Sports Betting Overtakes Online Gambling Legislation Efforts

Summary: In the US, sports betting legislation efforts have far surpassed online gambling legislation changes.

New YorkIn May 2018, the US Supreme Court decided to rule that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was invalid. This Act was what was keeping most every state in the nation from taking part in sports betting activities. Over the past few months, state after state have begun or completed the process of legalizing the new industry. This year alone, several states have moved forward with legislative efforts to get in on the action. Lawmakers are much more receptive to sports betting than online gambling legislation with sports betting now tracking much more action than iGaming.

Busy Year

2019 is already setting up to become a stellar year for sports betting. So far, several states have started the discussion or introduced legislation to get the ball rolling with sports betting. Texas, Arizona, Iowa, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and many other states are focusing on sports betting legislation. But what about online poker or casino gaming? Thankfully, there are still states that are interested in launching these industries as well.

New York is one such state that is still considering online gambling. Lawmakers in NY are focusing on trying to see online poker move forward, though progress has been slow going. Senator Joseph Addabbo has taken over as the chairman of the Senate Gaming Committee and is the newest sponsor of legislation involving online poker.

Senator Addabbo has decided to reintroduce legislation first created by former Senator John Bonacic. S18 would legalize online poker and regulate the activity as a game of skill. However, sports betting is currently taking center stage, being considered in the House and Senate in mobile and online form.

Virginia is also a state still considering online gaming. Currently, the topic of debate is sports betting but one bill on file focuses on online gaming as well. Several sports betting bills are on the table with one focused on allowing the state lottery to sell tickets online and take sports bets online as well.

H 2210 was able to move past the Committee on Rules last month with a strong vote of 14 to 2. However, the legislation is on hold at the moment. The state does not have any land-based casinos, so how online gaming and sports betting would take place is still being worked out.

Still Being Considered

Even though the sports betting has taken center stage, there are states that are still considering online gambling. Even with sports betting legislation efforts, some states are adding in other elements, such as online gaming in generalized form. This could open up the door for online casino and poker gaming in the future.

So, as we continue in the New Year, all eyes will be on states that are focused on enhancing their gambling industries. How many more states will legalize sports betting in the coming months? Will states focus on online casino and poker gaming as well? Only time will tell what will happen. As always, we will stay tuned to all new updates and keep our players in the know as to what’s going on around the nation by way of newly introduced legislation.