Station Casinos is Launching More LV Entertainment Options

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As Las Vegas slowly returns to normal, casino companies across the city are looking to bring in more patrons. One way to achieve that goal is to increase the number of entertainment options inside popular casinos. This week, news broke that Station Casinos plans to launch more LV entertainment options inside several of its most popular gaming venues.

Las Vegas remains the gambling and entertainment hub of the country. There have been some clear signs that this city is recovering right now. Now is a great time to look at some of the recent developments here.

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The Final Restrictions in Las Vegas Have Been Removed

It’s been a long road back to recovery for the city of Las Vegas. Back in March of 2020, the casinos here were ordered to shut down. It wasn’t until June that any of them received permission to begin accepting guests again.

When these gambling venues reopened, health officials ordered all of them to abide by intense health regulations. That included things such as operating at limited capacity and ordering all guests to wear masks. These rules seemed to keep many individuals from making the trip to the city.

As time went on and infection rates began to drop, many of these rules started to be lifted. This week, the final health regulations set in place here for casino-resorts were removed. The city is now closer to normal than ever before.

Casino companies here are now reporting a major surge of visitors. Hotel bookings hit record-highs for 2021 over Memorial Day weekend. Most analysts now believe they will see tourism numbers continue to increase over June, July, and August.

The owners of Resorts World Las Vegas have to be pleased to see regulations being lifted. This massive new casino-resort is set to open its doors on the Las Vegas Strip on June 24. It’s the most expensive gambling venue ever built here at $4.3 billion.

All of the major gaming operators in Las Vegas are now doing their best to boost their revenue. Here’s a look at what Station Casinos is doing to achieve that goal.

Station Casinos is Set to Expand its LV Entertainment Options

Station Casinos was founded back in 1976. At that time, the company had a completely unique idea for Las Vegas. Rather than focus on large casinos looking to attract tourists, Station Casinos built a handful of gambling venues that cater primarily to locals.

This decision proved to be a good one. The company quickly expanded, opening more casinos throughout the city of Las Vegas. Today, it owns 21 different casinos and employs more than 11,000 individuals.

Like all other casino companies in Las Vegas, Station Casinos was hit hard by the pandemic. Fortunately, there has been a major recovery taking place lately. It now appears that the major gaming operator is now focused on bringing in more players.

Offering more entertainment options is one great way to achieve that goal. This week, the company revealed it will be significantly expanding its LV entertainment options. Some of Station Casinos’ most popular gaming properties will soon be offering a variety of fun new options for guests. Check some of them out below!

Red Rock Casino-Resort 

Sandbar Pool

Friday, Sept. 10 REO Speedwagon

Saturday, Oct. 9 Brett Young

Saturday, May 7, 2022 Pop 2000 Tour, Hosted by Lance Bass with Mark McGrath, LFO, O-Town, & Ryan Cabrera

Friday, May 20, 2022 Billy Currington

Friday, July 15, 2022 Joss Stone

Rock Lounge 

Thursday, June 10 Niko Moon (Private Listening Party with 102.7 Coyote Country)

Santa Fe Station Hotel-Casino

Chrome Showroom

Friday, June 11 Keiko Matsui

Saturday, July 31 Aerosmith

Saturday, Aug. 14 Pyromania

Saturday, Sept. 25 Peter White

Saturday, Nov. 13 Rick Braun & Richard Elliot

Saturday, Nov. 20 Ambrosia

Saturday, Dec. 4 Euge Groove

These are just a handful of the new options becoming available here. If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Las Vegas over the next few months, check to see what Station Casinos has to offer!

Resorts World Las Vegas Opens in Three Weeks

Every once in a while, a truly incredible casino-resort opens its doors in Las Vegas. This time, it’s Resorts World Las Vegas located in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. At $4.3 billion, it’s the most expensive gambling venue ever built in the city.

There has been a huge amount of attention put on this property over the years. Gambling fans around the country have been excited to see what such a staggering amount of money can bring. Based on what is being said, this will be a truly one-of-a-kind casino.

Resorts World Las Vegas is officially scheduled to open its doors on June 24. That is now just three weeks away! As many are aware, this property is opening in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip, not far from the Wynn Resorts Las Vegas and Encore.

More details of this property have been coming out in recent months. It appears Resorts World is also planning to offer some special LV entertainment options. Musicians such as Katy Perry, Celine Dion, and more are booked to hold brief residencies at this property.

Many believe that the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas will help to boost tourism rates into the city. There is some serious hype leading into its grand opening. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new venue leading into June 24.

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