Indiana Horse Racing Commission Approves Eldorado and Caesars to Merge

The merger between Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment has been ongoing since June of 2019. As many already know, it’s the largest deal ever made between two casino companies. Before this merger can be completed, both companies need approval from various state gambling commissions. This week, the Indiana Horse Racing Commission officially approved Eldorado and Caesars to merge.Eldorado And Caesars Logo

It’s fantastic news for these major casino operators. This deal is close to being finalized. Now is the perfect time to look at what still needs to be done for this massive deal to finally conclude.

Let’s get into it!

Meetings With State Gambling Commissions Have Concluded

Back in June of 2019, Eldorado Resorts shocked the US gambling industry by announcing it paid an incredible $17.3 billion to acquire Caesars Entertainment. Both Eldorado and Caesars have major casino-resorts all over the country. This merger would form the largest casino company in the United States.

It takes a long time for something like this to come together. Various state gambling commissions need to approve this merger. Before it could come together, the FTC also needed to ensure this deal would not result in a monopoly.

After more than a year, it seems this merger is nearly finished. The FTC has officially given the green light for both companies to join forces. After, only three more state gambling commissions needed to approve the deal.

This month, members of Eldorado and Caesars have been meeting with members of the New Jersey, Indiana, and Nevada gambling commissions. Nevada gave its approval for the deal last week. Only two more commissions were left.

Officials within Eldorado and Caesars met with regulators in Indiana on July 10th. Some felt that these commission members may find some issues with the deal. Fortunately, they have given the green light for things to move forward.

Indiana Horse Racing Commission Approves Eldorado and Caesars to Merge

The meetings taking place in Las Vegas right now are historic. With approval from the three commissions, these companies can finally come together. New reports confirm that two of these commissions have now officially given the green light.

The official Indiana Gaming Commission approved this deal to move forward last Friday. Today, members of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission unanimously voted to allow Eldorado and Caesars to merge, as well. It’s the final hurdle needed for both companies to come together in Indiana.

With this decision, horse racing licenses from Harrah’s Hoosier Park and the Indiana Grand can now be transferred from Caesars to Eldorado Resorts. Of course, there are 22 conditions that must be met for the licenses here to remain valid.

Eldorado Resorts’ CEO Tom Reeg commented on the approval during the meeting, promising to help grow the state’s gambling industry.

“We know that racing is why you have the casino opportunities that you have in these two properties, and our pledge to you is to drive that racing business to another level,” Reeg said. “You’re already at a really high level. We’ll work to take it even higher.”

With the news, these two companies only need approval from one more state. Investors are now looking closely at how Eldorado’s share prices may change over the next few weeks.

Investors Are Now Looking Closely at Eldorado Resorts

Everyone feels that commission members in New Jersey will give the green light for this merger to move forward. Once that happens, Eldorado Resorts will become the largest casino company in the US. Obviously, that’s an exciting prospect for investors.

Recently, several major US casino companies saw their share prices surge. China announced that travel restrictions to and from Macau were lifting. As a result, many US casino companies with property in Macau are likely to see their earnings increase rapidly.

This goes to show how many opportunities are available for investors in this industry. According to a new report, Eldorado’s stock price could increase by an incredible 150% over the next couple of weeks.

It’s an extremely unusual time for the world’s land-based casino industry. Casino companies are doing everything they can to attract new players and increase their revenue. Just about everyone expects Eldorado and Caesars to merge sometime next month.

We’ll continue to offer updates on this historic deal. Our team will also continue to write about the situation over in Macau. Stay tuned!

Merger Between Eldorado and Caesars Should Complete Next Month

The highly-publicized merger between Eldorado and Caesars has been taking place since June of 2019. It’s the largest deal ever made between two US casino companies. According to new reports, this massive merge should be completed by next month.Eldorado And Caesars Logo

It’s exciting news for both of these companies. The process of joining forces has been hugely expensive and time-consuming. Today, we’re going to look at what still needs to be done for the merger to be officially approved.

Let’s get into it!

FTC Officially Approves Eldorado Resorts-Caesars Entertainment Deal

Eldorado Resorts is one of the fastest-growing casino companies in the country. It owns and operates several major casinos around the country. Officials within this company have continued to tell the media that they plan to expand as soon as possible.

Back in June of last year, news broke that Eldorado had agreed to pay $17.3 billion to acquire Caesars Entertainment. As we just mentioned, this was the largest merger ever made between two casino companies. Many analysts immediately began looking into what it takes to complete a deal like this one.

Both Eldorado and Caesars Entertainment own major casinos in different states. That means both companies need to receive approval from various state gambling commissions before this deal can go through. They also need to get permission from the Federal Trade Commission.

This process takes time. Initially, officials within these companies told the media they expected the deal to be completed by June of this year. That date has now been pushed back. Fortunately, the FTC recently approved the merger between Eldorado and Caesars to move forward.

This was a crucial step for both of these companies. Now, only a few more states need to give the signal for the deal to move forward. When can we expect that to take place?

With State’s Approval, the Merger Between Eldorado and Caesars Will be Complete

It’s not completely unusual to see casino companies merge. It’s happened several times over the years, yet never between two companies as large as Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. State Gaming Boards want to ensure that this deal does not result in the companies forming a monopoly.

Many states have already approved the deal. The FTC seems content with that’s coming together, as well. Now, these companies only need approval from regulators in Nevada, Indiana, and New Jersey.

Meetings between the heads of these companies and the various state commissions have now been scheduled to take place in Nevada. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will meet to discuss the matter on July 8th. Indiana regulators are meeting on July 10th and ones in Indiana will do the same on July 15th.

After receiving approval, the merger between Eldorado and Caesars can finally be complete. Eldorado CEO Tom Reeg is confident this will take place. Most gaming analysts predict the states will give approval for this deal, as well.

The stars seem to be aligning here. One condition the FTC required was for Eldorado Resorts to sell several of its major properties. News recently broke that these casino sales have officially concluded.

Eldorado Resorts Has Officially Sold Two Major Casinos

The FTC recognizes how powerful these two companies will be once this deal concludes. As a result, they want to ensure that things are still fair for markets affected by the merger. The government body ordered Eldorado Resorts to sell two properties in order to receive approval for the merger.

The Montbleu Resorts & Casino in Lake Tahoe and the Isle of Capris in Kansas City were both recently sold by this company. It was a serious move, as both were known to be big money-makers for Eldorado. Obviously, the merger between Eldorado and Caesars proved to be more important.

This is just one more step needed to finalize this important merger. Now, much of the focus is on the meetings taking place this month in Nevada. Only three more Gaming Boards need to give their official approval for this bill.

Most predict all three will give the green light for this merger to move forward. Eldorado and Caesars have both checked all of the boxes needed to get this deal finished.

Anything is possible, though. The country is still dealing with the effects of Covid-19 and many are unsure of how the land-based casino industry will look over the next 12 months. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this situation as it unfolds.

Do you think the Eldorado Resorts-Caesars Entertainment merger will finish this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

FTC Gives its Approval For the Eldorado-Caesars Deal

For more than a year, Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment have been working hard to finalize their merger. As many are aware, this is the largest deal ever made between two casino companies. This week, the FTC officially gave its approval for the Eldorado-Caesars deal.Stamp Of Approval

This is a huge step in getting this deal done. Of course, it comes at a time when the US casino industry is hurting. Now is the perfect time to look at what still needs to be done in order to complete this merger.

Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment Delay Merger

Back in June of 2019, the world was in a much different place. The US casino industry was stronger than ever and several new gambling destinations were beginning to emerge around the country. That month, news broke that Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment were merging.

Eldorado has expanded rapidly over the past couple of decades. According to the reports, this major casino company paid an incredible $17.3 billion to acquire Caesars. A deal of this magnitude cannot finish overnight, though.

Both of these companies own major properties around the United States. In order to finish this merger, both companies need to receive approval from various state gambling commissions. That’s exactly what these companies have been working on for the past few months.

Gaining approval has been taking longer than many analysts initially predicted. Several states have required that these companies sell casinos to get the green light for the merger to move forward. Not long ago, news broke that this deal would not be finalized this June, as some thought at the beginning of the year.

Finishing a deal like this one during a global pandemic certainly hasn’t been easy. It now seems that things are closer to wrapping than ever before. Here’s why that is.

Eldorado-Caesars Deal is Officially Approved by the FTC

The US casino industry is in a very precarious position right now. Over the past few weeks, several states have slowly begun allowing their casinos to open back up. Rates of Covid-19 are now starting to surge around the country, however, and some feel that states may soon force their gambling venues to close once again.

That would have a major impact on both Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. It isn’t stopping them from moving forward with their reopening plans, though. This week, the FTC officially approved the Eldorado-Caesars deal.

This was a crucial step in pushing the merger forward. As we mentioned earlier, these companies need approval from many different state gaming commissions. They also needed the FTC to give the green light, making sure everything is done by the books.

Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment are now closer to merging than ever before. Tom Reeg, CEO of Eldorado, spoke about the news to the media this week.

“We are delighted to announce the FTC’s approval of our planned Merger with Caesars, which is expected to create the largest owner and operator of U.S. gaming assets. We look forward to completing the Merger, subject to receipt of the remaining consents and approvals from regulators in Nevada, New Jersey and Indiana,” Reed said. 

As Reeg mentioned, these companies need approval from several more states. Based on what’s being said, this should only take a few more weeks. Many are still concerned about the health of the US casino industry as a whole.

Nevada’s Casino Reopening Plans Are Already Facing Criticism

Nevada is still the biggest and most successful casino industry in the US. Shutting down the casinos here was devastating for the state’s economy. Lawmakers realized something needed to change and officially allowed casinos to open back up on June 4th.

Most residents were excited to see this happen. Cities like Las Vegas rely heavily on tourism and casinos help to fuel that industry. Some workers expressed fear that the safety measures being implemented are not effective enough.

Covid-19 infection rates have been increasing here for the past couple of weeks. Many workers are now demanding that casinos change their safety measures. The Nevada Culinary Union even announced that it was suing some of the casinos on the Strip due to their unsafe working conditions.

Forcing the casinos in Nevada to close down again would be devastating to the local economy. It could also have a significant impact on the Eldorado-Caesars deal. Hopefully, casinos find a way to make things safer for employees without having to completely close down once again.

There are still many questions about how the land-based casino industry will look by the end of the year. We’ll have a better picture by the end of the summer. Make sure to stay tuned for updates.

When do you think the merger between Eldorado and Caesars will finish? Let us know in the comments section below!

There Are Now More Reasons to Wear Masks in Casinos

More Las Vegas casinos are beginning to open and tourism is increasing here every single week. Due to the regulations set in place, however, some are still unwilling to visit this city. Caesars Entertainment is now starting to give visitors here more reasons to wear masks in casinos.Man Wearing Face Mask

Most would agree that wearing a mask inside a casino-resort is a little uncomfortable. Caesars is trying to help make this a little easier to bare. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly this major casino company is offering to its guests.

Let’s get into it!

More Caesars Entertainment Properties Are Opening in Las Vegas

As the weeks go on, more major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are starting to accept guests. It’s been a long road to get here. Since March, many of the casino companies here have lost an incredible amount of revenue.

Caesars Entertainment is one of the biggest casino companies in Las Vegas. Over the past few weeks, this company has begun opening several of its properties including Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Flamingo, The Linq, and Harrah’s Las Vegas. Revenue is slowly beginning to increase for this gaming operator.

As many know, Caesars is also in the middle of a massive merger with Eldorado Resorts. Initially, this deal was expected to be finalized by the end of this month. According to recent reports, it’s now being pushed back.

Revenue still isn’t coming in like it used to. Tourism into Las Vegas is slowly increasing every single week. It may be months, or even a year, before rates of tourism here get back to how they were in January of this year.

Caesars, like many other casino companies, is doing everything it can to attract more visitors. Things have been made more difficult now that masks are expected to be required on all casino floors. Officials within Caesars are now trying to encourage mask-wearing in the city in a unique way.

Here Are a Few More Reasons to Wear Masks in Casinos

Over the past few months, health officials in the US have tried to come up with the best ways to better protect the public from the dangers of Covid-19. It now appears that mask-wearing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent infection spread. Most states are now highly encouraging their residents to wear a mask when going in public.

For a time, wearing a mask was only recommended inside Las Vegas casinos. Most gambling officials realized that forcing players to wear masks will end up decreasing tourism. Now, lawmakers here are taking a more aggressive approach.

Governor Sisolak recently held a press conference and announced that masks are likely to be required inside casinos. Fortunately, Caesars Entertainment is now giving its players more reasons to wear masks in casinos. This company has begun offering free slot credits to many players who are abiding by the mask rule.

A spokesperson for Caesars told the media that $7,500 in free slot credits was awarded over the past few days.

It’s clear that Caesars Entertainment is taking the most proactive approach to masks. The company was one of the first to officially require masks to be worn when playing table games. Now, they’re actually rewarding the players abiding by the rules.

There were already many reasons to wear masks in casinos. Now, you might even get paid for it!

Circa Las Vegas Announces Opening Date

The city of Las Vegas was earning an incredible amount of revenue over the past couple of years. As a result, several companies here have begun constructing major casino-resorts. That includes Circa Las Vegas, located in the Downtown area.

This property is owned by Derek Stevens, one of the top casino operators in the city. Stevens officially announced that reservations can now be made starting tomorrow, June 24th. To the surprise of some, this major casino-resort will be an adult-only venue.

“Once, Las Vegas held a certain mystique as this fabulous place where only grown-ups could play,” Circa’s official Twitter account said. “Call us old-fashioned, but we think adults need some of that mystique back in their lives. Book your room starting June 24th at 9am for #CircaLasVegas, a 21+ experience.”

Just about everyone is excited to see this new venue open up. Circa is now home to the largest and most impressive swimming pool complex in Las Vegas. Derek Stevens believes that this new venue will help to significantly increase tourism into Downtown Las Vegas.

Health officials continue to reveal more reasons to wear masks in casinos. Cases of Covid-19 are increasing around the country. Wearing a mask may help to prevent another casino shutdown experienced over the past few months.

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Caesars Entertainment Report 2 COVID-19 Cases at Flamingo Casino in LV

Flamingo Hotel in Las VegasLas Vegas finally reopened some of its popular casinos on June 4, after Gov. Sisolak declared the Phase 2 reopening for the state after COVID-19 trends stabilized into a downward trajectory.

Now, two weeks later, reports of additional COVID-19 cases are emerging from the Las Vegas Strip.

On Thursday, two positive COVID-19 cases at the Flamingo hotel-casino were confirmed by a Caesars Entertainment spokesperson. The spokesperson also confirmed that contact tracing protocols were being implemented as a precautionary safety measure.

The company’s representatives did not confirm whether the positive cases were staff members or guests. According to health officials, it can take an average of five to six days before coronavirus symptoms show up after first being exposed to the virus. However, symptoms can also remain dormant for us to 14 days following initial exposure.

On Wednesday, another case coming from the Strip was confirmed when a kitchen worker out of Bellagio’s Mayfair Supper Club testing positively for COVID-19. The Supper Club, which is a part-dining, part-entertainment venue, was one of the few live entertainment options currently available on the Las Vegas Strip.

It was temporarily forced to shut down on Wednesday after the worker tested positive.

Flamingo Hotel Hosted First Pool Party Amid Reopening

After 78 days of lockdown, the Flamingo hosted Las Vegas’ first pool party to welcome back guests in true Flamingo fashion.

Casino executives, like Regional President Eileen Moore Johnson and Ken Janssen were on deck to greet guests looking to escape the Vegas heat and have a good time again, as well as showgirls dressed in Flamingo-colored two-pieces with feathers and masks.

Many pools on reopened Strip properties have opened its door alongside their respective casinos, and they’ve been packed with people the past two weekends.

It’s good to see the pent-up demand that Vegas has been met with since reopening. There has, however, been an unfortunate trend of people not wearing masks while out and about on Las Vegas Boulevard.

So much so, that the Nevada Gaming Control Board made updated to its health and safety protocols in an effort to get people to treat mask usage more seriously.

In fact, Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, will be keeping the state in Phase 2 longer as he’s disappointed in the number of people out and about who aren’t wearing masks and taking the threat of the virus more seriously.

Coronavirus Numbers in Nevada

On Friday, Nevada saw its largest single-day increase of cases since the pandemic started, with 410 cases. It surpasses Monday’s total of 379 positive cases.

Nevada now has 12,486 confirmed cases, with 9,852 of those cases coming out of Clark County. There have been no new reported COVID-19-related deaths, with the state’s total death count at 478.

It seems the positive number of cases has been on the rise due to a number of factors. For one, the testing capacity in the state has increased, and public gatherings for up to 50 people have been approved. Of course, the reopening of major casinos and hotel properties is likely a contributing factor as well.

$10 Million Steakhouse to Open on July 2 at Flamingo

It’s unsure whether the rise of confirmed cases will delay the plans that Flamingo has to debut their new $10 million steakhouse on July 2, but we’ll see.

The steakhouse, which will be called the Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse, will pay homage to Vegas’ historic roots. It’s named after for Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, two men tied closely to Las Vegas history and the city’s birth.

The restaurant will feature a hidden speakeasy called The Count Room. Other special features include a dry meat cooler, bakery façade, centerpiece bar and lounge, a raw bar, a decorative dining room and three private dining rooms.

Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse will begin accepting reservations for July 2, while following Caesar’s Entertainment enhanced health and safety protocols. Those protocols include spacing tables six feet apart and allowing 50 percent capacity to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Hand sanitizing stations will also be placed around the restaurant and restaurant employees will be required to wear masks.

Caesars Entertainment Reopens Paris Las Vegas

On Thursday, June 18, Caesars Entertainment opened up its fourth property to the public. After the successful reopenings of Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas, The LINQ Promenade and High Roller Observation Wheel, Paris Las Vegas was the next property to resume its gaming and hospitality operations.

To commemorate the momentous occasion, Paris Las Vegas had a big French-inspired reopening featuring can-can dancers, a Monsieur Loyal ringmaster, and Caesars Entertainment executive members on hand to greet visitors.

Guests to the newly reopened property can expect to see renovated rooms and suites, a variety of food and beverage amenities, and have access to the fitness center and outdoor pool.

To honor the reopening, the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas will also showcase a free light show happening every half hour from dusk to midnight through June 30.

The property intends to comply with reopening directives and guidelines provided by Governor Sisolak, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and public health authorities.

Paris Las Vegas Open Dining Options

Arc Bar – daily, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

BEER PARK – daily, 2 p.m. to close

Café Americano – daily, 6 a.m. to noon

Café Belle Madeleine – breakfast daily, 5 a.m. to noon

Eiffel Tower Restaurant – daily, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Gordon Ramsay Steak – Thursday through Sunday, 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Gustav’s Bar – daily, 24 hours

HEXX Kitchen + Bar – daily, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

JJ’s Boulangerie (dining room) – daily, 24 hours

La Creperie – breakfast daily, 6 a.m. to noon

La Pizza (express window) – daily, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Le Cabaret Bar – daily, 2 p.m. to close

Le Central Bar – daily, 24 hours

Mon Ami Gabi – daily, 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Pool and Fitness Center Hours

Soleil Pool – daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (hours subject to change dependent on weather)

Voie Fitness Center – daily, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Merger Between Eldorado and Caesars Won’t Finish This Summer

Almost exactly a year ago, Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment announced they were joining forces. It was the largest merger between casino companies ever put together. Unfortunately, it appears this merger between Eldorado and Caesars will take a little longer than many analysts predicted.Merger Picture

This isn’t entirely surprising. The world is in the middle of a global pandemic and casino companies have seen their revenue earnings drop incredibly fast. Now is the perfect time to look at why exactly this massive deal is being delayed.

Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Continue to Lose Revenue

At the start of the year, it seemed like the US gambling industry was unstoppable. States around the country were expanding their gambling markets. As a result, casino companies saw their revenue earnings increase sharply.

Eldorado Resorts is one of the biggest casino operators in the country. It owns many casino-resorts and, prior to March, was continuing to purchase more property every month. In June of 2019, news broke that Eldorado Resorts agreed to purchase Caesars Entertainment for an incredible $17.3 billion.

Caesars Entertainment had been struggling for years. Many felt it was only a matter of time before this company was taken over. Many analysts believe this merger worked out extremely well for Caesars.

Unfortunately, both of these companies have lost an incredible amount of money over the past four months. Casinos around the country were forced to shut down back in March. It’s only been a few weeks since most of the country’s gambling venues have reopened.

The pandemic has taken an incredible toll on the economy. As a result, the merger between Eldorado and Caesars is taking much longer to finish than most expected. New reports indicate this deal will not be complete by June, as many initially predicted.

The Merger Between Eldorado and Caesars Won’t Be Complete in June

As we’ve already mentioned, this merger is the largest ever made between two casino companies. In order for this deal to be complete, both companies need to gain approval from various state gambling commissions and the SEC. Obviously, this takes a long time to complete.

It now appears this deal won’t be complete in June. Members of the Indiana State Gambling Commission won’t look at the details of this merger until July 10th. These companies need approval from this state government body in order to push the deal forward.

It’s disappointing news for officials within these companies. For months, they told the media they expected the merger between Eldorado and Caesars to be complete by the end of June. That is no longer the case.

No one knows when exactly this merger will be complete. There are still many steps that need to be taken. Fortunately, both companies’ share prices are starting to increase.

As of today, Eldorado Resorts’ share prices were up by 9%. Caesars saw its prices jump by 2.9%. Many gambling analysts fear that if casinos are forced to shut down once again, these prices will plummet.

The next step to finalize the merger between Eldorado and Caesars is to gain approval in Indiana. We’ll be sure to report on what happens after the commission here meets on July 10th.

More States Begin Allowing Casinos to Reopen

After almost four months of being shut down, casinos around the country are finally starting to open back up. It seems like every single day, more casinos announce they’re starting to accept guests again. Various states have officially given their casinos permission to open back up.

Atlantic City is taking its time lifting restrictions. As many already know, rates of Covid-19 are still high here. State officials worry that reopening casinos will lead to another spike in cases. Governor Phil Murphy believes the casinos here will be opened back up by July 4th.

Las Vegas is slowly getting back to normal. Many of the top casino-resorts in this city have already opened back up. Several more will reopen over the next few weeks.

It’s clear that this industry is getting back on track. The merger between Eldorado and Caesars continues to move forward. Hope is that this massive deal is completed before the end of 2020.

Reopening laws are different in every state. If you want to gamble inside a casino, make sure to check out the regulations. In time, it’s likely that all of the country’s casinos will be able to accept guests.

Make sure to stay tuned for more news on the merger between Eldorado and Caesars!

Caesars Palace, Flamingo First Caesars Entertainment Properties to Reopen; Free Self-Parking

Flamingo Hotel in Las VegasRecently, Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. announced that Caesars Palace would be the first of its 10 properties to reopen when the shutdown order is lifted hopefully within the new couple of weeks.

Now, the company is announcing that Flamingo will open alongside Caesars Palace, making for two of their properties that will see the light of day to start. It’s likely Caesars Entertainment took a hint from MGM Resorts International’s playbook, who will be opening two of their 10 Strip properties initially: the Bellagio and New York-New York.

We think it’s a smart move, giving guests two options to choose from to fit within different traveler’s budgets.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. also announced a sweet perk: It will be suspending its self-parking fees at its properties when they reopen. This is similar to announcement MGM Resorts made last week that free parking will be made available at every resort that reopens.

According to the company’s Thursday announcement, the two properties will comply with reopening directives and guidance provided by Gov. Sisolak, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and public health authorities.

Bookings are available on the company’s website starting May 29.

What Will Available at the Two Properties Once They Reopen?

The company’s news release advised that both Caesars Palace and Flamingo will have much of its traditional offerings available, under stringent social distancing guidelines.

That means that lodging, dining options, traditional gaming options such as slots and table games, and access to outdoor pools will be open to the public, but it will look different for a while.

Caesar’s Entertainment’s CEO, Tony Rodio, advised that the number of seats at card tables will be cut in half, going from six seats down to three. No other individuals outside of the table players will be allowed within six feet of them.

As far as social distancing for slot machines go, every other slot will be deactivated on the casino floor, with stools removed from the disabled slots. This is being done to discourage gamblers from lingering and hovering in those spots to comply with social distancing.

Caesar’s Other Reopening Measures

In a determined effort to provide the safest properties for returning staff and guests, Caesar’s Entertainment outlined their health and safety reopening protocols earlier this month.

While guests are being encouraged to comply with social distancing guidelines, and the casino floors being rearranged to support that, Caesar’s staff will be held to stricter requirements upon reopening.

Those requirements include daily temperature checks of employees and making sure that all staff wears face masks throughout their shift.

Rodio also announced that prior to returning to work, Caesar’s staff will be given a questionnaire to complete, which is being used to determine whether an employee has symptoms related to COVID-19, or if they’ve engaged in activities recently that would require a coronavirus testing.

Mass testing for casino employees went underway on Thursday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with 4,000 daily tests expected to be administered. Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. and MGM Resort International employees are to make up the bulk of employees tested, as the two casino operators have a combined 150,000 hotel rooms between them.

Harrah’s and LINQ to Reopen Next

After Caesars Entertainment tests the waters with the reopening of Caesars Palace and Flamingo, they plan on opening Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino the LINQ Hotel & Casino’s gaming floor next.

According to the company, demand will determine how soon these properties will reopen, but it’s also expected that many of the LINQ Promenade’s retail and dining options will reopen soon too, as well as the High Roller Observation Wheel.

When Will Properties in Las Vegas Reopen?

As of today, state gambling regulators still haven’t given the green light to lift the Governor’s shutdown order, although casino operators continue to develop their reopening plans. Many Strip resorts are hoping for a reopening date of June 1.

Here’s what we know: Nevada is currently in Phase 1 of its reopening plan. That allowed for the reopening of retail stores, restaurants, barbershops, hair and nail salons, with the requirement of only operating at 50 percent capacity.

No bars at restaurants are allowed to operate or allow seating. In the same breath, other Vegas experiences such as buffets, shows, and valet parking are still suspended.

Gov. Sisolak advised that the state would monitor how well Nevada fares under Phase 1 over a 14-day period.

It entered into Phase 1 on May 9, which would technically mean May 23 would be the determining period to move onto the next phase, and hopefully that means the reopening of casinos.

Currently, the state has over 7,255 positive coronavirus cases and 378 related deaths. However, there have been no significant increases in the number of daily cases, hospitalizations, or COVID-19-related deaths, which is what the Governor wanted to see in order to move the state along in its phased reopening plan.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board scheduled an information workshop, where it would listen to state and health officials’ readiness for reopening on May 26. Regulators have been requiring casino companies to submit their health and safety reopening plans. While some properties have come public with their reopening plans, the Control Board is allowed to keep that information private.

Stay Tuned

It’s good news that Caesars Entertainment Corp. decided to reopen another one of their other iconic properties to start.

Hearing more and more casino companies coming out with their reopening plans is a positive sign that reopening is just around the corner. It also gives returning guests a helpful insight into how seriously they’re taking reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the confidence to come back.

What do you think about Caesar’s Entertainment reopening only two of their properties to start?

Share your thoughts with us below, and be sure to check back for the latest coronavirus coverage in Las Vegas.

Eldorado Resorts Plans to Reopen Louisiana Casinos This Week

The US land-based casino industry is slowly coming back to life. Several states have begun allowing their casinos to resume operations. It’s great news for casino companies, many of which have lost an incredible amount of money due to this new pandemic. According to new reports, Eldorado Resorts plans to reopen three of its Louisiana casinos this week.Eldorado Resorts Logo

Casino fans are already getting excited. Of course, the casinos here won’t look quite the same as they did back in February. Today, we’re going to discuss which casinos will open, and what measures they will take to protect staff and patrons.

Let’s get into it!

Louisiana is Slowly Beginning to Open Back Up

There was a brief time when Louisiana appeared to have one of the biggest clusters of Covid-19 cases in the country. The state didn’t lock down before the Mardi Gras celebration, leading to a huge number of new cases. Since that time, Louisiana has been under lockdown.

All casinos in this state were shut down almost immediately after infections began appearing inside the L’Auberge Casino. Initially, it was unclear how long these gambling venues would be closed for. Governor Edwards made it clear that the state would remain closed down until infection rates became under control.

Casino companies with property in Louisiana began complaining about the current conditions. Everyone understands that reopening the casinos here is difficult. Unless something changed, however, many of these properties may be forced to permanently shut down.

Things are now starting to change. There are a little over 34,000 cases around the entire state. Rates of infection have dropped over the past month. Now, Louisiana is entering into phase two of reopening and some casinos are preparing to open their doors.

It’s an exciting moment for many people. Casino companies are working hard to ensure these casinos are opened up in the safest way possible. Eldorado Resorts has just announced it plans to open up three of the top casinos in the state. Here’s what this company has planned.

Eldorado Resorts Plans to Reopen Three Louisiana Casinos

Eldorado Resorts is one of the biggest and most successful casino companies in the country. At the moment, it’s also one of the worst-affected gambling companies due to the global pandemic. Eldorado owns and operates casinos in many states around the country.

That includes several in Louisiana. Eldorado Resorts has been one of the most proactive companies trying to allow casinos to start operating again. It has presented several different plans to state leaders.

Not long ago, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board gave this company the green light to open some of its gambling venues. The commission announced that casinos must limit occupancy to 25% of what it was a few months ago. Eldorado has now confirmed that it will open three of its major gaming venues inside the state.

Anthony Carano, president and CEO of Eldorado Resorts, commented on the new plans to the media this week.

“As we resume operations at our properties, the health and safety of our team members and guests is our No. 1 priority,” he said. “We have been working very hard over the last two months to prepare for the reopening of our casinos and we look forward to providing the outstanding service and hospitality experiences Eldorado is known for in a safe manner.”

Today, this company will reopen the Isle of Capri Lake Charles Casino, Belle of Baton Rouge Casino, and the Eldorado Shreveport. Many expect these venues to draw large crowds once their doors are opened. Hope is that revenue figures begin to increase for all of the casino operators here.

It’s an interesting time for Eldorado Resorts. This company continues to work on its massive deal with Caesars Entertainment.

Eldorado-Caesars Merger is Still Underway

It’s not entirely uncommon for major casino companies to merge. We’ve seen this happen on several occasions over the past few decades. No merger is as big as the one currently underway between Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.

Back in June of 2019, these two companies announced they were merging. Eldorado paid an incredible $17 billion to acquire Caesars. Obviously, a deal of this magnitude takes a long time to complete.

Both of these companies need to gain approval from various state gaming commissions. Several states have already approved this deal. Unfortunately, the pandemic has significantly slowed down the progress of this deal.

That doesn’t mean things have completely stopped. In April, Eldorado announced it was selling two of its major casinos to help pay for the cost of this merger. That includes one of its Louisiana casinos.

Caesars Entertainment has also sold several major casinos to help move this deal along. Based on the way things are going, the deal will conclude before the end of 2020. We’re in an unprecedented time, however, and no one really knows how the land-based casino industry will fare over the next 12 months.

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Caesars Palace Prepares for Safe Revival in the Era of COVID-19

Caesars Palace in Las VegasLast week, it was announced by Caesar’s Entertainment that the iconic Caesars Palace casino-hotel in Las Vegas would be the first of the company’s 10 Strip properties to reopen once casinos are given the green light to resume operations.

It’s the first time in the resort’s 54-year history that the doors have been locked and guests have been turned away.

That makes for reopening the 85-acre resort amid a global pandemic a daunting task, according to Caesars Entertainment CEO, Tony Rodio. Rodio describes the shutdown as the worst experience of his 40-year casino career.

“People want to get back to normal again. It’s just going to be a process getting there,” Rodio said.

Caesars Palace New Safety Measures

Caesars Palace is the latest property to unveil their new coronavirus safety initiative, joining MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, and The Venetian.

Protocols announced by MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, and The Venetian. include thermal screenings of staff and guests, suspending buffet services, monitoring and improving HVAC systems, administering COVID-19 training for employees, and defining incident protocols for guests or staff that test positive for coronavirus.

According to Rodio, Caesars Palace is retooling card tables, dice games, and slot machines all across the casino floor to comply with social distancing guidelines and disinfection protocols.

Every other slot machine throughout the casino floor will be disabled, as well as removing the stool in front of the machine. This is being done to ensure customers can’t stand and linger in those areas because the slot machines won’t even be active.

The number of seats at card tables will go from six to three, with no individuals being able to be within 6 feet of any of the three players who are sitting at the tables. While this goes against the classic casino scene of crowds gathering around to cheer on a lucky gambler, it fits within the scene of reopening a casino amid a virus outbreak.

Rodio also advised that the dice on crap tables will be cleaned after each roll and that chips will be sanitized frequently. As far as decks of cards go, those will be changed out regularly as there is enough on hand to do so.

For larger surfaces, including slot machines and elevator banks, employees will be provided with electronic sprayers to conduct frequent sanitization cleanings.

More contactless services will be provided, such as guests using kiosks to check into one of Caesar’s 3,960 rooms. Housekeeping will also be prohibited from entering rooms during the guest’s stay.

“So, you begin to see us moving, you know, taking a small step, but a very important step, back towards normalcy,” Rodio said.

Employees Will be Expected to Comply with Stricter Requirements

Both visitors and staff will be met with a whole new set of stringent requirements, but employees will be held to stricter requirements.

Those requirements include the mandatory wearing of masks throughout their shifts and undergoing daily temperature checks whenever getting onto the property.

Rodio also advised that employees will be given a questionnaire that they’ll have to complete before returning to work initially. The questionnaire will gauge whether the employee has any COVID-19-related symptoms or have participated in any activities that would call for them to get tested before returning to work.

Few Remaining Staff on Site

Nearly 90 percent of Caesar’s Entertainment’s 60,000 workers worldwide have been either furloughed or laid off.

With the few remaining staff on site, and no foreseeable reservation dates in the future, that is, until the Nevada Gaming Control Board gives the green light to reopen, it’s hard to predict how well the property will fare under this strict set of new rules.

It will certainly take the hands of a lot of workers to keep the property in compliance with its new set of health and safety procedures.

Las Vegas Culinary Union Holds Rolling Protest

Last Tuesday night, the Las Vegas culinary union held a rolling protect demanding that gaming operators reopen safely. The protest saw hundreds of cars lined up on the Las Vegas Strip filled with hospitality workers and their families.

Signs that read, “Don’t gamble with workers’ lives” were being waved from the cars. These workers are urging casino operators to be transparent with their reopening plans, as well as requesting Gov. Sisolak to implement the unions’ safety protocols in the Strip’s reopening.

Stay Tuned

With Caesars Palace being the first of Caesars Entertainment’s 10 properties to reopen, it’s good to see how the resort is planning on reopening safely.

As the current coronavirus situation stands in Las Vegas, it’s possible that casinos across the Strip will get to open their doors by early June, should all go well with the trajectory of positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the state.

What do you think of Caesar’s reopening safety measures? Do you think they should also conduct thermal screenings of guests and staff like some of the other casino operators have proposed?

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Caesars CEO: Caesars Palace Could Open First Among Las Vegas Properties

Caesars Palace in Las VegasCaesars Entertainment Corporation owns and operates over 50 properties across the world, with 10 of those mega-popular resorts in Las Vegas.

According to Caesars CEO Tony Rodio, the company will reopen its U.S. properties in a series of phases depending on the local response to the coronavirus pandemic in the properties respective cities.

Out of all its properties on the Las Vegas Strip, Rodio said Caesars Palace may be the first to open. The company will monitor the demand as Strip casinos reopen and determine whether or not they will open more properties to meet that demand. Caesars could reopen up to three or four of their Vegas properties at once, including Caesars Palace and possibly a “value property.”

Caesars will make the initial decision to reopen its properties nationwide based on guidance from applicable government agencies or tribal bodies. Based on demand and capacity, the company will then determine how many of its properties to reopen.

This is similar to how MGM Resorts International is planning to reopen its properties in Las Vegas. MGM plans on opening a couple of their 10 Strip properties first, and deciding where to go from there. The Bellagio and New-York New-York will likely open before the rest of the properties.

Caesars CEO Praises Governor for Reopening Approach

As heard in today’s first-quarter earnings call, Rodio showed his support to Gov. Sisolak’s for his phased reopening plan for Nevada, saying that he’s done a “fantastic job.”

Assuming things go well in Phase 1 of the Governor’s multi-faceted reopening plan, Rodio expects some Strip resorts to start welcoming back guests within the next few weeks. He was also surprised that Phase 1 came a week sooner than projected.

“The fact that he decided to open the phase one businesses, I didn’t expect that to happen until later in the month. If all goes well, knock wood, phase one could be about a two-week phase. If there’s not a spike, we could be looking at Strip openings later this month,” Rodio said.

Caesars Reopening Measures

According to a statement Rodio gave ahead of Monday’s earnings call, the company is implementing a series of new protocols that will prioritize the wellbeing of team members, guests, and communities by creating “environments with high standards of sanitization and physical distancing practices.”

Rodio advised that the company is working closely with public health authorities, gaming regulators, and infectious disease specialists in developing and designing their specific action plan.

As part of the reopening measures, Caesars will require all team members to wear a mask while working, with some team members asked to wear gloves, depending on their job role and in conjunction with local guidelines.

Guests won’t be required to wear a mask, but it will be encouraged.

Caesars also plans on providing on-site health screenings for employees, as well as a thorough training on COVID-19 cleaning and sanitization practices once employees return to work.

All Properties Will Implement Social Distancing Practices

Caesars properties nationwide will take social distancing measures seriously across gaming floors.

Their plans for facilitating social distancing guidelines include rearranging table games and slot machine spots. As far as non-gaming offerings, the company said those would reopen in phases with limited capacity. Those non-gaming offerings refer to restaurants and bars and entertainment.

Guest waiting areas will be marked on the floor for social distancing, such as check-in and taxi lines and elevator lobbies. Employee queues areas will also be marked, including break rooms and cafeterias.

Quarterly Call Summary

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Caesars Entertainment Corp missed their quarterly revenue estimates this Monday, but it comes as no surprise as its properties have been shuttered nationwide.

The company explained that nearly all of its casinos worldwide have been shut down since March 17 because of the outbreak, resulting in an estimated daily cash burn of $9.3 million. The company has over $2.6 billion in liquidity as of March 31.

According to Rodio, the company has taken aggressive steps to strengthen its financial position. One of those aggressive steps was furloughing roughly 90% of its North American workforce.

Stay Tuned

Could Las Vegas visitors get to reenter Caesars Palace within the new few weeks? In measuring the current coronavirus situation in Clark County, that could very well be a reality soon.

Will you be visiting Caesars Palace or another Las Vegas property once it reopens? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to check back for more coronavirus coverage in Las Vegas.