Station Casinos to use GAN Simulated Gaming

Station Casinos

Station CasinosGAN to work with Station Casinos to deploy Simulated Gaming social gaming solution.

Formerly known as the GameAccount Network, GAN is a company that offers gaming operators in the United States online gaming solutions as a developer and supplier. The company recently announced they will be working with the Station Casino brand of Nevada to supply Simulated Gaming, a social gaming solution for the gaming venues of Station Casino.

Busy Making Deals

For the past few months, GAN has been busy making deals with land based casino operators across the United States as operators are trying to provide something new for consumers. The innovative gaming solution known as Simulated Gaming is one that many operators are taking advantage of though GAN has kept their client list quiet until most recently.

Station Casinos is one of the first to announce they will be live with Simulated Gaming and are excited to have the new gaming option. Station Casinos was first created in 1976 and calls the state of Nevada home. The company is managing 19 properties right now in the state and apparently has been working with GAN since August, though the partnership was kept a secret.

Simulated Gaming Solution

With the Simulated Gaming product, Station Casinos will find the option is integrated into the myBoardingPass rewards program. Casinos will begin launching the new option by next year, sometime early in the year with no definitive date set. In general terms, the product was created for the United States gambling market and will offer social gaming options. Players will be able to access multi-player formats via desktop and mobile to play table games and slot machines.

It is believed that the GAN Simulated Gaming product is one that will help land base casinos be ready for online operations. Currently, only New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada provide online casino and/or poker gaming. Other states are looking in to legislation but no one state has actually moved forward and passed a measure. With this new product, casinos can gain experience with online game play and be ready to integrate a real money option when the time comes.

The new product allows for operators to engage gambling customers who already frequent the venue as well as to bring in potential new customers. This can be done at a lower cost than traditional marketing or promotional plans.

Staci Alonso is the Executive Vice President for Station Casinos who stated that they aim to be consistent when it comes to enhanced offerings and will continue to respond to patrons’ preferences. Choosing GAN was a natural move when it comes to the brands overall goals. GAN is seasoned in providing a social casino experience and Station Casinos players will be able to enjoy their favorite games while at home or on-site at no extra cost.

Dermot Smurfit is the Chief Executive for GAN who stated that the company is honored to be bringing online gaming experiences to one of the oldest operators in Nevada. Smurfit feels that the integration of Simulated Gaming with myBoardingPass of Station Casinos will help to improve the visitation of patrons to the physical locations as well as increase the loyalty level of players and bring back those who had taken a break from visiting.

Station Casinos will be poised for online gaming if the option ever took place in regards to casino games. Currently, Nevada is the only state in the US that has legalized online gaming options and sticks specifically to poker. Both Delaware and New Jersey offer online poker as well as online casino gaming options.