Sports Betting Poll Shows Younger Crowd Supportive

Sports Betting

Sports BettingA recent poll on sports betting shows the younger generation is supportive of the wagering option.

In the United States, there is a lack of legalized sports betting options. Only four states have the ability to offer legalized sports betting based on a law from 1992. However, as of this year, several states have shown their support of sports betting legalization and it could be possible that we see a change in the federal ban based on a case currently pending in New Jersey. Information provided via a poll conducted in the US, younger individuals are in favor of sports betting legalization in the country.

Seton Hall Sports Poll

Information was collected as part of the Seton Hall Sports Poll, which showed that the younger generation is more apt to support sports betting legalization. Residents in the United States seem to be in favor of sports betting, if they are part of the younger generation. In the poll, adults in the United States were asked how they stand on the subject.

The main question of the poll stated that it has been said that individuals in the US already bet on sporting events so the government should go ahead and allow the activity as well as tax it. However, it has also been said that legal betting should not be allowed on sporting events as it promotes too much gambling and will be damaging to the integrity of sports. Individuals involved in the poll were asked to answer which thought coincides with their view.

46% of those polled stated they would allow it while 42% said it is a bad idea. This percentage is a large increase when compared to a similar poll conducted in 2010. The Fairleigh Dickinson poll of 2010 showed only 39% in support and 54% against.

Age Considerations

The support seen for legalized sports betting in the United States is stronger among the younger generation. Those polled in the age range of 18 to 29, 2/3 of voters were supportive. In the older crowd, only 30% of those polled over the age of 60 were in approval. Director of the poll, Rick Gentle, stated that if young people carry the belief that they support sports betting, then as they begin to become lawmakers, legislation could shift to legalize sports betting in the states.

Other Questions

The poll also asked more specific questions about the sports betting industry as whole or sections of the potential industry. One question involved Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner. Silver recently changed the league’s stance on sports betting and showed support. Those polled were asked if they felt it was appropriate for a leader of a major sports league to take this stance and the majority voted no, at 51%. 34% said it was appropriate.

The four states that can currently offer sports betting in the US include Oregon, Montana, Delaware and Nevada. Individuals involved in the poll were asked if the law should be left as is with only the four states offering sports betting or if the law should be changed for states to choose to take part, or sports betting banned in these four states.

18% said leave the law alone. 45% were in favor of legalization being decided by individual states while 23% said ban the activity in the four states.

It is interesting to note that overall, the poll showed that there is significant interest in sports betting for the United States. Will lawmakers decide to listen to states such as New Jersey that wants to legalize the gaming option? Or will there still be a federal ban in place and bettors will have to make their wagers on the illegal market?