Stadium Casino Presents Plans for New Mini-Casino in PA

Summary: During a recent Board meeting, Stadium Casino presented their plans for a mini casino in Westmoreland County, set to place the new location in a shopping mall.

Stadium CasinoSince late 2017 and the passage of a major expansion bill in Pennsylvania, many changes have been afoot in the state. From online gambling to satellite casinos, operators now have more opportunity than ever before. With the satellite casinos, existing operators could vie for licensing with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, placing a bid during scheduled auctions. The auction process is now over and those companies that obtaining licensing are now showing off their plans for the smaller casino gaming venues. Stadium Casino, a group associate with The Cordish Companies, recently presented their plans to the Board on what they would like to create for their mini casino.

Westmoreland Mall Installation

Stadium Casino plans on using their Category 4 license for a satellite gaming facility to create a venue in the Westmoreland Mall in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania. Located in the Hempfield Township, the mall has an empty spot where a former Bon-Ton department store used to be located.

The space is quite large and the location off Route 30, just a short drive from Downtown Pittsburgh, provides easy access to the locals as well as tourists. The facility will have 100,000 of gaming, dining and entertainment options, according to the information provided by the company during the Public Input Hearing.

The project will have an investment of $150 million and feature world-class gaming along with options for dining as well as entertainment. The facility will hopefully bring in all demographics, appealing to the younger and older generations. Gaming will include 750 slot machines and electronic table games plus 30 live action table games.

Local Impact

The new addition to the region of the state is set to have a large impact. First, the project will bring in temporary jobs during the construction phase as well as permanent positions as the venue opens for business. Once operational, the new casino is set to bring in as much as $200 million in annual revenues.

As part of the construction process, Stadium Casino plans on utilizing companies that are local, minatory and women owned as well as businesses owned by veterans. The goal is to include the community in the project as a whole, in all aspects of development and operation.

The plans are now going to be reviewed by the Board and Stadium Casino must wait for approved. Once they are given the green light, the company can begin the construction phase.

What’s To Come

In Pennsylvania, there are several new developments in the works for the gambling community. Players will soon have access to online casino and poker games, sports betting and satellite venues. It is expected that the majority of newer services will begin in 2019. This year, the state has worked on licensing operators, while operators have been developing partnerships to ensure that they are ready to offer services once the go-ahead is given.

It is still unclear as to which option will launch first, but it is believed that online gaming will be first as licensing has been approved for several operators are sites are currently being set up, not taking too much time to prepare before launching can occur. However, operators must have their online gaming sites tested before they are allowed to launch full services.