Borgata Hotel-Casino is Now Open to the Public

Atlantic City is home to many of the best casinos in the United States. Many feel that Borgata Hotel-Casino is the best gambling venue here. Unfortunately, it’s been closed for the past four months. Borgata finally reopened to the public and is now working hard to attract players.Borgata Hotel-Casino

Like all other major casino destinations, Atlantic City has been struggling to bring in revenue. Tourism rates here are dropping. Some analysts predict this trend will continue for the rest of the year. Now is the perfect time to look at how the rest of 2020 will look for this city.

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Atlantic City Casinos Rely More On Online Gambling Platforms

2020 has been an incredibly unusual year for the US casino industry. Prior to March, casino companies were thriving. Cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City were drawing in a huge number of tourists and gambling revenue continued to increase.

That is no longer the case. All of the country’s land-based casinos were completely shut down for months. Casino destinations immediately felt the effects of these shutdowns. State leaders around the country started looking at ways to safely get their casinos operational again.

Most states started to allow their gaming properties to slowly reopen in June. New Jersey took until early July to allow Atlantic City casinos to start accepting guests again. Things are considerably different here than they were in 2019, though.

The acceptable capacity inside Atlantic City’s casinos has been lowered. Eating, drinking, and smoking is no longer allowed inside these venues. Due to these regulations, tourism to this city has dropped considerably.

The fact is that many don’t want to gamble inside a casino with so many rules set in place. As a result, more casino companies here are relying on their online gambling regulations. Both online casino gambling and sports betting are allowed here. The revenue earned from this industry is proving hugely valuable for these companies.

It’s going to take time for the land-based casino industry to get back to normal. This week, the final casino in Atlantic City finally started to accept players again.

Borgata Hotel-Casino is Finally Open!

In the early 2000s, Atlantic City seemed to be in real danger. The financial crisis of 2008 made things worse and many of the casinos here were forced to permanently shut down. Several prominent analysts felt that the city would never recover.

Since 2018, however, Atlantic City has been on a major upswing. The legalization of sports betting and renovation of several casinos here helped to bring in more tourists. Gambling revenue started to increase here every single month.

In March, Atlantic City’s casinos shut down. Governor Phil Murphy finally allowed them to reopen over the Fourth of July weekend. The last casino to reopen was Borgata Hotel-Casino, widely considered one of the best gambling venues in the city.

On Sunday, the Borgata finally opened back up. It marks the complete resumption of in-person gambling in Atlantic City. Many gambling fans in the northeast are happy to see this massive gambling venue back up and running.

Borgata is consistently the biggest revenue earner in Atlantic City. Owners of this property are hoping this trend continues for the rest of the year. As we already mentioned, this property and all others will be putting a major focus on their online gambling operations.

The next few months will be very important for Atlantic City. Can New Jersey’s top gambling destination learn anything from Las Vegas?

Casino Companies Take Notice of Covid-19 Case Increase

When the US casino industry began to shut down, all eyes focused on Las Vegas. This city is the largest gambling destination in the world. Many had questions about how Las Vegas would fare with its major casino-resorts shut down.

The answer became clear almost immediately. City and state leaders recognized how important it was to get the casinos open again. Some health experts warned that doing so would result in a major increase in Covid-19 cases.

That has turned out to be the case. Since the casinos in Las Vegas reopened, cases of Covid-19 have been increasing rapidly. Casino companies are taking notice and continue to work on improving safety measures.

Atlantic City casinos, including the Borgata Hotel-Casino, are trying to understand how to best approach reopening. Major gambling venues are proving to be easy places for this new virus to spread. No one expects the casino industry to shut down again, though.

More Las Vegas casinos are adding self-service options for guests. These venues are trying to limit human-to-human contact as much as possible. Atlantic City casino companies may soon begin taking this approach, as well.

The next few months will tell a lot about how the US casino industry will look in the future.

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