3D Model of Hard Rock Bristol Unveiled For Public View

Hard Rock International Logo
Officials of the proposed Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Bristol unveiled to the public on Thursday the architectural 3D model of the project which will be built on the former Bristol Mall property. The model will be on display to the public at the former Bristol Mall from September 17-19, 2020.

The project is being spearheaded by local business leaders led by Jim McGlothlin, CEO of The United Co. and Clyde Stacy, the president of Par Ventures and owner of the 46 acre property where the proposed casino and hotel will be built. Florida-based Hard Rock who will manage the facility.

More Than Just A Casino

According to Hard Rock International Senior Vice President of Business and Casino Development Sean Caffrey said that the project will cost upwards of $350M. He emphasized that the development is more than just a casino. As the 3D model revealed, there is a hotel with a rooftop bar and a cabana flanked resort pool.

Seven restaurants and four bars are being planned for the project. Retail shops will also be an attraction while there are other areas like a sports betting shop, golf simulators, and a racing facility for children.

The other side of the property is a huge concert venue for big-name acts. Caffrey said that they’re thinking of something like the Hard Rock Live concept which would have a 3,200-seat capacity for indoor entertainment with a dual-sided stage that opens up to an amphitheater which can accommodate 20,000 people in an outdoor setting

Perk Up The Economy

Before it can be built, the project has to be approved by a public referendum on November 3rd. If the project is approved after the November 3 vote, licensing will follow and that is expected to take three to six months to complete. Once it has obtained a license, the project could take up to two years to complete. Caffrey noted however that entertainment and dining options could be offered at a temporary facility after 90 to 100 days after the licensing period.

The Hard Rock project comes to Bristol at a time when the economy is bleeding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the long-term benefits, including a $15M annual tax revenues for Bristol, won’t be there until the project is completed, the construction will help perk up the local economy. Construction costs are expected to directly impact up to $20M to the city and it’s going to provide 2,000 direct jobs as well.

Here’s an Update on the Bristol Casino Project

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Virginia approved a measure to allow five new casinos to open throughout the state. Under the current plan, one of these gaming venues will be located in the city of Bristol. This week, airport executives in the city spoke with the media about some of the potential tourism benefits the Bristol casino project could bring the city.Virginia Sign

Many feel that Virginia’s casino will eventually grow to become one of the biggest on the East Coast. The legalization of this industry came at a tough time, though. Now is the perfect time to look at when the new casino in Bristol may open its doors.

Let’s get into it!

Virginia’s Long Road to Casino Legalization

For years, we’ve been covering Virginia’s slowly-changing gambling regulations. For many years, almost all forms of gambling were completely prohibited here. State officials started to realize the massive revenue potential that legal casinos could bring about a decade ago.

In early 2020, an official bill to legalize tribal and commercial casinos made its way through Virginia’s House and Senate. It was pushed through and ultimately approved by Governor Northam. The timing, it would turn out, was not ideal.

The US land-based casino industry is in its toughest position ever. Back in March, all casinos around the country were forced to shut down. States have gradually begun allowing these properties to reopen.

Things are far from normal, though. Intense safety regulations are set in place at all casinos around the United States. Most casinos continue to see monthly massive revenue drops when compared to the same months in 2019.

This isn’t what Virginia’s lawmakers want to see. The state has already invested a large amount of money and time into the legalization of this industry. Some analysts feel it could take years to see a full recovery, if a full recovery is possible at all.

That isn’t stopping officials from pushing ahead with their casino plans. We’re now beginning to hear more about how a casino in Bristol would help the city.

Bristol Casino Project is Expected to Boost Tourism

As of now, three cities have official permission to host one of Virginia’s new casinos. That includes Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Bristol. That latter is continuing to push hard to be one of the first cities in the state with a casino.

Many residents, business owners, and officials here are excited to see this new gaming venue open. This week, several advocates of the project spoke to the media about the benefits this new Bristol casino project will bring the city. That includes a significant increase in air traffic and tourism.

United Company President and Chief Operating Officer Martin Kent feels confident this Hard Rock-run casino will be a huge attraction.

“Hard Rock will operate the hotel and casino. There will be connectivity with their other resorts here in the U.S. and abroad, so we will have truly international reach,” he said. “Bristol will be given the opportunity to draw from a large pool of highly sought after performers. … We expect restaurants and a shopping experience. People are going to come here and stay and play and participate in many attractions as well.”

Casinos are great venues to boost tourism in a city. Many parts of the country rely almost entirely on their casinos to bring in visitors. As you might expect, the casino shutdown back in March proved to be devastating for these cities.

This venue is also expected to bring the city somewhere between $15 and $20 million in tax revenue. At a time when cities and states desperately need money, it’s easy to see why officials are pushing so hard to get the Bristol casino open.

When Will Virginia’s Sports Betting Options Become Available?

Since May of 2018, every state around the country has been given permission to legalize and regulate sports betting. 18 states have already launched their sportsbooks. Six more have approved sports betting bills and will launch their sports betting options in the near future.

As we already mentioned, Virginia has taken a complete 180 when it comes to their stance on the gambling industry. Casinos will soon be operational throughout the state. In July of 2020, Governor Northam also approved a measure to allow both online and land-based sports betting.

Many are surprised at the fact that sports betting has not become available here yet. The longer the state waits, the longer it will take to generate revenue. Ultimately, however, lawmakers here want to ensure this new industry is launched the correct way.

Most analysts predict that Virginia’s sports betting options will launch before the end of the year. It’s expected to immediately begin drawing in large revenue earnings.

If all goes to plan, construction on the Bristol casino project will begin next year. Many analysts seem to feel that it will be a huge benefit to the city. We’ll continue offering updates on this casino and others in the state over the next few weeks.

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Bristol VA’s Casino Plans Are Coming Together

Virginia has been preparing to allow casino gambling for years. Recently, cities here have begun discussing plans on how to collect the revenue from these gambling venues. Officials have now agreed to Bristol VA’s casino plans.

Casino Floor Picture

This casino will be unique for a number of reasons. Today, we’re going to talk about what separates the Bristol casino from some of the others in the state. We’ll also discuss when this state’s casino industry will get up and running.

Let’s get into it!

Virginia Seems Poised to Legalize Commercial Casinos

Gambling laws are changing throughout the country. It seems like every single month, a new state decides to allow casinos or sports betting. Some felt that Virginia would never decide to allow traditional casinos to operate.

This was due to the harsh laws towards gambling here. For decades, lawmakers in Virginia prohibited almost all forms of gambling. Only recently has this begun to change.

Some feel that the removal of PASPA helped to change the state’s laws. After PASPA was removed, a huge number of states began allowing sports betting and are now earning millions of dollars a month by taxing this industry.

Certain officials have been pushing to legalize casinos in Virginia for years. Last month, a bill to allow tribal and commercial casinos in the state made its way through the Senate General Laws and Technology Subcommittee. It’s now being reviewed by the Senate and House.

Most feel that the state will approve these regulations before the end of the year. Some even think these bills are given the green light within the next few weeks. Many cities are already coming up with preparations to collect revenue from these venues.

Bristol VA’s Casino Plans Are Now Being Discussed

It’s not easy to have casino regulations approved in a new state. Different parts of every state need to get on board with the plans. Under Virginia’s casino bill currently being reviewed, Bristol is the only city in the state that’s required to share its casino revenue with neighboring counties.

These plans, overseen by the Regional Improvement Commission, calls for the money earned from this casino to be shared. It’s interesting to see, as the casino in Bristol is expected to be the lowest-earning gaming venue in the state.

Randy Eads, City Manager for Bristol, commented on the way this casino will help to benefit the state.

“I think from the outset, everybody recognized that this project would benefit not just the city of Bristol but benefit the entire region,” he said. “Southwest Virginia as a region needs a financial infusion, and this is one way to allow everybody to benefit from this economic development project at the Bristol Mall.”

Bristol VA’s casino plans are expected to bring the state $35 million in annual taxes every single year. This is based on the 17% tax rate that’s being proposed. Of course, several issues surrounding tax rates have already popped up.

The House and Senate disagree with how much these casinos should pay in taxes. Hope is that this issue is resolved this week.

Virginia’s House and Senate Continue to Debate Casino Tax Rates

By mid-February, it seemed as if the state was just about to formally approve casinos to start opening. Cities had agreed to a set of regulations. Even Bristol VA’s casino plans were agreed to, despite the fact that it lessens the amount of money this city will earn.

Unfortunately, the Senate and House have failed to come to an agreement over tax rates. For that reason, Virginia’s Senate officially rejected the proposed bills. The House and Senate are now trying to find an agreeable middle ground.

A conference committee in Virginia is scheduled to meet on March 7th. Hope is that this committee can resolve these issues. Most agree that legalized casinos will help to bring the state millions in additional revenue every single year.

As of now, sports betting is still not being discussed in this state. That’s likely to change in time. Several nearby states now allow sports gambling and are profiting massively.

Bristol VA’s casino plans have been approved. Now, the House and Senate need to come to an agreement. Stay tuned for more Virginia casino news over the next few weeks!

Hard Rock May Operate a Casino in Bristol, VA

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Virginia officially approved a plan to expand the state’s gambling industry. Almost immediately afterward, many of the top US casino companies began pushing to open a casino here. News has just come out that Hard Rock International may soon operate a casino in Bristol, VA.Hard Rock Logo

Virginia could establish a strong casino market on the East Coast. Having Hard Rock running casinos here is a great first step. Here’s what we know about these plans.

Virginia Allows More Casinos to Open Up

Virginia isn’t necessarily thought of as a gambling-friendly state. It’s unfortunate, as many lawmakers have continued to push for the legalization of casinos here. The first real attempts came in 1995 when state officials began pushing to open riverboat casinos.

These efforts were all unsuccessful. Another push to open these gambling venues came in 2013. Once again, no bills managed to make it onto the casino floor. Officials tried to convince state politicians that Virginians are gambling in Maryland, which is benefiting the most through taxes.

Finally, things took a turn. In March, legislators in Virginia approved a bill to allow commercial casinos in the state. Several cities are now lobbying to gain approval to open a casino.

Bristol is one city that’s ready to welcome a gambling venue. Randy Eads, city manager of Bristol, commented on the idea of opening a casino to the media this week.

“I cannot think of a better place for Hard Rock Casino to be than here in Bristol, Virginia,” Eads said. “Hard Rock is synonymous with music. With our storied history of music here in Bristol, to have a new partner aligned with the music industry like Hard Rock is, I cannot think of a more exciting time to be in the city of Bristol.”

Hard Rock is Open to Running a Casino in Bristol, VA

Hard Rock International is one of the fastest-growing casino companies in the US. The Seminole Tribe-owned company now has casinos in many states including Nevada, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Oklahoma, among others. It seems that Hard Rock is now open to running the proposed casino in Bristol, VA.

Proponents of this casino recently met with officials at Hard Rock International. According to reports, this meeting was successful.

“Hard Rock’s iconic brand speaks to its deep roots in live music entertainment and world-class memorabilia collection, which will play a prominent role at Hard Rock Casino Bristol. This focus on music will complement our region’s country music heritage and dynamic music scene in the Twin City,” said Jim McGlothlin, CEO of The United Company and a co-partner on the Bristol resort and casino development.

At the same time, Hard Rock is investing $300 million into a new land-based casino in Gary, Indiana. The company is also preparing to open a gambling venue in Rockford, Illinois.

The casino in Bristol, VA, has not been officially approved. It seems likely that state officials will give it the green light within the next few months. It’s an exciting time for gambling fans in this state.

Virginia Isn’t Quite Ready to Legalize Sports Betting

Lawmakers in Virginia are just beginning to embrace the gambling industry. Unfortunately, they don’t seem ready to start regulating sports betting. A bill was presented here that would legalize this form of wagering, yet it hasn’t made much progress in the state legislature.

This is frustrating for many individuals who believe the state would benefit massively from the legalization of this industry. Today, 20 states have officially legalized sports gambling. Most of them are earning millions of dollars every month by taxing this industry.

There’s a chance that sports betting in Virginia could be legalized in 2020, though. House Bill 4 is currently being reviewed by state lawmakers. Specific details of this bill are being withheld.

In order for it to be legalized, cities would need to officially approve this bill. Voters will also need to approve the legalization of sports betting on the 2020 ballot.

Stay tuned for more news on the casino in Bristol, VA over the next few months!