Study Shows Majority of Casino Patrons Ready to Return

As casinos reopen across the United States with new Image of Las Vegas StripCOVID-19 safety protocols Patrons weigh the risks of returning to their favorite spots — or more importantly, slots. A recent study by Las Vegas-based company Synergy Blue surveyed casino guests on their preferences, behaviors, and standards going forward. The survey also asked consumers which parts of the casino experience are most likely to draw them back. Synergy Blue’s study

Below is a breakdown of the responses from people planning to return to casinos once they reopen.

  • 60% of consumers are highly interested in slot games / video gambling devices.
  • 43% are most likely to return because of the restaurants and bars.
  • 38% indicated casino entertainment would draw them back.
  • 35% responded that table games would most likely influence them to return.
  • 25% of those interested in returning said improved safety standards would draw them to a casino.
  • 19% won’t return until a vaccine becomes available.

Gaming Preferences Over Cleanliness

Synergy Blue noted only 1,000 people were surveyed for the study, which was conducted in late April 2020. Given the small sample size, it’s hard to confidently draw any concrete conclusions. Nor should one automatically apply consumers’ sentiments from this study to casino patrons around the United States.

It’s notable, however, that consumers from are less concerned about improved cleanliness standards than they are about how they can entertain themselves.

With over 51% of the respondents saying they will return to casinos once they reopen, it seems slot machines across the country will be jingling and ringing all summer
Given the noted differences in how severely COVID-19 affects people across age ranges, the study’s findings on how guest sentiment changes by age group stand out.

For example, of those planning to return to casinos, only 40% of people over 60 years old are willing to return once stay-at-home orders have been lifted. 62% of people under the age of 29, however, are willing to return under those same conditions.

The study provides further detail in how gaming preferences differ between age groups, with slots seeing a significant decrease in interest for younger casino patrons.

Online and Mobile Gaming to Remain Steady

It’s quite clear where the study’s subjects have spent their time gambling while casinos are closed.

64% of the people surveyed by Synergy Blue indicated that they had gambled online or played mobile games during the nationwide lockdown. 93% of those online and mobile players indicated they will continue to use the same mediums once stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Whether online/mobile gaming overtakes physical slots and table games while casinos operate at lower capacity remains to be seen. Either way, with a full array of options at their fingertips, it’s no surprise gaming companies have found a way to keep consumers entertained during the pandemic.