Synergy Blue Announces Relocation to Las Vegas

One of the top arcade-style casino game creation companies in the US is officially changing its headquarters. Officials at Synergy Blue have confirmed that the company has moved into Las Vegas. Hope is that the games that this company creates gain popularity inside the city’s top casinos.

Famous Las Vegas Sign

The move to Las Vegas makes total sense. Las Vegas remains the country’s biggest and most profitable gambling hub. Let’s look at what this company creates, and why it’s making the move to Vegas this year.

About Synergy Blue

The US online casino industry is booming right now. Several states have outright legalized internet casino gambling and several more have legislation pending to allow this form of gambling. As a result, several companies have been established to create virtual slot games.

Synergy Blue is one of the leading skill-based virtual casino game operators. This company has created several popular casino games over the past few years that are beginning to generate serious buzz in the gambling community. Much of this is due to the HAWG system that the company has created.

The HAWG (Hybrid, Arcade, Wager-based Gaming) system blends chance and skill-based games into a fun arcade-style game. The simple mechanics of these games appeal to both old and new casino gamblers. They are also legal throughout most of the country.

Unsurprisingly, this company has established a serious presence in Las Vegas, Nevada. Officials at the company have confirmed that they’re moving from their previous headquarters in Palm Desert, California to Las Vegas.

Why Relocate to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the largest and most profitable gambling industry in the United States. Surprisingly, land-based casino lobbyists have stopped the state from making internet casino gambling legal. Despite this, many online casino companies have established headquarters here to better connect with members of the gaming industry.

Back in March, The Nevada Gaming Commission granted Synergy Blue a manufacturing and distribution license. This, along with the ability to better connect with partners, has led the company to officially relocate to Las Vegas. Spokesman Max Broburg recently commented on the move to the media.

“Over the past year, we’d been spending more and more time in Las Vegas, so it made sense to relocate,” he said. “This move will allow us to be closer to clients, partners and the talent pool we need to support company growth.”

A move to Las Vegas is expected to be huge for this company. The casino industry continues to evolve and more land-based casinos in Vegas are beginning to embrace arcade-style slot games.

Las Vegas Remains the Country’s Top Casino Hub

It’s been a strange year for Las Vegas casinos. Revenue earnings have fluctuated here throughout most of the year, yet earnings appear to be up heading into 2019’s fourth quarter. Even with the revenue fluctuations, this city’s casinos continue to bring in more money than those located anywhere else.

Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Energy, believes that the move into Las Vegas is necessary for the company to expand.

“As the industry evolves, and skill-influenced games continue to gain traction, we found it necessary to be closer to our clients and the industry,” Washington said. Our move to Vegas is another way of showing our dedication to establishing best practices and securing mutually beneficial relationships with both the casinos and their future patrons.”

Employees are now working inside of a temporary office in Las Vegas. Officials claim that the permanent office, located near Sunset Road and South Durango Drive, will open in mid-September. The company will continue to hire locally over the next six to twelve months.

Hope is that the company’s games make a big splash in major Las Vegas casinos. We’ll need to wait and see how much the relocation to Las Vegas helps the company grow over the next few years. Make sure to stay tuned for updates over the next few months!