Wind Creek Hospitality Purchases FlowPlay

The Seattle-based game developer FlowPlay is under new management. FlowPlay is one of the biggest developers in the Pacific Northwest. Business for the company has been booming over the course of the pandemic. Now, FlowPlay will operate under new ownership. Last week, the tech developer announced they were being acquired by Wind Creek Hospitality.

Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming arm of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The Alabama tribe is the only federally recognized tribe in the state. By purchasing FlowPlay, Wind Creek Hospitality hopes to expand its market beyond its 10 land-based casinos. Wind Creek Hospitality will look to translate FlowPlay’s history of creating successful online games into the iGaming market.

Full details of the deal have not been announced yet. However, Wind Creek Hospitality has been in talks with FlowPlay about purchasing the startup for years. Early reports indicate that full-time employees, including the co-founders of FlowPlay, will stay on to run the operation. With any luck, Wind Creek Hospitality will be able to enter the realm of real money Alabama casino sites soon.

Wind Creek Hospitality Continues to Expand

Wind Creek Hospitality purchasing FlowPlay is part of their continued expansion into new markets. Currently, they operate a total of three casino resorts in their home state of Alabama. As the only federally recognized tribe, Poarch Band is the only tribe allowed to operate casinos in the state.

The tribe also operates casinos in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Curacao, and Aruba. They also own racetracks in both Alabama and Florida. Wind Creek Hospitality has a casino in development in Illinois. The US sports betting industry has seen record revenue numbers over the past year.

This record growth has been due in part to more states allowing the practice. However, a big part of the growth has been due to online and mobile betting options. Despite having widespread brick-and-mortar operations, Wind Creek Hospitality does not have a large online and mobile presence. The acquisition of FlowPlay gives Wind Creek Hospitality the access they need to the rapidly growing market.

Since 2019, FlowPlay’s revenue has more than doubled. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians will now be able to take advantage of states that allow online gaming as they continue to expand operations. It also allows the company to diversify investments and expand into new markets.

What Does the Future Hold for FlowPlay?

FlowPlay has experienced unprecedented growth since the start of the pandemic. However, the Seattle-based company has been looking for a buyer for some time. After failing to find a buyer in 2020, FlowPlay repurchased shares from previous investors. The tech company became fully owned by its employees and founders. Over the summer, FlowPlay was approached by Wind Creek Hospitality about a growth opportunity for both organizations.

Washington state does not allow for sports betting or other types of gambling outside of its casinos. If FlowPlay was looking to partner with a casino to create mobile gaming options, they would need to look outside of their home state. Teaming up with Wind Creek Hospitality will allow FlowPlay access to several states with friendlier gaming laws.

The acquisition also brings good news for the current employees of FlowPlay. Derrick Morton, one of FlowPlay’s co-founders, will serve as president of the new subsidiary. FlowPlay’s other co-founder, Douglas Pearson, will also stay with the company and continue to serve as the chief technical officer.

FlowPlay is also keeping its operations based in Seattle. A total of 64 full-time employees will be staying with the company through the acquisition. The lack of overlap between the organizations allows for the company to retain all of its employees. FlowPlay will also maintain its brand.


FlowPlay’s quest for new ownership has come to an end. The Seattle startup has been around for 15 years and will now operate as a subsidiary of Wind Creek Hospitality. FlowPlay will continue to operate in Seattle while maintaining its brand and employees.

Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming branch of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The Alabama tribe is the only federally recognized tribe in the state. In total, the tribe owns 10 casino resorts in the US and abroad. They also operate racetracks in Alabama and Florida. By purchasing FlowPlay, they hope to expand into online and mobile markets as well.

The tribe operates several site-based casinos, but they have not yet been able to fully expand into mobile and online markets. FlowPlay on the other hand is adept at creating online gaming software. However, Washington state’s strict gambling laws prevent the company from being able to take full advantage of the iGaming market. Both companies play to the other’s strengths.

The timing of the purchase will allow Wind Creek Hospitality to take advantage of recent growth in the US casino industry. Casinos in the US have seen record revenues in 2021. A large part of the growth has been due to sports betting increasingly becoming legal throughout the states. Online and mobile gaming options have also been major contributors to the record-breaking revenue this year.

The Game Day Now Offering iGaming News at The Game Day Casino

There is a new player in the world of online casino news. Popular online sports news and entertainment network The Game Day is now offering online casino users insight into the online US casino industry.

The Game Day Casino launched earlier this year following the success of its main site, The Game Day (TGD). TGD originally launched in May 2020 and has quickly gathered an online following across the US. Now with the launch of TGD Casino, the news site hopes to offer readers similar insight into brick-and-mortar and online casino markets.

So far in 2021, the US Casino industry has seen unprecedented revenue. According to the latest reports from the American Gaming Association, US casinos have already set a new record for total annual income. A large part of the growth can be attributed to the expansion of legalized sports betting. As more and more states allow for legal sportsbooks, the gambling industry appears poised for sustained growth for years to come.

What is The Game Day?

So just what is The Game Day? TGD is an online news and entertainment network focused on providing information about US sports and sports betting. The site launched in May of 2020 and has already garnered a following of over 1 million people on Instagram. The digital media company has offices in New York, London, and Malta.

Since launching last May, TGD has aimed to make sports betting more accessible to the general public. The site has also tried to make the experience more entertaining and attract new customers to the industry.

The original TGD site offers readers reviews and up-to-date news about sports and sports betting offers. Through collaboration with athletes, gaming experts, and social media influencers as well as their in-house award-winning production and social media team, TGD has quickly become one of the major players in the online casino news industry. In September, TGD announced that it had reached 100 million monthly impressions.

What The Game Day Casino Offers

The new site, The Game Day Casino, aims to offer players the same level of news and betting information. TGD focuses on sports and sports betting, while TGD Casino will focus on real money casino games in both online and in-person casinos. The news site hopes to help new and experienced players navigate the rapidly growing US casino industry.

TGD Casino also offers readers news and reviews of online casino sweepstakes and other offers. The site claims to be an unbiased source of casino information and does not boast any paid sponsorships from US casinos. They offer reviews of many popular games such as real money table games, poker, and slots.


After only 18-months of operation, sports betting news site The Game Day has made a major expansion. TGD has launched The Game Day Casino, a site dedicated to bringing readers news about the US casino industry. The news site will allow readers access to reviews of online and site-based casinos and casino games. They will also review promotional offers from operators across the US.

After a down year in 2020, the US casino industry has rebounded in a major way in 2021. The AGA has announced that total revenue in 2021 has already surpassed the previous record set in 2019. As a result, it is no surprise that sites such as TGD have decided to expand with a focus on providing better coverage about US casinos.

TGD Casino has the advantage of relying on the TGD main site. TGD launched in May of 2020 and has an award-winning social media and production team. TGD Casino also has the advantage of being able to market directly to readers that already enjoy content from the TGD main site.

Gov. Reeves Changes His Tune on MS Casino Openings

Mississippi has one of the biggest casino industries in the United States. Not long ago, Governor Tate Reeves announced that he planned to open the state’s casinos by Memorial Day. Unfortunately, Reeves is now changing his tune on MS casino openings.Mississippi

It seems health experts have informed the governor about the dangers of opening casinos too early. This isn’t going to sit well with casino companies here, many of whom have been preparing for an upcoming opening date. Today, we’re going to look at why Governor Reeves is taking this new stance.

Let’s get into it!

Mississippi’s Casino Industry Remains Shut Down

When most people think of US gambling hubs, cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City usually come to mind. Some are surprised to find that Mississippi actually has one of the largest and most successful casino industries in the country. A huge number of coastal casinos are located here, most of which bring in a huge amount of revenue every month.

At the start of this year, gambling revenue in Mississippi was surging. Many predicted that 2020 would be one of the best years in history for casinos here. Unfortunately, things completely changed in March.

Lawmakers in the state decided to shut down all casinos that month. As the new coronavirus began spreading around the country, different state officials determined that casinos pose too much of a risk for major infection spread. No one could say when these gambling venues would be allowed to open once again.

Governor Tate Reeves recently gave casino companies something to get excited about. He offered a plan for MS casino openings and claimed these venues would be allowed to accept guests by Memorial Day. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Many states are currently looking at ways to open their gambling industries. Some are finding some relief with regulated online gambling revenue. Here’s what Mississippi’s Governor now has planned for casinos in this state.

Governor Reeves is Changing His Plan for MS Casino Openings

Closing down casinos was necessary to prevent major Covid-19 outbreaks. Unfortunately, this decision is having a massive effect on the entire state. As many are well-aware of, thousands of Mississippi residents are employed in the gambling industry. Most of these people are now out of work.

Casinos here also help to bring the state valuable revenue. They promote tourism, which in turn helps many other state businesses. It’s no surprise that so many people here are now asking for an update on when casinos in the state will reopen.

Governor Reeves recently claimed that casinos in the state would open by Memorial Day. He’s now beginning to change his tune. That doesn’t mean these MS casino openings are impossible by the end of this month. Reeves is just hesitant to confirm this date.

“It’s certainly possible,” Reeves said about casinos opening by Memorial Day. “It is something that I am interested in looking into and doing. There’s a lot of different guidelines the regulators, the industry, my team and the health team are looking at if we reopen casinos, and we will, I committed to myself on day one that we’re going to make a decision based on what is best for Mississippi residents every single time.”

When MS casino openings do take place, the state’s gambling venues won’t look the same way they did earlier this year. There will be strict social distancing measures set in place throughout all casinos. This includes limited seats at tables and more space between slot machines.

It’s a difficult situation. Mississippi isn’t the only state that’s looking at new ways to reopen casinos, though.

More States Work to Relaunch Gambling Industries

Many different industries around the country are taking a hit right now. The casino industry might be the hardest-hit. All casinos around the country are shut down and revenue has completely stopped coming in.

Some parts of the country are being hit harder than others. Las Vegas, in particular, is losing an incredible amount of revenue right now. Tourism has completely stopped in this city and many of the casinos here are losing millions of dollars every single day.

Obviously, many are now calling for casinos in Las Vegas to reopen. Governor Sisolak is extremely hesitant to do so, claiming it would pose too serious of a health risk. It’s still unclear when exactly things will start getting back to normal here.

Atlantic City is taking a major hit, as well. Several bills were recently presented here to help casino companies. Interestingly, some city leaders feel these bills will not benefit residents of Atlantic City.

It’s a tough time for the land-based gambling industry. Based on the way things are going, MS casino opening may not take place for at least a few more weeks. We’ll need to wait for another update from Governor Reeves.

Stay tuned for more Mississippi casino news!

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is Dropping Charges Against NHL Player

Back in November of 2019, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas announced that it was suing San Jose Sharks player Evander Kane for failing to pay back $500,000 in gambling markers. It now appears this lawsuit is ending. The Cosmopolitan has confirmed that it’s dropping charges against Kane this week.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This isn’t the first time a casino has asked for its money back. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this case. We’ll also talk about some of the other measures that the Cosmopolitan is taking right now.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Remains Shut Down Due to Covid-19

Over the past month, we’ve covered the progression of the new coronavirus. It’s now spread to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the country and many have lost their lives. Some cities are being impacted more than others.

New York is the worst hit in terms of overall cases. This state now has more cases than any country in the world. Extreme social distancing measures set in place here seem to be having a positive effect, yet death rates are continuing to rise here.

Other states including New Jersey and Michigan are seeing their infection rates surge, as well. Lawmakers in these areas are working to change this trend. It’s unclear when the stay-at-home orders set in place here will be lifted.

Las Vegas is still seeing relatively low rates of infection, yet the city is taking a major toll economically. The entire gambling industry here is completely shut down. Governor Sisolak recently extended this casino shutdown. Not even the top officials here can accurately say when the city will get back to normal.

Casino companies here are doing everything they can right now. Many of them are losing millions of dollars every single day. The mayor of Las Vegas has told the Governor that things cannot remain the way they are. This week, one of the biggest casinos here decided to drop an ongoing lawsuit.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is No Longer Suing NHL Player

As most are well-aware, many casinos in Las Vegas will offer casino credit to certain players. Occasionally, these players fail to pay back the money they lose. According to officials at the Cosmopolitan, this is what happened with NHL player Evander Kane.

This casino claims to have offered the San Jose Sharks player $500,000 in casino markers. He is said to have taken out eight credits of varying amounts in mid-April of 2019. It’s being alleged he never attempted to pay back the losses.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas then decided to press charges. They asked for the money back as well as legal fees. Since November, there has been little coverage of this lawsuit and some feel it was already settled.

It’s now being reported that the casino has dropped this lawsuit. Whether or not the case was settled out of court is still unknown. Some believe the effect of the coronavirus has pushed the Cosmopolitan to take this route.

Lawrence Semenza, an attorney at the Cosmopolitan, claims the lawsuit may still be brought up again in the future. We have not received a statement from Kane. We’ll need to see whether or not this is brought up again over the next few weeks.

More Workers Are Furloughed at Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is one of the biggest and most lucrative casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. This property cost billions of dollars to construct and, unsurprisingly, costs a huge amount of money to operate. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is taking a serious toll on this property.

It’s clear that this casino-resort is bleeding money right now. As a result, the owners are doing everything they can to cut costs. According to new reports, Cosmopolitan has decided to furlough a huge number of its employees.

“As a result of the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Sisolak’s extension of the resort closure mandate through April 30, 2020, we have had to make the very difficult decision to reduce staffing and furlough employees,” the casino said in a statement. 

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s unclear when Las Vegas will get back to normal. State officials continue to set new regulations. Some analysts feel it may be more than a year before the Strip is back to the way it was earlier this year.

How this will affect casino companies here is still unknown. Much of it depends on the ability of health officials to form a vaccine.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry is Hurting Badly

All casinos in the United States are officially shut down right now. It’s been devastating for many cities that rely on tourism and gambling revenue to operate normally. According to new reports, Atlantic City’s casino industry is losing an incredible amount of money every single day.

Sky View Of Atlantic City

It’s a tough time for this city, and many others around the country. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly how much money gambling venues in New Jersey are losing. We’ll also look at some other cities that are suffering due to casino shutdowns.

Let’s get into it!

Casinos Around the Country Are Still Shut Down

Just a few months ago, the US casino market was extremely strong. Many states were experiencing huge surges in gambling revenue and many new casinos were popping up around the country. Unfortunately, every single land-based casino in the United States is now officially closed due to the spread of Covid-19.

As this virus began to spread, more states started implementing tough regulations. Unsurprisingly, this involved closing down casinos. The entire US casino industry is now essentially closed down and it’s unclear when these gaming venues will open up again.

This is extremely troublesome for some parts of the country. Nevada, for example, is known to rely heavily on its gambling industry. All casinos in the state are now closed down and tourism into Las Vegas is the lowest it’s ever been.

It’s a very unusual time. Many US casino companies are losing a huge amount of money. Some expressed hope that Macau would help to make up for this revenue loss. Unfortunately, even Macau is seeing extremely low revenue earnings right now.

New Jersey has one of the biggest casino markets in the country. The casinos in Atlantic City draw in visitors from many nearby states. New reports are now shedding light on how much money these casinos are losing right now.

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry is Losing Millions Right Now

About a decade ago, Atlantic City was on the brink of collapse. The recession had taken a major toll on this city and several of the biggest gambling venues in the city were forced to close their doors. Since that time, Atlantic City has slowly recovered and has been posting incredible revenue figures for the past few months.

The legalization of sports betting certainly helped things. New Jersey was one of the first states to allow this form of gambling. Now, both online and land-based sports gambling options are available here.

Now, things are beginning to decline here once again. The new coronavirus has led to New Jersey closing down its gambling venues. Atlantic City’s casino industry is now losing millions of dollars every single day.

No one really knew how bad things were here. New reports are beginning to reveal the extent of these new regulations. They claim that this shutdown is costing casino companies in Atlantic City more than $500 million every single month.

Clyde Barrow, a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, commented on how things are looking to the media this week.

“We haven’t seen it play out yet, but if you look at the economic numbers that are going to start coming out in the coming weeks, this portends to be a worse economic downturn than we even saw in the great recession,” he said. “It will be the biggest blow to the casino industry that we’ve seen in a lifetime.” 

Hopefully, things begin to improve before too long.

How Are Other Cities Doing With These Regulations?

A huge number of industries are being devastated right now. This includes the airline industry, which is in desperate need of government aid. Obviously, some cities are being affected more by the casino shutdown than others.

Las Vegas is probably being hit the hardest by these new regulations. This city is home to one of the largest gambling industries in the world. It relies on its tourism and gambling market and right now, these are basically non-existent.

No one knows when things will recover in Las Vegas. Some analysts believe the economy here will bounce back in a major way once these regulations are removed. Others think this entire situation will change the city forever.

Atlantic City’s casino industry isn’t the only one on the East Coast that’s hurting. Over in New York, all gambling venues are completely shut down. This state is now the epicenter of this virus outbreak and it seems unlikely that casinos here will open anytime soon.

It’s a very difficult time for the land-based gambling industry. We’re all waiting to see whether or not regulations will be extended.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City casino news over the next few months!

Gambling Revenue in Arkansas Surpasses Expectations

Arkansas has a large and successful gambling industry. Soon, the state’s casino and sports betting market may grow. New reports indicate that gambling revenue in Arkansas surged more than most analysts initially predicted.Arkansas

That’s fantastic, and slightly unexpected news. Today, we’re going to talk about how much revenue was made from the gambling industry here. We’ll also check out how the state’s gambling industry may expand.

Additional Casinos Set to Open in Arkansas in 2020

Some are unaware that Arkansas has a large and profitable gaming industry. Perhaps this is because it wasn’t always the case. Throughout much of the 20th century, lawmakers in this state worked to ban most traditional forms of gambling.

Eventually, state politicians began allowing Class II casinos here. These gambling venues were only legally allowed to provide electronic gaming machines. In 2018, officials approved amendment four, which finally allowed Class III gambling venues to begin operating. In 2019, a law was passed to allow sports betting in the state.

Today, there are three different casinos operating in Arkansas. Two of them are racinos, which offer both horse race wagering and casino games. Recently, several tribes in the state began pushing to open gambling venues in Arkansas.

The Quapaw Nation has worked to open a new Arkansas casino for years. Plans for a massive 500,000 square foot casino have finally been approved. Reports indicate this venue will open to the public in June of 2020.

More tribes here are also working to obtain a casino license in this state. Revenue from casinos here continues to grow. Here’s how much these venues brought in last month.

Gambling Revenue in Arkansas Surpassed Expectations in February

Ever since Class III casinos were approved in Arkansas, gambling revenue has surged here. It’s fluctuated before, yet has generally increased for the past two years. Reports from the State Department of Finance and Administration just released new revenue figures and things are looking great.

New reports claim that tax revenue from casinos here came out to $2.8 million in February. That’s about $300,000 more than analysts predicted. Most felt that the coronavirus would significantly hurt the state’s gaming market.

Officials in the state expect to earn $31.2 million from the gambling industry. That’s considerably less than the $69.7 million brought in last year. Much of the reason for this decrease is the state’s new gambling tax structure.

As more casinos open here, revenue is likely to increase. Money earned from the gambling industry will help to find new highways and roads in the state.

Lawmakers are looking for new ways to generate revenue from this industry. Unfortunately, the coronavirus may end up significantly lowering the amount of money the state makes from legal gambling.

Coronavirus Expected to Lower US Gambling Revenue

Over the past few weeks, cases of the coronavirus in the United States have skyrocketed. More than 100 individuals have already been infected and more than ten have died. Many believe the actual number of people infected with the coronavirus is far higher.

This is showing no signs of slowing down, too. Health officials believe this will continue to spread around the country. Containment efforts have proved extremely difficult.

The coronavirus will certainly take a toll on the US gambling industry. Many will not be willing to visit a crowded casino if there’s a chance for infection. For this reason, gambling revenue projections in Arkansas have fallen dramatically.

Many also worry about the impact this virus will have on Las Vegas. This city relies heavily on its gambling industry. If no one is visiting the casinos here, the local economy will suffer significantly. State officials are already gearing up for a possible coronavirus outbreak.

Gambling revenue in Arkansas may drop as this virus spreads. Last month, however, things went better than expected.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few months!

The LV Virgin Hotel Announces New Casino Partner

In 2019, officials within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas announced they were selling the venue to Virgin Hotels. It was a huge decision, as the Hard Rock had been operating in Las Vegas since 1995. This week, owners of the LV Virgin Hotel announced they’re teaming up with OH Partners to help with marketing. Virgin Brand Logo

This venue is officially scheduled to open up in 2020. Many believe it will be one of the coolest new hotel-casinos in the city. Today, we’re going to give an update on this new hotel.

Let’s get into it!

Construction Continues on LV Virgin Hotel

For years, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was one of the most popular venues located off the Las Vegas Strip. It was opened in the mid-90s as the world’s first rock and roll-themed hotel. Interestingly, this property is not affiliated with the Seminole Tribe, which currently controls the Hard Rock brand.

Since first opening, ownership of this venue changed hands several times. In 1997, Peter Morton purchased the entirety of the venue from Harvey’s Hotel & Casino. In 2000, the property underwent a massive $8 million renovation.

In 2006, Morton announced that he was selling the Hard Rock Hotel to Morgans Hotel Group. The longtime owner commented on this sale, stating “I just sort of felt there came a point in my life where I wanted to do more with my life and re-evaluate things. I want to do some different things.” This was finalized in 2007.

Since that time, the property has struggled to generate revenue. Things were particularly down during the recession of 2008-2009. Ownership of the venue was changed once more in 2011. Seven years later, news broke that the new hotel-casino operators were selling the venue to Virgin Hotels.

This is Virgin’s first move into the Las Vegas market. It’s also the first time this company is running a casino. This week, Virgin announced it was teaming up with a well-respected marketing company to help with brand strategy.

Virgin Hotels Partners Up With OH Partners

Opening a major new venue in Las Vegas isn’t easy. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was beloved by many, and both locals and tourists expect big things from the Virgin Hotel.

News is coming out that the LV Virgin Hotel is hiring OH Partners to help with marketing efforts.

The marketing will focus on the entertainment aspect of this new property. It will also work to offer guests more transparent information on resort fees. Scott Harkey, founder and managing partner at OH Partners, spoke about this strategy to the media this week.

“Nowadays, Las Vegas is as much about entertainment as it is about gambling, especially with millennial consumers. Entertainment is the fabric of the brand, that is what is cool about them being in Vegas,” he said. “A couple of interesting things we found are that consumers are frustrated with resort fees,” Harkey added. “You are getting booking fees, guest fees, early check-in fees. Then you go to the minibar and prices are outrageous.”

Things are looking good here. People around the country are excited to see what the new Virgin Hotel & Casino has to offer.

More Details of the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas Emerge

It’s clear that Virgin Hotels is working to make this new property extremely popular. Back in September, the company announced that it had partnered with several brands to help with the design of this venue. More details have continued to be released about what this new hotel has to offer.

The LV Virgin Hotel and Casino will feature 1,504 suites, a 60,000 square-foot casino floor, and more than five acres of poolside space. It will also have a unique desert theme. Officials believe it will be “unlike anything else in Las Vegas.”

This venue certainly has big shoes to fill. For now, the new owners are doing all the right things. Teaming up with OH Partners will certainly help with promotion.

Construction on the new hotel-casino is currently underway. Reports indicate that it will open to the public towards the end of the year. Hopefully, it becomes a successful property for Virgin.

More details about this new venue are likely to be released over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Mississippi Casinos Help to Generate Billions for the State

For much of the state’s history, Mississippi banned almost all forms of gambling. Eventually, lawmakers here began opening up the state’s casino market. Now, Mississippi casinos are helping to generate massive revenue earnings for the state.

Mississippi State Seal

Mississippi lawmakers have to be pleased seeing these casino venues generating so much revenue.

Now is the perfect time to look at exactly how much revenue these casinos are earning. We’ll also talk about some of the new gambling options now available in this state.

Mississippi’s New Gambling Laws, Explained

As we just mentioned, Mississippi once had an extremely restrictive set of gambling laws. Virtually all forms of gambling were banned here in 1886 and it took more than 100 years for laws to change. Finally, in 1990, politicians here approved the “Gaming Control Act” that allows legalized casinos to open in the state’s coastal and riverside areas.

Almost immediately, several companies began requesting licenses to operate casinos here. Before long, the state allowed several riverboat casinos to open their doors. Casino gambling quickly grew in popularity here, drawing in visitors from nearby states such as Alabama and Tennessee.

The state government quickly began looking for new ways to generate revenue from the gambling industry. Eventually, lawmakers here began allowing land-based casinos to run, as well. There are now a huge number of popular gambling establishments in Mississippi, almost all of which are located on the state’s coast.

To the surprise of many, lawmakers in this state also recently legalized sports betting. Two MGM Resorts-owned casinos began taking the first legal sports bets here in August of 2018. This industry is proving to be extremely lucrative.

Mississippi Casinos Bring the State Billions Every Year

The casino industry in Mississippi is booming right now. Thanks to the huge number of land-based casinos here and legal sports betting options, these venues are now bringing in more than $1 billion annually. Mississippi casinos are also generating more than $4 billion in total economic value for the state.

Mississippi’s casino industry employs more than 37,000 individuals. This includes those working as chefs, security guards, and florists. Casinos have proven to be extremely valuable to the state’s workforce.

The annual money coming into the state goes towards various projects. This revenue is used to fund roads, bridges, first responders, and public schools. These gambling establishments are now considered to be one of the most important contributors to the state’s economy.

Sports betting is proving to be extremely successful here, as well. Today, most of the casinos in this state now offer legal sports betting platforms. Thanks to the 2019/2020 NFL season, revenue from sports betting is increasing rapidly.

Many here are now calling for online casino gambling to become regulated. Is this likely to happen?

Calls for Online Casinos in Mississippi Continue

Residents in Mississippi are lucky. There are great casinos located all over the coastal area of the state. Of course, many are still calling for internet casinos to become regulated. For those located in the northern area of the state, making the trip to a land-based casino can be a pain.

Several states have recently legalized online casino gambling. These states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, recognize the huge revenue potential from the regulation of the online casino industry.

Lawmakers in Mississippi aren’t showing much interest.

Officials in the state government are hesitant to start regulating the online casino market. It appears that these officials are content with the money coming in from the state’s land-based gambling venues. Fortunately, there are some amazing MS online casinos that are currently available.

These websites are not regulated by the state. Most of them, however, are extremely safe and offer a wide range of different gambling options. As you might expect, these websites are growing more popular every single month.

Mississippi casinos are generating serious money right now. Nearby states may soon take notice and begin expanding their own gambling industries.

Stay tuned for more Mississippi casino news over the next few months!