Sports Betting in Michigan is Approved by House Committee

Michigan is the latest state ready to regulate and legalize sports gambling. This week, the House Committee on Regulatory Reform officially approved a bill to make sports betting in Michigan legal. It’s extremely exciting news for sports fans around the state.

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A huge number of states around the country are actively working to regulate sports betting. Today, we’re going to look at why Michigan is embracing this industry. We’ll also talk about some of the other states working to regulate sports gambling.

Bill to Approve Sports Betting in Michigan Receives House Committee Approval

Lawmakers in Michigan have been working to approve sports betting for years. In 2017, legislation was introduced to change the state’s gambling laws surrounding sports betting. Under this bill, casinos would be able to legally offer sports betting odds. The state’s legislature approved the bill, yet Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed it.

Michigan wasn’t even able to regulate sports betting until recently. In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, giving every state the ability to legalize this form of gambling. 13 states have now launched sports betting platforms and six more are rolling their sportsbooks out over the next few weeks.

This week, Michigan’s House Committee on Regulatory Reform approved a bill to make sports betting in Michigan legal. This bill, called House Bill 4916, will legalize mobile and land-based sports betting in the state. Michigan’s commercial and tribal casinos would be given permission to operate sportsbooks.

It’s fantastic news for sports betting fans here. Of course, not everyone is convinced that this form of gambling will be officially legalized. Many forms of gambling have been close to becoming legal here, only to be shut down at the last minute.

Is this going to happen again?

Will Lawmakers in Michigan Finally Legalize Sports Gambling?

Things are definitely looking good right now. Approval from the House Committee on Regulatory Reform is a crucial step to getting this industry regulated and legalized. Several steps must now be taken before sports betting is offered here.

This bill will now be sent to the House Ways and Means Committee where it needs approval, as well. This committee will review the impact of sports betting on the state. It’s an important step, as the Ways and Means Committee approves bills to appear on the House and Senate floor.

Fortunately, it’s very likely that the bill gets approved by this state government body. Ways and Means is chaired by Brandt Iden, who introduced bill 4916. It’s also reasonable to believe that if these two groups approve the bill, the House will, too.

The real test comes with Governor Whitmer, who’s shown a reluctance to regulate sports betting. She’s already voiced her concerns with the bill, claiming the tax rates on sports betting are not high enough.

Whitmer will be the final hurdle that the bill needs to overcome. Hopefully, she recognizes the huge potential for revenue earnings and approves plans to bring sports betting to Michigan this year.

More States Ready to Roll Out Sportsbooks

As we mentioned earlier, 19 states have officially legalized the sports betting industry. Several are gearing up to launch their betting platforms sometime in the next few months. Washington D.C. approved a sports betting bill in May of 2019. There’s no clear timetable for when the first sportsbooks will launch, yet most feel it will be before the end of 2019.

New Hampshire also recently approved legislation to make sports gambling legal. The state’s legislative body approved the sports betting bill in July, which puts the NH Lottery Commission in charge of regulatory oversight. Both online and land-based sports betting will be available in this state.

Many other states have presented sports gambling bills that have yet to be formally approved. Many sports gambling analysts believe that over the next decade, almost every state will choose to make this industry legal.

Recently, several powerful politicians have even begun calling for sports betting to become federally legal. Many believe that federal legalization would provide better oversight of the entire industry.

Sports betting in Michigan may be just around the corner. We’ll need to wait and see how the Ways and Means Committee reviews the bill.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few months!