Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad

Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad

Surge Xbox One Keyboard and ChatpadWhen players are playing on their Xbox One, or using it for other purposes like going on Netflix, it can be quite difficult to type in everything they need to type. Instead of quickly typing words on a computer keyboard or texting them quickly on a smart phone or tablet, there is a lot more involved. Gamers will have a keyboard show up on their screen and they will need to use the buttons and the arrows on their controller to hunt and peck the letters to spell out what they are trying to say. They will also need to choose to go to the number or character mode first and then peck away at those.

This can be frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention, if something in the beginning is spelled wrong, then there is the whole ordeal of going all the way back to that error and correcting it. If the gamer is involved in an online game that consists of a lot of communication with others in the chat area, then this can really take from their enjoyment of the game and it can cause them to fall behind, both in the chat and in the game itself. The Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad is the perfect thing for these gamers because it allows them to quickly, easily and accurately type out what it is that they are trying to say.

Benefits and Features of the Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad

The Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad fits right in to the bottom of the gamer’s Xbox controller. This allows them to have constant and immediate access to the keyboard any time they need it and it is right there with the controller. It will be situated at the bottom portion of the controller where it will also be out of the way the whole time the player is using the controller to play their game. When it comes to typing, they can slide their hands right down onto the keyboard and begin typing immediately.

The keyboard is set up in the common QWERTY style which is the same exact one found on most standard keyboards. This allows gamers to find all of the letters and characters without any hassles or difficulties, so they can chat as fast as their fingers can type. The keyboard layout makes the keyboard and chatpad perfect for all the gamers communications needs, both in and out of games. Some of these include a games chat area, accessing their social media page and posting on it, browsing the Internet, searching up music titles, searching up movie titles and anything else that requires typing or texting.

Since the Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad connects directly into the player’s controller, they won’t need to worry about keeping up with batteries or charging. The keyboard and chatpad will get all of its juice directly from the controller itself. There also isn’t an extra cord for the players to worry about needing to keep out of the way while they are using their controller. Another thing that the gamers who choose to use this particular keyboard and chatpad will really appreciate is the design it has that blends it right in with the design of the controller, so it doesn’t feel out of place. It is also very lightweight, so it won’t interfere with the weight aspect as well.

Each of the buttons are as large as possible without being too large that they interfere with its great design. The buttons are also made of a nice feeling rubber material so the player’s fingers will grip each of them easier, causing less typos. The buttons are a fluorescent green color and the numbers, letters and characters are white. This color scheme helps gamers to see each of them while they are playing in a darker environment.


The Surge Xbox One Keyboard and Chatpad changed the way I play my online games and everything else I do on my Xbox. It made so much of a difference to the way I communicate. I would tend to type as little as possible before because of how much of a hassle it was. Now I speed right along in all the game chats and I don’t shy away from my social media anymore when I’m on the Xbox.