Table Mountain Casino Celebrates A Huge Cash Jackpot

Casinos often celebrate when someone lands a big cash jackpot in their gaming floor because it is something that all sides should celebrate. Casinos have gained the reputation of being generous in order to attract more players to test their luck on the games that they are offering. Furthermore, people who win the jackpot should obviously celebrate as they have become a lot richer and their lives might be turned around.

Every now and then, someone lands a huge cash jackpot at one of the casinos in Las Vegas, and the Table Mountain Casino has now had an opportunity to claim one winner who managed to win a massive jackpot of $92,649.31.

Oftentimes, jackpot winners want to remain anonymous to the public, and that is something we completely understand. However, this time the winner did not hesitate to talk about the huge win. Her name is Samantha, and she comes from the community of Clovis, which is located near the casino. Samantha sat in her car for a short drive to the casino in order to take her mom out as her mother is a huge bingo fan, and there was a bingo event happening at the Casino’s Event Center.

In other words, this excursion was not because of Samantha but because of her mom, but Samantha is a casino fan herself, so she decided to kill some time spinning slots as she waited for her mother. She sat down by her favorite penny machine called the Geisha, and as soon as she spun it, the exploding dynamites filled up the screen and a shiny animation covered the slot stating that she managed to win the highest prize for that slot.

The name of the jackpot in the Geisha is called Massive Cash Jackpot, and Samantha was quite aware that something like that is a part of the game. Therefore, as soon as she faced the animated screen stating that she had won the jackpot, Samantha immediately knew what was happening, but she was in disbelief at that moment as she never expected to win the jackpot, nor had she played with the intention to win it. It took some time for the reality to kick in, and Samantha finally became aware that she had become richer by $92,649 in just a couple of seconds. This life-changing jackpot is something truly rare, and Samantha was not hesitant to share the news and the excitement with everyone.

Samantha even gave a brief statement for reporters, saying that she felt ‘excited and blessed.’ Furthermore, she stated that she planned to use the money she had won towards a house down payment.

Naturally, the casino officials were pretty excited about the jackpot as well, and the President and General Manager of Table Mountain Casino, Rob Goslin, said a few words on Samantha’s win. He stated that the team members of the casino and other guests had been very excited about the win that Samantha managed to achieve. He added that Samantha had been an active player at Table Mountain Casino for more than a decade and that they were so pleased that she had chosen their casino as her favorite place to spend her leisure time.

The Massive Cash Jackpot is the favorite of the Player’s Club, and it can be anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000. This jackpot can be won only at Table Mountain Casino slot machines, and it is a type of progressive jackpot which resets back to $50,000 whenever someone wins it.