Social Distancing Might Last for Months; Will Take Awhile for Las Vegas to Return to Normal

Las Vegas StripAlthough the mandated casino closures, which turned the Entertainment Capital of the World into a ghost town, is scheduled to be lifted April 30, it will likely take a while for things to return to normal on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Boulevard went from being a buzzing, tourist-filled street with lights and sounds glaring everywhere, to a quiet street with empty sidewalks and the occasional jogger or skateboarder taking in the odd sight of a calm Strip.

Cars are still taking the scenic route down the Strip, but traffic is obsolete. In fact, it’s so quiet you can hear the birds sing. A family of ducks was even seen taking a stroll down the empty road a few weeks ago.

According to Alan Feldman, a member of UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, the thinking that lends itself to believing Las Vegas will reopen at once is “absolutely not going to happen.”

If Las Vegas were to reopen at once, many industry leaders believe that guests won’t be coming in flocks. At least not anytime soon…

Social Distancing Could Last Months

In a city that is built on tourism, it’s safe to assume that social distancing could last for months in Las Vegas.

Why so? Because with the coronavirus situation still fluid, and no telling whether we’re at the outbreaks’ peak or not, individuals will likely ere on the side of caution.

That means for places that are prone to hosting crowds, in order for people to feel safe, there will need to be social distancing measures that every visitor or local is actively participating in.

Casino executives are even preparing new coronavirus safety measures for when casinos do reopen to the public, and those measures will take social distancing guidelines into account.

Those measures include having a seat in between gamblers playing slots of at tables, dealers wearing masks, fewer accessible casino entrances, and non-invasive methods of checking visitor’s temperature upon entry.

Business Reopenings Won’t Happen Quickly, According to NV Governor

While Gov. Sisolak has faced some harsh criticism and pleads from Las Vegas Mayor Goodman, who calls the shutdown ‘total insanity’ while urging the Governor to reopen, the Governor is saying it’s a no-go until medical health experts give the green light.

Although the economy has taken a drastic hit, Gov. Sisolak says he is prioritizing the lives of his fellow Nevadans over dollars.

With that said, that means that businesses will likely have a long road to recovery before things return to the normal that was experienced at the beginning of this year.

Not a comforting thing to hear, but more realistic based on the nature of the pandemic.

On Thursday night, Sisolak says that he doesn’t have a benchmark date for when businesses will open back up, stating that if they open prematurely, it will hurt the economy more than help it in the long run.

Stay Tuned

Right now, Las Vegas is adjusting to its “new normal” until things can return to normal.

It’s hard to see the industry and businesses across the valley hurting, but we also know it’s for the best in the fight against the coronavirus crisis.

All we know is, Las Vegas will bounce back and return to its former glory just as soon as it’s able to, and once is does, we hope to see you there.

Please stay safe and healthy in the meantime, everyone! And check back for the latest coronavirus coverage.