Sports Betting Issues Arise at Meadowlands Racetrack

Meadowlands Racetrack

Meadowlands RacetrackBettors at the Meadowlands Racetrack were left without their winnings after the cashier cages shut down at the venue before a MLB game was over.

When a player visits a casino, they expect to be paid when a big win is earned. At the Meadowlands Racetrack, a new FanDuel sportsbook has been visited quite frequently, having just opened a short time ago. Sports fans have flocked to the sportsbook and have already been wagering on MLB games. Just this week, a game took place longer than expected and the sportsbook cashier cages were close at the end of the game. This resulted in several bettors not earning their paydays.

What Happened?

The Dodgers and Phillies went head to head this past Tuesday night and the game went into extreme extra innings, with a total of 16 innings played. By the time the game was over, the FanDuel sportsbook had shut down. Bettors began tweeting about how the windows were closed and some tickets were paid while others were not, due to not enough cash being on hand.

The company has denied the claim that they did not have enough cash on site by Wednesday morning, when reports began coming in about the incident. The sportsbook also stated that all outstanding bets have been paid.

The incident is unfortunate as it sheds a negative light on the new sports book. According to the Meadowlands, the FanDuel Sportsbook business hours are until 1 am. The hours of operation are posted within the facility and once the 1 am time hits, the cashier cages are closed. Wagers cannot be taken at this time nor will wagers be paid out. The Sportsbook went on to state that there was not a problem with having cash on hand but simply that the book was closed. Customers were invited to return the next day to collect winnings or a winning ticket could be mailed in for payment.

Time Frame Problem

While the sportsbook seems to have taken care of the issue, the problem still remains. MLB games as well as other sports will take place in varying time zones. The sports book will see this situation arise again if a game runs longer than expected or is set to finish after the sportsbook shuts down. So, how the sportsbook fix this issue?

Monmouth Park, is a venue in New Jersey, that has seen this issue and figured out a solution. The racetrack offers a William Hill branded sportsbook that will remain open later if need be. According to Monmouth Park’s Dennis Drazin, the sportsbook will watch as a game is close to being over and if there are enough people watching in the book or the game will end soon after closing time, they will remain open.

This way, those who remain can be paid. If only a handful of people are in the book, William Hill reserves the right to ask the patrons to come back the next day to cash in their tickets. So, will the Meadowlands take this same approach? It makes sense to. If word starts spreading that the sports book is not paying up or players are continually having to come back for their payouts, it would be bad for business.

It seems all operator are having to adjust to growing pains as these new sports books are coming to life. It will be interesting to see what changes the Meadowlands puts in place in order to ensure their players are happy and return time and time again to continue to place their bets.