Wind Creek Hospitality Purchases FlowPlay

The Seattle-based game developer FlowPlay is under new management. FlowPlay is one of the biggest developers in the Pacific Northwest. Business for the company has been booming over the course of the pandemic. Now, FlowPlay will operate under new ownership. Last week, the tech developer announced they were being acquired by Wind Creek Hospitality.

Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming arm of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The Alabama tribe is the only federally recognized tribe in the state. By purchasing FlowPlay, Wind Creek Hospitality hopes to expand its market beyond its 10 land-based casinos. Wind Creek Hospitality will look to translate FlowPlay’s history of creating successful online games into the iGaming market.

Full details of the deal have not been announced yet. However, Wind Creek Hospitality has been in talks with FlowPlay about purchasing the startup for years. Early reports indicate that full-time employees, including the co-founders of FlowPlay, will stay on to run the operation. With any luck, Wind Creek Hospitality will be able to enter the realm of real money Alabama casino sites soon.

Wind Creek Hospitality Continues to Expand

Wind Creek Hospitality purchasing FlowPlay is part of their continued expansion into new markets. Currently, they operate a total of three casino resorts in their home state of Alabama. As the only federally recognized tribe, Poarch Band is the only tribe allowed to operate casinos in the state.

The tribe also operates casinos in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Curacao, and Aruba. They also own racetracks in both Alabama and Florida. Wind Creek Hospitality has a casino in development in Illinois. The US sports betting industry has seen record revenue numbers over the past year.

This record growth has been due in part to more states allowing the practice. However, a big part of the growth has been due to online and mobile betting options. Despite having widespread brick-and-mortar operations, Wind Creek Hospitality does not have a large online and mobile presence. The acquisition of FlowPlay gives Wind Creek Hospitality the access they need to the rapidly growing market.

Since 2019, FlowPlay’s revenue has more than doubled. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians will now be able to take advantage of states that allow online gaming as they continue to expand operations. It also allows the company to diversify investments and expand into new markets.

What Does the Future Hold for FlowPlay?

FlowPlay has experienced unprecedented growth since the start of the pandemic. However, the Seattle-based company has been looking for a buyer for some time. After failing to find a buyer in 2020, FlowPlay repurchased shares from previous investors. The tech company became fully owned by its employees and founders. Over the summer, FlowPlay was approached by Wind Creek Hospitality about a growth opportunity for both organizations.

Washington state does not allow for sports betting or other types of gambling outside of its casinos. If FlowPlay was looking to partner with a casino to create mobile gaming options, they would need to look outside of their home state. Teaming up with Wind Creek Hospitality will allow FlowPlay access to several states with friendlier gaming laws.

The acquisition also brings good news for the current employees of FlowPlay. Derrick Morton, one of FlowPlay’s co-founders, will serve as president of the new subsidiary. FlowPlay’s other co-founder, Douglas Pearson, will also stay with the company and continue to serve as the chief technical officer.

FlowPlay is also keeping its operations based in Seattle. A total of 64 full-time employees will be staying with the company through the acquisition. The lack of overlap between the organizations allows for the company to retain all of its employees. FlowPlay will also maintain its brand.


FlowPlay’s quest for new ownership has come to an end. The Seattle startup has been around for 15 years and will now operate as a subsidiary of Wind Creek Hospitality. FlowPlay will continue to operate in Seattle while maintaining its brand and employees.

Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming branch of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The Alabama tribe is the only federally recognized tribe in the state. In total, the tribe owns 10 casino resorts in the US and abroad. They also operate racetracks in Alabama and Florida. By purchasing FlowPlay, they hope to expand into online and mobile markets as well.

The tribe operates several site-based casinos, but they have not yet been able to fully expand into mobile and online markets. FlowPlay on the other hand is adept at creating online gaming software. However, Washington state’s strict gambling laws prevent the company from being able to take full advantage of the iGaming market. Both companies play to the other’s strengths.

The timing of the purchase will allow Wind Creek Hospitality to take advantage of recent growth in the US casino industry. Casinos in the US have seen record revenues in 2021. A large part of the growth has been due to sports betting increasingly becoming legal throughout the states. Online and mobile gaming options have also been major contributors to the record-breaking revenue this year.

Poarch Creek Tribe Wants to Build New Alabama Casinos

Lawmakers in Alabama are currently working to gain more revenue from the gambling industry. This week, the Poarch Creek tribe revealed plans for two brand new Alabama casinos in the town of Huntsville. State officials are now taking a closer look at these casino plans. Alabama

Many states are currently revamping their casino regulations. Alabama may be the next to add several new gambling venues. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the Poarch Creek tribe has planned.

Let’s get into it!

Alabama’s Gambling Laws, Explained

For many years, Alabama had some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. Officials here made it illegal to partake in almost any form of gambling. In the late 1980s, things began to change in this state.

In 1988, the Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. This made it legal for Native American tribes to operate land-based casinos on sovereign land. Before long, several tribes in Alabama began pushing to open new gambling venues.

Today, there are several tribal casinos spread around the state. Most of them are hugely popular with locals and tourists from nearby states. No commercial casinos are allowed to operate here. It seems unlikely that any commercial casinos will be approved here in the near future.

Alabama still has not passed any laws to allow sports betting. Back in April of 2019, a 44-page bill was introduced here that would allow for wagering on professional and college sports. Lawmakers here are still waiting on approval for this bill.

Tribes in Alabama continue to push for new gambling venues. The Poarch Creek tribe has just presented a set of plans to open two new Alabama casinos.

Plans to Open New Alabama Casinos Are Presented

Over the past few years, several tribes in Alabama have presented plans to open new casinos. Many tribal leaders feel these additional gambling venues will help to bring the state millions of dollars in additional revenue every year. That’s the argument that the Poarch Creek tribe is making with their new casino plans.

This week, leaders of the tribe presented plans to open two new Alabama casinos in Huntsville. The tribe claims it will funnel $1 billion into these new venues. Not everyone feels this is the fairest option, though.

Alabama Senator Gerald Dial believes that a bidding process for any new casinos needs to take place.

“Once you pass a constitutional amendment, you can’t say the Poarch Creek Indians get the casino. You’ve got to have a process where you give anyone an opportunity. If someone from Las Vegas wanted to build one in Huntsville, they’d have the same opportunities,” he said. 

Some are also concerned about a monopoly-like situation forming right now. The Poarch Creek tribe already operates several casinos in the state. Lawmakers want to ensure that the industry stays competitive for other tribes here.

It’s still unclear whether or not these new Alabama casinos will open up. The Poarch Creek tribe is certainly pushing hard.

A New Sports Betting Bill is Presented in Alabama

As we already mentioned, Alabama does not currently allow sports betting. That may change soon, though. This week, a new sports betting bill was presented to the state and some feel that 2020 is the year this industry finally opens up here.

Members of Alabama’s House of Representatives are now set to review this new legislation. If approved, land-based and online sports wagering will be approved. The bill, called HB 336, also details the tax structure set in place.

It’s extremely exciting news for sports fans here. Many believe that Alabama could become one of the country’s next major sports gambling hubs. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen.

Several nearby states are looking into sports gambling legislation, as well. That includes Georgia, which is known for having some extremely strict laws towards gambling.

Many states in the Southern US are beginning to expand their gambling industries. Soon, several new Alabama casinos may open here.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next few months!