is starting to trickle back in.

Not every city has been as quick to get back to normal. In Atlantic City, the casinos remain shut down to the public. This has resulted in tens of thousands of job losses and some feel this city may never look the same.

State officials here are doing everything they can to help Atlantic City’s economy. Not long ago, the NJ State Senate approved a bill to help the casinos here. This bill also allocates a huge amount of money to help small businesses affected by the regulations here.

The current plan is for the casinos in this city to reopen by the Fourth of July. Obviously, everyone in this city is excited to see this happen. Many feel tourism will quickly surge here once the gaming venues are opened back up.

Casino industries around the country are finally starting to reopen. Some are earning more money than others. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for things in Atlantic City to get back to normal.

Are you excited to visit the pool at Circa Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!