Casino Workers Rally to Get NY Casinos Open

For many weeks, New York was the state most affected by the new coronavirus spreading around the world. Cases have dropped here, yet state leaders have remained extremely hesitant to reopen any gambling venues. A large number of casino workers are now planning to hold a rally in Albany to finally get NY casino open again.

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The casino shutdown has been devastating for many New York residents. As time goes on, more individuals here are calling for casinos to begin operating again. Now is the perfect time to look at what New York has planned for its casino industry.

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New York’s Casino Industry Has Been Shut Down for Months

When most people think about East Coast gambling hubs, places like Atlantic City come to mind. Many are unaware of the fact that New York has a large and successful casino industry. For years, both tribal and commercial casinos have been allowed to operate in this state.

Competition in NY’s casino industry is extremely high. Many of the casinos here are located within a small area in Upstate New York. These gambling venues employ a huge number of individuals and bring valuable revenue to the state.

Back in March, Governor Cuomo ordered all of New York’s casinos to close down. Everyone agreed it was the correct decision. That’s particularly true after the massive spike in Covid-19 cases experienced here.

Fortunately, cases have remained low for the past few weeks. The hesitation to reopen different industries is beginning to take a serious toll on the state economy, though.

Casinos play an important role in New York, particularly in the Upstate area. Many are now calling for these venues to reopen. It’s still not clear when casinos will begin operating again, however, and some residents are now protesting these shutdowns.

Will the upcoming rally push lawmakers to finally reopen casinos?

Gaming Employees Continue to Work On Getting NY Casinos Open

Most states around the US have now allowed casinos to begin operating again. That includes New Jersey, Mississippi, and Nevada. All of these states are seeing their gambling revenue fluctuate.

States with reopened casino industries are beginning to receive some much-needed money via taxes. Many residents in these states have also seen their jobs return after casinos opened back up. Over in New York, however, casinos remain closed to the public.

This week, three prominent casino workers announced a major rally in Albany to protest the regulations still in place. The group hopes to get NY casinos open again after months of being shut down. Thousands of casino employees have already signed an online petition to lift the casino restrictions set in place.

Greg Mallette, cage operations manager and assistant hotel manager for Vernon Downs, simply hopes this rally will push lawmakers to offer a timetable on when casinos can reopen.

“When you are putting us in a position where we just have no guidance, we have no idea whatsoever,” he said. “We don’t know if it’s going to be next week, if it’s going to be two weeks or if we are going to get to Oct. 1 and we’re all going to be laid off. That’s the worst part of it.”

We’ll need to wait and see if this rally helps to get NY casinos open. In the meantime, gambling revenue in New Jersey is likely to increase.

What’s Happening Over in Atlantic City?

The state of New York is taking its time reopening casinos. It’s clear this is hurting many residents here. The casino shutdown in Atlantic City was considerably worse, though. Fortunately, all casinos here are now operating again.

Governor Phil Murphy began allowing casinos to reopen here in early July. Towards the end of that month, the Borgata Hotel-Casino became the final casino to open up here. The reopening of these venues was crucial for Atlantic City to survive.

It was clear that things needed to change here. Gambling revenue was almost non-existent for months and a huge number of residents in New Jersey lost their jobs. Revenue has slowly begun to increase here and should continue to get better as the months go on.

Intense regulations are still being set in place at all Atlantic City casinos. Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited here. Most feel these regulations will be set in place inside these venues for the rest of 2020.

Many residents in neighboring states are now visiting New Jersey to gamble. If NY casinos open back up, that may change. We’ll continue offering updates on the situation over the next few weeks.

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