The Casinos in Biloxi Just Posted Record-Breaking Revenue Figures

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Mississippi is home to one of the largest casino industries in the Southern United States. Many of the state’s casinos are based in Biloxi. New reports have surfaced this week showing that the casinos in Biloxi posted record-breaking revenue figures over the past fiscal year.

This proves how successful the US casino industry has been throughout 2021. The casino companies in Mississippi have to be pleased to see the progress being made.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Revenue Reports on the Casinos in Biloxi Have Just Surfaced

Many states in the Southern US are known for their harsh anti-gambling laws. That is certainly not the case in Mississippi, though. This state is known as one of the country’s true gambling hubs and is home to a huge number of popular gambling venues.

Biloxi, Mississippi, is currently home to eight major casinos. These properties have been known to draw in a huge number of gambling fans from nearby states. This week, the casinos in Biloxi officially released their revenue reports for the past fiscal year.

Incredibly, these properties revealed that they posted $1.02 billion in gross gaming revenue over the past twelve months. That marks just the second time in history that these casinos passed the $1 billion in revenue mark. This past April proved to be the most successful month for these casinos, as they brought in $111 million in GGR.

Most of the casinos in Mississippi have seen impressive revenue gains over the last fiscal year. It’s reasonable to assume that 2022 will be an even more impressive year for the state’s industry. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the casino revenue figures here as the months go on.

Mississippi was one of the first states to truly embrace the sports betting industry. Here’s a look at how the sportsbooks in this state have been faring lately.

Mississippi’s Sports Betting Revenue Likely Surged in October

As many are aware, Mississippi has one of the largest sporting fan bases in the United States. That is a little surprising, as there are no professional sports teams based here. Several popular college sporting programs are up and running, however, and neighboring states are home to successful NFL, MLB, and NBA franchises.

Back in August of 2018, Mississippi’s first regulated sportsbooks went live. The sports betting operators here have seen mostly consistent rises in revenue since that time. Through July and August, however, Mississippi’s sports betting revenue saw large dips.

The state reported just $2.9 million in sports gambling GGR over the month of July. The state’s handle also saw a drop to just $30.7 million.

August also proved to be a difficult month for Mississippi’s sports betting industry. It was this month that the sports betting companies managed to bring in just $1.8 million in total gross gaming revenue. The state’s sports betting handle also dropped considerably to just $21.4 million.

For now, Mississippi is one of the few states in the Southern US with a large sports gambling industry. That may change in the near future. Here’s a look at some of the other states in this region that could launch sportsbooks soon.

More Southern States Look Toward the Legalization of Sports Betting

Just a few years ago, only Nevada was legally able to offer sports betting options. That all changed when PASPA was removed in May of 2018. This decision immediately gave every state around the country the ability to legalize and regulate this form of gambling.

Today, more than half the country now has at least some form of regulated sports betting available. That includes a few states in the Southern US. Several more states in this region have recently begun showing an interest in legalizing sports betting.

Georgia is one such state that appears interested in doing so. That is a shock when considering this is one of the most anti-gambling states in the country. Certain lawmakers are now pointing toward the demand and large potential for tax revenue to fund various social programs.

Oklahoma is another state that is looking more at legalizing sports betting. Governor Stitt has been working to come up with specific agreements with various tribal groups. Many are hopeful to see sports betting become available here in 2022.

Stay tuned for more information on legalizing sports betting as time goes on.

The casinos in Biloxi continue to see impressive revenue gains. How do you think the casinos here will fare in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.

There’s an Incredible New Casino Coming to Biloxi Soon

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Mississippi is home to one of the largest casino industries in the American South. 2020 has been a tough year for the casinos here, yet the industry seems to be slowly recovering. New reports claim there’s a massive new casino coming to Biloxi sometime soon.

Despite the difficult time, new casinos are opening up around the country. This one in Biloxi, Mississippi is expected to be one of the best. Today, we’re going to talk about the details of this new massive gaming property.

Let’s get into it!

Mississippi’s Casino Revenue Drops During Hurricane Season

Mississippi has been allowing casino gambling for decades. Initially, these venues were only allowed to operate on water. Today, there are a huge number of fantastic land-based casinos spread throughout the state.

Today, the majority of casinos here are located on the coast near Biloxi. Some of the country’s biggest casino companies operate venues in this city. That includes Twin River, Caesars, and Penn National Gaming.

Back in March, all of the state’s casinos were forced to shut down. In late May, Governor Reeves finally gave the green light for these properties to begin operating again. Most are now up and running again, yet revenue remains far lower than it was in 2019.

This year’s hurricane season has been taking a toll on the casino industry here. Over the past couple of months, these venues have been forced to close again several times. In September, most of Biloxi’s casinos shut down while Hurricane Sally approached. Fortunately, almost none of the venues here were damaged.

Lawmakers in Mississippi recognize how important the state’s gambling industry really is. The casinos here help to bring in a huge amount of revenue each month. They also employ thousands of individuals.

It now appears that a massive new casino-resort is being planned to open in Biloxi.

Here’s an Update on the New Casino Coming to Biloxi

There are almost 30 casinos now operating in Mississippi. Over the past few years, several companies have come up with plans to open new properties here. This week, we received more information on a new casino-resorts being planned to open in Biloxi.

Based on what’s being said, this will be the most impressive gambling venue ever opened in this state. It’s expected to cost $1.2 billion and will open on the Broadwater site in Biloxi. It will be built and operated by Universal Music Group, which also plans to open venues in Atlanta and Orlando.

Dakia U-Ventures will help to construct the new casino coming to Biloxi. Robert Lavia, a chairman with the company, believes this venue will help to connect gamblers with the local culture in Biloxi.

“Every destination holds a great story just waiting to be told through its cultural heritage and its music,” Lavia said. “Through this new concept, we will both help people discover new ways to channel their love for music and the arts and help empower the transformation of communities worldwide through cultural, inspirational, creative and conscious collaboration.”

This venue will feature at least 300 hotel rooms, several restaurants including a fine dining restaurant, and one of the largest gaming areas in the state. Universal Music Group claims it’s focused on boosting tourism into Biloxi, rather than taking business away from the other casinos here.

It’s exciting news for gambling fans in and around Mississippi. We’ll continue offering updates on the construction of this venue over the next few months.

Louisiana’s Casino Industry Continues to Struggle

Mississippi isn’t the only Southern state with a large and prosperous casino industry. Neighboring Louisiana is also known for its casinos. Much like Mississippi, the industry here has been struggling this year.

Hurricane season continues to take a toll on the state’s gambling venues. Several of them took major damage from the recent Hurricane Laura. That includes the Golden Nugget Lake Charles, that saw its roof taken off from the high winds from this storm.

This isn’t over yet. Hurricane Delta reached Louisiana on Friday evening. All of the casinos in Southwest Louisiana shut down as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that any of them suffered major property damage.

These consistent storms are hurting an already-struggling industry. Even without the hurricanes, the casinos in Louisiana are seeing significant dips in revenue. Hopefully, we see things improve over the next several months.

Many now believe that Louisiana should legalize and regulate its sports betting industry. Several nearby states have taken this step and are now earning a huge amount of revenue. We’ll need to wait and see how lawmakers approach this new form of gambling over the next year.

It will be interesting to see how the new casino coming to Biloxi changes the city. The owners seem to think it will help to boost tourism. Let us know if you’re excited about it in the comments section below!