Super Bowl Betting Expected to Hit an All-Time High in US

Super Bowl 2017

Super Bowl 2017Super Bowl 51 is expected to see a high volume of illegal sports betting in the US this year.

The Super Bowl is perhaps the most anticipated sporting event to take place each and every year. Even those who do not enjoy the game of football watch to see what commercials will pop up or what the halftime show will be like. Each year, betting takes place in the United States in regards to the Super Bowl, from prop bets to wagers on the final score, touchdowns per player, etc. For the most part, these bets are illegal and for 2017, the amount of money wagered on Super Bowl 51 is supposed to be massive.

New Data Configured

The American Gaming Association is an organization involved in all thing gaming in the United States. The organization recently released new data in regards to illegal sports betting and the Super Bowl. The AGA has reported that estimates show that Super Bowl 51 will see a whopping $4.7 billion spent on sports betting wagers. Of this massive number, only around $100 million or more will be wagered legally in the states.

The only area where sports betting can take place legally in the US is in Nevada. There are many sportsbooks in the states that offer action on the Super Bowl but for most people, they will not be in Nevada when the big game takes place. So in comes the illegal wagers.

The AGA has determined that of the $4.7 billion in total Super Bowl wagers this year, around $4.5 billion will be illegally place somewhere other than Nevada. This means that 97% of the wagers placed on the big game will be illegal. This is an 11% increase in overall bets on the Super Bowl from 2016.

Why is Illegal Betting So Prevalent?

You may be wondering why so many Americans are quick to place illegal bets. Well for one reason, sports fans like to gamble and place wagers on their favorite teams. Secondly, there are no legal options available in the US other than Nevada. So if wagers are to be placed, it will be done so in an illegal fashion. Most of the wagers made on the big game are harmless. Friends will place wagers amongst themselves and watch the game to see the outcome.

However, there are many wagers that take place via offshore sportsbooks that are strictly illegal. The American Gaming Association has estimated that last year, as much as $154 billion was wagered on sports with the majority taking place at offshore sites.

The reason that Nevada is the only operational state when it comes to sports betting is due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The PASPA was passed in 1992 and grandfathered in four states, one of which is Nevada and the only one that currently provides many sports betting options for punters.

Talk has begun this year after discussions were had at the end of 2016 in regards to sports betting. Many states, including New Jersey, would like to be able to offer wagers on sports in a regulated and licensed environment. However, legislators are having a hard time being heard. In New Jersey, a case is being made and could be heard by the Supreme Court but the court has yet to agree to a hearing.

If changes are made this year in regards to legalized sports betting in the US, we may see the next Super Bowl experience massive betting with more states in the mix.