Sugar House Sportsbook Planning March Madness Parties

Summary: With sports betting in full swing, SugarHouse Sportsbook is planning to offer March Madness viewing parties.

Sports betting is in full swing in several areas across the United States and is only expected to get bigger. After the United States Supreme Court ruled in May 2018 that sports betting was no longer an illegal activity, states wasted no time passing legislation and getting started offering services.

In Pennsylvania, several casinos are offering sports betting options, as they also prepare to launch online casino gaming. Sugar House is a land-based venue that already offers online gaming in New Jersey and they have a sportsbook in Pennsylvania. The brand’s sportsbook in PA is set to offer something special this month due to March Madness.

March Mania

Known as March Mania, the SugarHouse Sportsbook will be offering betting options on all games during the Division one championship series. The option will include the bracket format, even offering wagering on the first four games of the tournament series.

During the tournament, the casino will be hosting viewing parties titled March Mania. During these parties, players will be able to win tickets to the final game along with airfare and accommodations. During the series, the casino will offered seats at their sportsbook and Fishtown Hops.

Guests of the casino will be able to watch each game for free, including the championship event on April 8th, but only at Fishtown Hops. The sportsbook will require a paid reservation.

Sports Betting on March Madness

Sugar House CasinoEvery state that currently offers sports betting expects the NCAA tournament to be a big draw for bettors. Aside from the Super Bowl, the March Madness basketball tournament should be the next big producer of revenues for sportsbooks.

During the event, players will be able to place wagers on games via the six betting windows of the sportsbook as well as kiosks. Two of the kiosks will be removed from the sportsbook during the series and moved to Fishtown Hops so viewers there can place wagers.

Players who wager on the games from now until March 24th via the QuickBet function will be given a chance to win the prize package on offer. With QuickBet, players can place wagers at a fast pace, creating a betting slip at their own convenience.

Estimates have been made as to how much money will be generated by NCAA March Madness betting, but we will only know for real once the betting slips are in. It is expected that hundreds of millions will be placed on the NCAA games. Depending on the outcome of the bets, the casinos in Pennsylvania like the SugarHouse, as well as venues across the US, will be able to benefit from the popular tournament series.

In general, fans of March Madness will take part in work place pools or betting with friends, where maybe $10 to $20 is wagered per person. Now that the option to bet on the event is legalized, it will not be surprising to see much money spent by bettors. After March Madness comes to an end, we will get to see just how popular the series really is and how it will affect the new sports betting industry in the US.