The St. Tammany Casino Plans Have Been Rejected

St Tammany Says No To Casino Bill

Louisiana’s gambling industry continues to grow! This week, voters decided against allowing the St. Tammany casino plans that have been discussed for years. It’s disappointing news for the gambling proponents here that felt a new casino would be a major source of revenue.

Today, we’ll talk about why these casino plans were shot down. We’ll also look at some of the ways that Louisiana’s gaming industry has grown over the years.

Let’s get into it!

Voters Officially Reject the St. Tammany Casino Plans

Louisiana is well-known for having one of the largest gambling industries in the Southern United States. A huge number of casinos are located within the state. In recent years, certain officials have been discussing the pros and cons of opening a new casino-resort in St. Tammany.

Residents in St. Tammany would need to approve any measure to allow a new casino. This week, a vote on this subject finally took place. Some were surprised to find that the St. Tammany casino plans have been rejected by a fairly large margin.

63% of voters decided against allowing a casino here. Anti-gambling groups argue it would lead to an increase in gambling addiction and other societal issues. Others feel another vote should take place and continue praising the benefits of a casino-resort.

The plans to open the $325 million casino here are no longer moving forward. That is likely difficult news for the companies that have already spent millions on advertising for this proposed casino. It will be interesting to see if any more attempts to open a casino here come up over the next couple of years.

Louisiana’s gambling industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new gambling options that have become available here recently.

Louisiana’s Gaming Industry Continues to Grow

The Southern United States is not typically thought of as a major gambling hub. In fact, several of the states in this region are known to have some of the strictest gambling laws in the nation. Louisiana is one of the few Southern States with a large and very successful gambling industry.

This state’s gambling industry continues to grow, as well. Many new gaming options have become available in this state over the past few years. These help to bring the state a massive amount of tax revenue every year.

A huge amount of attention is being placed on Louisiana’s sports betting industry. The first sportsbooks officially went live here just a couple of months ago. It is proving to be hugely successful and is bringing in major tax revenue for the state.

More casinos are expected to open their doors in this state soon. Voters have rejected the St. Tammany casino plans that were presented years ago. The creator of these plans may look to open a gambling venue in other parts of the state, as a result.

Louisiana is not the only state to benefit from its legal gambling options. Let’s take a quick look at how some of the country’s other gambling hubs are faring heading into 2022.

US Gambling Revenue Has Already Broken All-Time Records

2020 was the most difficult year in history for the US gambling industry. Casinos around the country were forced to shut down for months. Land-based sportsbooks saw their revenue figures plummet.

Things have completely turned around in 2021. In fact, new reports have just surfaced claiming US gambling revenue has already broken all-time records this year. The American Gaming Association released a report showing which gaming hubs have been the most successful this year.

It should come as no surprise to hear that Las Vegas was the most successful casino hub this year. The casinos experienced a surge of tourism throughout the year. The summer months, in particular, were hugely successful for the city’s gambling industry.

Atlantic City has fared very well this year, too. The casinos here saw very impressive revenue figures all year. New Jersey’s hugely successful sports betting industry has also been a major source of revenue. Stay tuned for more updates on US gambling revenue as the year goes on.

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