Upstate New York’s Casino Market Continues to Improve

New York is beginning to truly embrace the gambling industry. For much of 2019, lawmakers have worked on ways to bring in more revenue from the gambling industry. Upstate New York’s casino market is expanding rapidly and competition is fiercer than ever before.  New York State Logo

There’s a lot to be excited about in this state. Today, we’re going to look at what new gambling options are now available in New York. We’ll also look at how casinos are responding to this rise in competition.

New York’s Recent Embrace of the Gambling Industry

New York hasn’t always been a gambling-friendly state. In fact, for many years, lawmakers here laid out several laws that suppressed the gambling industry. Even daily fantasy sports, which is legal in many states as a “game of skill” was prohibited by lawmakers here, who believed it to be a form of sports wagering.

Things have begun to change here. In case you’re unaware, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. Now, every state in the country has the ability to set laws on sports gambling.

Certain NY government officials immediately began calling for the state to make this form of wagering legal. Nearby New Jersey was the first state post-PASPA to legalize sports betting and immediately began making millions of dollars a month. A sports betting bill was approved by New York Governor Anthony Cuomo earlier this year.

In July, the first legal sports wager in New York was placed at the Rivers Casino in Schenectady. Now, sports betting is legal inside brick and mortar casinos around the state. Many are profiting massively from the current NFL season. Legal sports betting isn’t the only new form of gambling available in New York, though.

Not long ago, state legislators also approved commercial casinos to operate in New York. These new gambling venues, along with tribal casinos, is helping to make Upstate New York’s casino market one of the most competitive in the country.

Upstate New York’s Casino Market is Growing Quickly

There are now many different tribal and commercially-run casino venues in New York’s Upstate area. Competition in this industry has never been higher. These gambling establishments are working extremely hard to out-do each other. One of the most popular casinos in this area just won a prestigious award.

The Del Lago Casino, located in Tyre, recently gained several awards from Casino Player and USA Today. Casino Player magazine asks its readers to name the “best of the best” casinos in the country every year. Del Lago Casino was awarded for having the best hotel staff, best suite, best craps, best roulette, and best VIP services.

It’s an impressive accomplishment for this gambling venue. Lance Young, executive vice president of the casino, commented on the awards to the media this week.

“We are incredibly grateful for the 11 awards we received from Casino Player, especially because the honors were submitted by readers who are also del Lago guests,” he said. 

There are some exciting new venues entering Upstate New York’s casino market. This week, Hilton has announced that it’s constructing a new hotel on land adjacent to the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona.

Unfortunately, not every casino in this state is flourishing. Several have struggled to generate revenue amid the rise in competition. Recently, several of these casinos have begun calling for online gambling to be made legal here.

Casinos Begin Calling for Online Casino Gambling Regulation

With so many different gambling venues in Upstate New York, it’s been difficult for many of these casinos to bring in the money they initially projected. As a result, officials at many of these casinos have begun calling on lawmakers to make internet casino gambling regulated.

New Jersey began regulating its internet casino market last year. It’s extremely successful, helping to bring the state millions of dollars every single month. In fact, more people are gambling online here now than playing inside land-based casinos.

Interestingly, there are many different online casinos in NY available right now. The state government does not regulate these websites, yet they’ve grown extremely popular over the years, particularly for those located far from the Upstate area.

Many of these websites offer just as many different gambling options as the state’s brick and mortar casinos. The majority of them are extremely safe and offer their players a wide range of easy payment options.

Upstate New York’s casino market is growing. With that growth comes a rise in competition. Hopefully, all of the casinos here manage to generate more revenue. We’ll need to wait and see whether or not lawmakers choose to make online casino gambling legal.

Make sure to stay tuned for more casino news in New York over the next few months!

Caesars and ESPN to Join Forces for Sports Betting Content

ESPN and Caesars Entertainment will join forces and bring the best sports betting news, as well as sports-related entertainment, to all fans of this activity all over the US. One of the major points in the deal is building a brand new ESPN-branded studio that will be located at The LINQ Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. There, content related to the theme of sports betting will be created and one of the features shows will be one of the popular recent ESPN sports betting-related piece called Daily Wager. Naturally, all the ESPN content made in the studio at The LINQ will also include Caesars branding.

Mike Morrison, VP of Business Development at ESPN, stated that the landscape for sports betting had changed and that the fans of that activity were coming to ESPN more than ever before. Furthermore, he added that ESPN is poised to expand their coverage “in a big way,” and that they were working with Caesars Entertainment category leaders who would help them most relevant and most entertaining content for highly engaged and diverse sports fan base. Therefore, if you like sports, and enjoy sports betting, the content produced as a result of this collaboration might be what you are after and might help you improve your sports betting skills.

The EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Caesars Entertainment, Chris Holdren, stated that he and his company were really excited about the collaboration with ESPN and the long-term value that it will bring to both companies and sports fans alike. Furthermore, he added that starting immediately, the platforms by ESPN would begin featuring valuable information about odds and the main company that would provide those pieces of information would be Caesars Entertainment. Holdren stated that ESPN would position itself as the authority when it comes to sports betting and that millions of sports fans would look to them for content.

He concluded that they were honored have Caesars by their sides and that Caesars was honored to have been one of the primary selections by ESPN as it offered the best odds and served fans well. It is definitely a unique deal as both sides are going to have huge gains from it. ESPN will have an opportunity to have a sports studio which is located in the middle of the gambling capital of the world, and Caesars will gain enormous exposure on this popular sports channel.

The primary purpose of the studio is to be a sort of a Vegas hub for all content that is related to odds. Furthermore, it will contribute to many social, digital, and linear shows, in addition to and the exclusive ESPN app. Finally, both sides predict that the studio will have a vital role during all the major sports events, as well as during the marquee events that are hosted in LV and that are rapidly growing in number. According to both sides, the studio will be completed in 2020 and launched that very same year.

Data related to odds is very important when it comes to creating sports betting shows, and Caesars will become the official odds data supplier for all ESPN channels, including TV and digital. The two sides will create additional activations related to advertising and sponsorships in the months to come.

According to Connor Schell, EVP of Content at ESPN, Las Vegas has become an epicenter of sports culture during the last couple of years, and having a partner such as Caesars is a great way to have a full studio presence in Vegas.

Caesars Plans a Permanent AC Sportsbook

Caesars will debut permanent Atlantic City sportsbooks in a couple of weeks which would be a part of its Harrah’s and Bally’s Atlantic City casinos. The first of the two permanent sportsbooks will debut within weeks, and it will offer visitors of Atlantic City’s Boardwalk an opportunity to place bets on their favorite teams and enjoy watching games with their friends. This piece of news was reported by The Press of Atlantic City, which cited the info from the representatives of the company that are in the city.

The gambling giant from Las Vegas invested more than $11 million in order to develop the two permanent betting properties which would be located at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and as a part of Wild Wild West Casino at Bally’s Atlantic City. Both casinos already offer temporary sports betting services that they launched less than a year ago. In fact, the two casinos, as well as other casinos in AC, were prepared to launch sports betting as soon as the ban was lifted. However, they immediately knew that the solution for this service was just temporary at that moment, so they immediately began preparing the permanent solution.

However, the two casinos are not the only ones operated by Caesars in AC at the moment, as there is yet another one called Caesars Atlantic City. Although it is connected to Bally’s system, this facility actually does not feature the brick-and-mortar sports betting services that are present in other to casinos run by Caesars. As a matter of fact, Caesars Atlantic City is the only casino on the Boardwalk that actually doesn’t offer any kind of sports betting services.

Harrah’s The Book is estimated to start receiving visitors within the next couple of weeks. However, when it comes to Bally’s facility, it seems that sports betting lovers would have to wait until early June to visit this facility.

The Regional President of Caesars Atlantic City, Kevin Ortzman, stated that they wanted to create a ‘category-killer’ in the AC and that they would do their best to deliver what customers and sports betting lovers had been waiting for. The wait was completed after the ban was lifted, and AC visitors were some of the most impatient bunch who were the most eager to start placing bets last summer. As of this month, they will have an opportunity to enjoy full-time permanent sportsbooks at Caesars’ facilities.

Mr. Ortzman also commented on the scale of the sportsbook that is planned to be a part of Bally’s. He claimed that the property would actually be the single largest sports betting service in South Jersey. The area of the sports book will occupy a total of 15,000 sq ft and will feature a big LED video screen that is 18 ft high and 98 ft long. The screen standing would be the central part of the sportsbook, and even people on Boardwalk who are 100 yards away would be able to watch what is going on on the screen.

One of the most interesting features of the sportsbook will definitely be the five fan caves that will offer a personalized viewing experience, including self-serving beer on taps, dozens of leather recliners, and more. The new sportsbook will allow Wild Wild West Casino to extend its offer of games as well, and, according to Mr. Ortzman, games such as beer pong, table games, video games, and shuffleboard are going to find their place in the casino. In other words, there will be plenty of fun for everyone once the sportsbooks open their doors at the casinos that are run by Caesars.

New Jersey Sportsbooks Set New Record in March

Online and retail sportsbooks have set a new record in March as they finally managed to go over a $2 billion mark that was made in bets ever since the legalization of this type of gambling. This near-record handle for March happened mainly due to the fact that there was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which attracted a lot of bets from the residents of New Jersey, according to analysts who work for

Dustin Gouker, who is a lead sports betting analyst for state that the first week of March Madness had generated more betting even than the Super Bowl. Furthermore, he added that the First Fout games were enough to match regular NFL weekend bets. Gouker claimed that the number of bets placed on college basketball clearly displayed the massive success of this sport and that punters loved placing bets on it. In other words, college basketball affects the Northeast’s sports betting market in a great way.

All the retail and online sportsbooks that are located in New Jersey managed to accept a total of $372.5 million in bets in March, which is quite similar to the amount recorded in January – $385.3 million, according to the official reports. In other words, ever since the legalization of sports betting in June 2018, the sportsbook in NJ managed to collect a total of $2.3 billion in bets. This is a huge deal for them, as sports betting is clearly getting increasingly popular in the US.

The revenue for March was $31.7 million, which is almost 150% more compared to the revenue achieved in February when a total of $12.7 million was earned in the sports betting facilities. If online casinos are taken into account, the state of New Jersey can say that more than $70 million in revenue was achieved in March.

According to Gouker, the sole fact that they managed to get more than $2 billion in bets in just nine months is a clear display of how legal sports betting should have existed in New Jersey before as people were clearly interested in this type of gambling. Gouker added that the next milestone should definitely be set at $3 billion, and he is more than positive that the sports betting facilities in New Jersey would reach it even before they get to celebrate their first birthday which would be on June.

It seems that online sportsbooks are the most popular way to place bets in New Jersey since 80.8% of all bets in March were conducted via online platforms. In other words, the total amount of bets accepted in March is $298.3 million. This is a clear display that the future is on the web and that people do not feel like visiting retail sportsbooks as often as they visit land-based casinos.

The most popular online sportsbook was FanDuel Sportsbook/Pointsbet, as they managed to beat the second-place DraftKings Sportsbook. FanDuel made a total of $13.3 million in gross revenue which is almost 100% more compared to February. Furthermore, DraftKings had a total of $7.3 million in gross revenue which is also a significant improvement compared to $3.7 million in February.

When it comes to land-based sportsbooks, FanDuel Sportsbook at The Meadowlands topped the list with a total of $4.3 million in gross revenue in March. An improvement is visible here as well since they had a total of $1.5 million in February. The next one in line was Monmouth Park which earned a total of $986,251.

Caesars Introduces Progressive Jackpots to Table Games

Caesars has been an innovative casino company for a long time, setting trends that other operators all over the world also applied later. Jay Bean is the Vice President of Caesars Enterprise Table Games, and he has announced some really exciting changes that could revolutionize the way table games work in Caesars’ casinos.

Bean admitted to being envious of all the video slot games with progressive jackpots that eventually became an essential part of many slots. Whenever you play a progressive jackpot slot, you get an opportunity to win a huge prize which is the product of many people placing bets. As long as nobody wins a progressive jackpot, the final prize will continue to rise. At the moment someone wins the jackpot, the prize resets to the lowest set value and continues to grow once again as new players come to play.

Bean stated that table games had always been a very simple product that involved only cards, dice, and chips. Unlike slots, which are continually being upgraded, table games pretty much remained the same with a couple of variants that were offered to the players. According to Bean, table games were never able to offer a life-changing sum of money to lucky players.

However, the officials at Caesars decided to put an end to such a division and, in a way, revolutionized how table games work, making them more inviting to the casino game lovers. This huge change has been happening for more than a year as Caesars has slowly been introducing progressive jackpots to table games. This concept was always associated with slot machines, but it seems that it has found its way into table games as well, and Caesars officials are very happy with how things are going when it comes to this novelty.

The History of Table Games Progressive Jackpots

The first progressive jackpot in table games was introduced after Caesars unveiled a Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive Jackpot all over Nevada last years. Not long after that, they did the same for all their blackjack games as well as poker derivative tables. In other words, progressive jackpots at table games were all over Nevada starting 2019.

The expansion was pretty quick and, at the moment, they have approximately 270 table games that have progressive jackpots. There is a total of 140 poker derivative tables, 90 blackjack tables, and 40 pai gow poker tables. These are spread across 12 properties in the state, becoming the biggest linked table network in the country.

If you are looking for a casino where you can play progressive jackpot table games make sure to check out Harrah’s Laughlin Casino & Hotel, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino, Harrah’s Reno, The LINQ Hotel & Casino, The Cromwell, Flamingo Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Bally’s – Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino & Hotel, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, and Caesars Palace.

Bean also added that the officials at Caesars loved the new addition to their table games as players really seemed to enjoy it and as they couldn’t be matched by other competitors. Furthermore, he added that smaller places such as Reno and Laughlin had a huge benefit as they would never be able to make a $2 million progressive jackpot on their own. Now that they are a part of this huge casino network, the progressive jackpot created by all players from all Caesar casinos will be accessible even to the players who visit those properties.

A couple of players were also lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot, and the three luckiest ones managed to win jackpots which were over a million.

Women’s History Month Celebrated by MGM Resorts

March is celebrated as women’s history month, and in order to honor women all over the world, MGM Resorts International decided to temporarily transform their logo of a lion into a lioness. The logo is called Leo, but it is now called Leona and represents the female struggle to achieve equal rights. MGM wants to honor achievements by women around the globe in all spheres of life, including social, economic, cultural, political, and more.

However, this is not just a sign of respect, since MGM Resorts has been one of the leaders when it comes to promoting gender diversity and equality on the Las Vegas Strip. They were the first to appoint two women presidents and had the first woman who was Executive Chef in the food and drinks industry. The first president was Ann Hoff, who is the President & COO of Excalibur Hotel and Casino. She was promoted as one of the MGM Resorts’ three Group Presidents. In fact, it’s enough to mention that Forbes recognized MGM Resorts as one of the Best Women Employers in 2019 as it has 50.8% of women in the domestic workforce and 43.8% women in domestic management workforce. This recognition and data give clear insight into MGM Resorts’ effort to promote gender equality and diversity.

The eighth of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day, and Phyllis A. James, Chief Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Officer for MGM Resorts International, stated that it was fitting to acknowledge the contribution that women made to human civilization. Furthermore, James added that they were paying respect to women and their “enduring strength as cornerstones of our communities.”

Moreover, James stated that they were thrilled to put their efforts toward the upcoming 13th annual Women’s Leadership Conference, which is one of the leading conferences dedicated to female leadership and advancement of women in all walks of life. The conference is scheduled this year for August 5 and 6 and will take place at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. In other words, MGM will once again be the host for women ready to push their position forward.

Why We Celebrate March 8 as International Women’s Day

The international women’s day is a beautiful thing. It is a concept that was popularized by communist countries, yet its roots date back to the United States. It all began on March 8, 1857, in New York, when women garment workers stood up to protest working conditions for women. Although this was considered a myth by some researchers, it was a reason good enough for the Socialist Party of America to start celebrating Women’s Day on February 28.

The Soviet Union adopted this tradition in 1917 after imposing a communist system in Russia, and March 8 was celebrated in all communist countries as International Women’s Day until being adopted by the United Nations in 1975.

The problem with this day is that it is still not celebrated in most countries in the world, including the US. However, MGM is doing its best to celebrate it and make it a permanent holiday, as its importance is very high and has an important role in reminding us how women play a very important role in our society.

To sum up, MGM Resorts is all about women these days, and their efforts to improve their position in the US should be applied everywhere in the world in order to honor women and help them improve their position in the world, as there are many places on our planet where women are still underprivileged.