US Casino Ads on Google Are Being Allowed in Four States

The United States is truly beginning to embrace the online gambling industry. US casino ads on Google will soon be allowed in four different states. It’s the first time that Google has changed its stance towards internet gambling.

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This is fantastic news for online casino operators in the country. Soon, it’s likely that almost every state will begin allowing some form of online gambling. Let’s look at why Google has recently taken this approach.

More States Begin to Legalize Online Casino Gambling

US laws towards online gambling are a little unusual. Essentially, the government allows states to set their own regulations on the industry. For a time, laws were set in place that banned and forms of online gambling that crossed state lines.

Throughout the 1990s, online gambling was a booming industry in the United States. Eventually, lawmakers here made it illegal for any online gambling companies to base their operations in the US. The government also determined that the Wire Act applied to online casinos.

Internet gambling seemed dead here. Eventually, several fantastic casino websites based in other countries began operating here. The popularity of online gambling once again began to surge.

In recent months, several states have changed their laws to make online casino gambling fully legal. Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey all have legal internet casino options up and running. Nevada allows online poker.

Google recognizes that this industry is becoming more mainstream. With several states already on board with legalization and many more also interested in doing so, US casino ads on Google are finally starting to be allowed.

US Casino Ads on Google Will Be Allowed in Four States

Google is finally warming up to the online gambling industry. The massive search engine revealed that its set to allow internet casino advertisements in four different states. For now, these ads are only being permitted in the states that have legalized interstate gambling.

US casino ads in Google will be allowed in the four states we listed above. Licensed online casino operators here have the ability to market their services using Google Ads, Google Display Network, YouTube, and AdMob.

In June, Google began the process of allowing online sports betting advertisements. The search started to allow sports betting ads to appear in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Nevada. In October, Google began allowing these ads in Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

These ads are proving to be a success. Many of the top online sportsbooks in the aforementioned states are paying money to promote their services online. Google is earning millions of dollars a month through these paid ads.

Why Is Google Allowing These Casino Ads?

For many years, Google took a hardline stance against the online gambling industry. This was likely to appease lawmakers who wanted to ban online gambling. Now that this industry is becoming more accepted around the country, Google recognizes the opportunity to earn money from its advertisements.

Google now dominates the online gambling ad market. In 2018, the company generated $116.32 billion in revenue from its advertisements.

The addition of gambling advertisements will certainly help to bring in even more money. As more states begin to legalize online casino gambling, Google will earn more revenue from this industry.

US casino ads on Google will soon be allowed. Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next few months!