Governor Sisolak is Set to Extend Nevada’s Current Restrictions

The new coronavirus has affected every single state in the country. Nevada hasn’t seen nearly as many cases as some other areas, yet the effect on the economy here has been devastating. This week, Governor Steve Sisolak announced he plans to extend Nevada’s current restrictions.Governor Sisolak

This isn’t going to sit well with Carolyn Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas. She’s repeatedly called for the city to open back up. Today, we’re going to look at what Sisolak has planned for the future of Nevada.

Nevada’s Gambling Revenue Dropped Significantly Last Month

Nevada, and Las Vegas specifically, is the gambling hub of the United States. The gambling industry here helps to bring the state an incredible amount of money every single month. Unfortunately, this revenue has begun to plummet over the past few weeks.

Back in March, Governor Sisolak announced that all non-essential businesses in the state must close their doors. This includes casinos, which are now shut down throughout the state. This has obviously led to a significant drop in tourism.

Most analysts predicted that revenue figures for the month of March would be low. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has just released a report that shows how bad things really are. According to these reports, gaming revenue here dropped by 39.6%.

That’s obviously a significant drop. In fact, Nevada’s revenue last month was the lowest it’s been since 1998. The interesting thing is that casinos in the state were open for some of the month. Revenue earned in April is likely to be the lowest in history.

For obvious reasons, there are a huge number of people now asking for restrictions in the state to be lifted. This includes Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman. You can see a brief video of Goodman speaking about the situation with Anderson Cooper below.

To the disappointment of some state officials, Sisolak claims he plans to extend the current state regulations.

Sisolak Plans to Extend Nevada’s Current Restrictions

The entire country is in uncharted water right now. No one can really say how to best approach the spread of this new coronavirus. Most parts of the country are choosing to implement social distancing measures that help to prevent infection spread.

Nevada hasn’t experienced the same infection surges that some parts of the country have. That’s partly due to the restrictions set in place by the Governor. These restrictions are taking a toll on the state economy, yet they’re clearly helping to reduce infections.

Sisolak spoke with ABC News this week about the plans for the future. The Governor claims he expects most of Nevada’s current restrictions to be extended for at least a few more weeks. A few of these measures will be lifted, though.

“We’re calling it Nevada United Road Map to Recovery. We’re going to ease some of the restrictions that we had previously as it relates to retail curbside pickup. Some of our outdoor activities we’re going to loosen up what some of the restrictions are. Unfortunately we’re going to have to extend the stay at home order a little bit. We just have not reached exactly where we want to get in the downward trajectory.”

Nevada’s situation is different than almost any others. It’s still not clear how exactly the state’s tourism industry can begin operating again. As more people begin visiting and playing inside casinos, the chances of infection surges increases.

That isn’t stopping casinos from making preparations.

Las Vegas Casinos Are Preparing to Open Next Month

Many industries around the United States are hurting right now. One that’s being hit particularly hard is the land-based casino industry. All casinos around the US are now closed down and are unlikely to open up anytime soon.

This is devastating to Las Vegas casinos. Some of the companies that operate these gambling venues are losing millions of dollars every single day. Some of them are now gearing up to open their doors next month.

Recently, news broke that Treasure Island Hotel & Casino plans to accept guests starting on May 15th. Several others expect to open up in early June. With the news that Nevada’s current restrictions are being extended, these plans could change.

Some of these casinos are now making preparations for the future. News is coming out that many venues will have thermal cameras set in place to locate those with fevers. EMTs will also be present in some casinos to care for those suspected of having Covid-19.

Perhaps the worst part of this situation is that no one knows when things will return to normal. Scientists are still learning about this new virus and a vaccine may be more than a year away. Hope is that Nevada finds a way to balance public safety with an open economy.

Nevada’s current restrictions are here to stay for a little bit longer. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

‘We’re Not Test Subjects, We’re People’: LV Workers Respond to Mayor’s Call to Reopen City

Las Vegas Strip, Cars Driving Down Las Vegas BoulevardSince Gov. Steve Sisolak mandated the initial statewide shutdown of casinos back in early March, and further went on to extend the shutdown to April 30, Mayor Carolyn Goodman has been trying to fight it and get the city reopened this entire time.

After Sisolak’s latest press conference detailing Nevada’s plan for a phased reopening, Goodman fired back yet again, calling for a swift reopening of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

Goodman’s argument has been that industry workers will not be able to survive a shutdown and that it will impact their livelihoods on too grand of a scale.

While Goodman has argued against the closures, she hasn’t provided any reopening guidelines of safety measures that would stop or slow the spread of COVID-19, and Las Vegas workers are not feeling protected or considered by the Mayor’s adamant calls to reopen.

The most troubling comments made by Mayor Goodman surfaced in her Wednesday CNN interview with Anderson Cooper. Goodman said she would be willing to lift the coronavirus lockdown in Las Vegas and have the city serve as a “national experiment.”

Goodman said that she would love for Las Vegas to be the “placebo side” so Anderson and essentially the rest of the country had something to “measure against.”

This, of course, sparked outrage among Las Vegas industry workers.

Casino Workers Fire Back

Industry workers across the valley, those who work in the casinos and nightlife, say they would not be happy to be used as an experiment in how lifting lockdown measures would look like, despite the Mayor’s claim the Las Vegas would be happy to serve as the guinea pig.

In the Anderson Cooper interview, she referred to Las Vegas workers as a “control group” to be offered up to prove a point against Anderson’s argument that social distancing helped to keep Las Vegas number of COVID-19 relatively low compared to what they could have been had the shutdown not happen.

Taylor, the president of UNITE Here, a union that represents hundreds of thousands of hospitality workers throughout the US, called Goodman’s comments one of the “worst things” he’s even heard.

Taylor expressed that while he’s been eager to get back to work as soon as everyone is able to, people want to get back to a workspace that is “safe and secure,” and not be test subjects in a petri dish experiment.

Goodman’s comments also “struck a nerve” with banquet bartenders working with the Caesar Forum Conference Center. One bartender, Alexander Acosta, said:

“We’re not test subjects. We’re people. We are employees. We try to live every day as we can. We shouldn’t be test subjects.”

SEIU Local 1107, a union representing 9,000 healthcare workers in Nevada, was also offended by Goodman’s comments and offered some criticism. A spokesperson for the union said Goodman appeared to treat city workers like “guinea pigs.”

According to the SEIU spokesperson, the suggestion to endanger more lives by treating Las Vegas “like a guinea pig in some wild experiment” exhibits an extreme level of ignorance toward the COVID-19 situation as a whole.

Goodman Offered No Solutions for Casino Measurements

In the CNN interview, Anderson Cooper pointed out the fact that while Mayor Goodman has been a “cheerleader” for the reopening Nevada movement, she’s not actually put any suggestions or measured into place for how casinos will operate once they reopen.

Goodman’s response to Anderson’s claim was that it’s up to the casinos to figure out what precautions and measures they will need to put into place, adding that she doesn’t own a casino.

It’s important for casinos to come up with the right reopening measures because it will allow both workers and guests to feel comfortable returned once the shutdown is lifted.

According to Gov. Sisolak, Las Vegas will open when the time is right. Adding that he and his team have been working around the clock to make sure that Las Vegas isn’t just the world’s most fun destination, but the safest at that.

Wynn Resorts and other casino executives recently detailed their reopening plans and what measures they would likely implement.

Those measures include thermal screenings of guests, that will show if their body temperature is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and social distancing of guests and gamblers, among other measures.

Social Distancing has helped ‘Flatten the Curve’ in Nevada

Speaking of social distancing, the Governor praised Nevadans at his Tuesday press conference for following through on the stay-at-home directive, telling Nevadans that they’ve saved lives.

Currently, Nevada has 4,081 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 172 COVID-19-related deaths.

The Governor and his team of experts explained that if they had not taken the aggressive action to close casinos and nonessential businesses statewide, that the number of coronavirus cases could have been in the tens of thousands.

According to the Governor, Nevada is currently in Phase Zero of its two-phase plan to reopen. Phase Zero will measure the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and people testing positive over a 14-day period to ensure that there is a steady decline before we can move to Phase One.

Casinos Workers Detail What Would Make Them Feel Safe Upon Returning to Work

Some casino workers, like Dee Kenny, a 64-year-old casino security guard who works on the Las Vegas Strip, said that if proper protocols aren’t put into place, she won’t be returning to work until they are.

Kenny, who has underlying health issues and is among the most vulnerable population to the virus, says she wants her employers to provide workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) and test employees for the virus.

Acosta, the bartender with Caesars, also worries whether he and his colleagues will be provided with the necessary equipment to do their jobs safely. For his specific position, he would need gloves and a mask since he’s in close interaction with guests.

Stay Tuned

It’s been a whirlwind for the Las Vegas Strip and economy over these last six weeks. However, it looks like we’re moving to higher ground with the rate of cases seemingly declining, as well as the healthcare industry being able to handle the number of patients going in and out of their facilities.

Did you catch Mayor Goodman’s CNN Interview? What did you think of the comments she had to make about reopening Nevada? If you haven’t gotten a chance to see it, you can watch it in its entirety below.

What types of safety measures do you think the Strip casinos should put into place when they’re given the green light to open back up?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line in the comments below!

As always, stay safe and healthy out there.

The Las Vegas Treasure Island is Set to Open Next Month

Nevada state officials continue to verbally spar over how to lift restrictions. As of now, all casinos across the state are completely shut down. Things may soon change, however, and the Las Vegas Treasure Island is preparing to open its doors to the public on May 15th.

Las Vegas Casino Treasure Island Logo

It’s surprising news for many residents in this state. It appears Treasure Island is preparing to be the first casino to open on the Las Vegas Strip. Today, we’re going to look at this venue’s plans for the future. We’ll also discuss some of the recent changes made at this property.

Let’s get into it!

The Radisson Group Now Owns Treasure Island

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino first opened its doors back in 1993 on the Las Vegas Strip. At that time, this venue was one of the hottest news casino-resorts on the Strip. In 2003, owners of this venue decided to start running a major pirate show in front of the hotel.

MGM Resorts ran this property for many years. It was hugely successful early on, yet at a certain point in time revenue here began to drop. By the mid-2000s, news began surfacing that officials within MGM Resorts International planned to sell this property.

In 2008, the Las Vegas Treasure Island was officially sold to Phil Ruffin. The businessman owns several major properties around the world and made it clear he wanted to break into the Las Vegas market. Ruffin announced several major changes to this venue, including removing the famous pirate show in 2013.

Last year, Ruffin made headlines by announcing this casino was joining the Radisson Group. Many analysts felt this was the perfect time for this move. The Radisson Group owns properties in 115 countries around the world and is known for its popular rewards program.

Things haven’t exactly gone smoothly in 2020. Like all other casinos in Las Vegas, Treasure Island has been forced to close its doors for more than a month. Now, it appears the owners of this venue have a date in mind to open up again.

Las Vegas Treasure Island Set to Open on May 15th

Since March, every single casino in Nevada has been forced to close its doors. Governor Steve Sisolak ordered these venues to shut down due to the spread of the new coronavirus around the country.  This has proved to be devastating to the state’s economy.

Las Vegas, in particular, is taking a major hit due to these regulations. Tourism into the city has completely stopped. Due to the casino closures, gambling revenue here has also come to a halt and many major casino companies here are losing millions of dollars every single day.

Analysts around the country have questioned when casinos will be allowed to operate here. Governor Sisolak has maintained that casinos need to remain closed in order to protect public safety. The Mayor of Las Vegas, however, has called these regulations “total insanity.”

It now appears that one casino-resort is preparing to open. News is coming out that the Las Vegas Treasure Island is preparing to open on May 15th. The hotel’s website confirmed this news to the media.

“We are currently accepting reservations for arrivals beginning May 15, 2020 (subject to change),” the website says. 

It’s important to note that this has not been set in stone. Governor Sisolak may decide to force all of the state’s casinos to remain closed. For now, though, it seems this hotel-casino plans to open its doors next month.

Las Vegas Mayor and Governor Sisolak Continue to Argue

The past month has likely been the strangest in the recent history of the United States. Much of the country is completely shut down. Different state leaders are now working to come up with new plans to reopen.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is taking a more cautious approach. He agrees with many health experts who warn opening too early will result in a major surge of cases. This has been frustrating for Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who now wants to see things get back to normal.

Goodman is not presenting any real plans to reopen, though. The Mayor of Las Vegas instead argues that it’s up to state officials to get the economy back up and running. Governor Sisolak is already brushing these comments aside.

Casino companies in Las Vegas continue to suffer. This includes MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, and Las Vegas Sands. Even the owners of the Las Vegas Treasure Island are losing an incredible amount of revenue right now.

Some experts believe that Macau will become hugely important for these companies. Hope is that the revenue earned from Macau’s casinos will make up for some of the money being lost in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

Construction On a Major Las Vegas Road Project Will Begin Soon

Despite much of Las Vegas being shut down right now, several major construction projects are still taking place here. City officials want to ensure that these projects are completed by their originally planned dates. Construction will begin on a massive Las Vegas road project next week.Famous Las Vegas Sign

It’s great news to see these projects take place. Many analysts around the country are trying to predict when Las Vegas will get back to normal. Today, we’re going to look at the new construction project set to take place here. We’ll also discuss some of the other major projects in the city.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Sisolak Extends Casino Shutdown

Nearly 785,000 people have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus in the United States. In some parts of the country, infection rates are beginning to plateau. In other areas, these rates are increasing rapidly.

Nevada has a relatively low number of infections right now. According to John Hopkins University, 3,840 individuals have been confirmed infected in this state. Despite the fact that infections are low, Nevada’s officials are maintaining strict social distancing measures.

All casinos in Nevada have been forced to close down. Not long ago, Governor Steve Sisolak decided to extend the casino closures here. This has been devastating for many companies in cities like Las Vegas, some of which are losing millions of dollars every single day.

Carolyn Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, has begun to plead for changes. She is arguing that the city cannot survive long-term under the current restrictions. Several major Las Vegas casino CEO’s have also presented their own plans to reopen the state economy.

Sisolak isn’t budging, though. He believes that the regulations set in place are necessary to prevent further infection spread. The Governor is not revealing when gambling venues will open to the public once again.

Interestingly, major construction projects are still able to take place here.

Work on a Major Las Vegas Road Project Will Soon Begin

There are always construction projects taking place in Las Vegas. New hotel-casinos are constantly opening here and city officials continue to look at improving infrastructure. Next week, construction on the largest road project in the history of the city will officially begin.

Work on a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard will kick off on April 27th. The $125 million project is expected to take three years to complete. It includes replacing underground utilities, traffic signals, medians, curbs, and sidewalks and pavement.

Margaret Kurtz, city spokesperson, commented on the need for this project to the media this week.

“The existing waterlines to be replaced are from 1955, the storm drains from 1954, some of the traffic signals from 1965, and the sewer pipe from 1942,” she said. 

Many city residents are excited to see the Las Vegas road project begin. It should help to significantly improve the Downtown area. This isn’t the only major construction project taking place in this city. Unfortunately, some of them are being affected by the coronavirus.

Worker at Circa Casino Resort Tests Positive for Coronavirus

This is a very tough time for Las Vegas right now. Many businesses are shutting down and tourism here is at an all-time low. There are still a huge number of major construction projects taking place in this city. That includes the new Las Vegas road project.

One of the biggest projects is on the Circa Casino Resort in Downtown Las Vegas. This new property, owned by the Stevens brothers, is expected to be the most impressive venue ever opened in Downtown Las Vegas. It will feature the largest pool in the city and thousands of feet of gaming space.

Unfortunately, a worker at Circa Las Vegas has tested positive for the new coronavirus. Company officials released a statement about the situation to the media this week.

“The individual is now in isolation and will not return to work until cleared to do so by their healthcare provider,” the statement said.

There are now several measures set in place to prevent further infections. That includes directing team members who feel sick or have health-related concerns to stay home and reducing “worker concentrations,” staggering start times for employees and adjusting “workflows as necessary.”

As of now, these projects are still continuing. If more infections are reported, however, city officials may force major construction to halt.

Are you excited to see the Las Vegas road project take place? Let us know in the comments section below.

Las Vegas Mayor Wants to See Casinos Reopen

Covid-19 has now spread to nearly 20,000 people in the United States. As more states see their infection rates increase, more regulations are being placed on the casino industry. This week, Carolyn Goodman, the Las Vegas mayor, began asking for the city’s casinos to reopen.Carolyn Goodman

Goodman claims that the city is already hurting due to these closures. Today, we’re going to give an update on the situation and discuss when we may see the casinos in Las Vegas open to the public again.

Let’s get into it!

More States Set Regulations Due to Coronavirus

Covid-19 isn’t slowing down. In fact, infection rates continue to surge in a huge number of countries around the world. It’s an unprecedented situation that even the world’s top scientists are having a difficult time understanding.

There are still many questions surrounding this virus. No one seems to understand all of the different ways that it’s able to spread. Many are also unsure of whether or not individuals are able to become infected after already catching the virus.

What we do know, is that it has an extremely unique ability to spread from person to person. Because of this, Covid-19 has quickly spread around the world. Some nations, such as Italy and Iran, saw their infection rates increase rapidly with no signs of slowing down.

Nearly 20,000 individuals in the United States have now tested positive for the new coronavirus. It’s likely that many more are actually infected. Now, many states have begun closing down their casino industries.

This includes Las Vegas. In this city, all casinos have been forced to close by Governor Sisolak. The city’s mayor now wants this to end.

Las Vegas Mayor Asks for Casinos to Reopen to the Public

It’s not a surprise to see the mayor of Las Vegas pushing to see casinos in the city opened back up. Las Vegas relies heavily on its gambling industry. With the casinos now closed down, tourism in the city is at an all-time low, as well.

Carolyn Goodman, the Las Vegas Mayor who took office in 2011, is now asking for these gambling venues to be opened back up. She gave this opinion during a planned speech to the Las Vegas City Council.

“Our economy depends on tourism and being open for dining, entertainment, gaming, sports,” she said, “I know we, they, cannot survive any total shutdown of the economy … beyond the immediate week or two.” 

Goodman is calling for Governor Sisolak to change the state’s regulations. She argues that Las Vegas may not be able to survive if so many venues are shut down. Sisolak responded to Goodman and it seems he has no plans of opening the state’s casinos anytime soon.

“Your life and the life of your neighbors and family members will always be more valuable to me than the perceived and mistaken economic gain we have by cutting this isolation period short or by waiting one more day to get serious,” Sisolak said. “I am not asking them anymore. I am telling them they must close their doors or they will face the consequences.”

We’ll need to see how the Las Vegas mayor responds to this comment. At this point, most can only wait and see how the government deals with this new pandemic.

Las Vegas City Attorney Will Not Prosecute Businesses Breaking the Law

Under the new regulations by Governor Sisolak, most of the businesses in Las Vegas are being forced to close down. This includes all of the major casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The closing of these properties is likely costing these casino companies millions of dollars already.

Interestingly, the City Attorney in Las Vegas claims he will not enforce these regulations.

“At this point in time, there is nothing I believe, as the city’s attorney, that we can enforce,” Brad Jerbic said. “We are not going to criminally or civilly charge anyone.” 

It seems that Jerbic understands how difficult these regulations are for businesses to operate. Of course, this directly goes against what the Governor is asking. Other government bodies, such as Code Enforcement Employees, may still report these businesses breaking the regulations set in place.

We’ll need to wait and see how the city manages to cope with these new regulations. Hopefully, venues here are able to safely open to the public sometime in the near future.

Do you agree with the Las Vegas mayor? When will casinos be able to open up? Let us know in the comments section below.