Snoqualmie Casino Launches First Mobile Sports Betting App in Washington State

Mobile sports betting is now available in the Evergreen State. A Washington State tribe, the Snoqualmie Tribe, officially became the first casino to offer mobile sports betting at their Snoqualmie Casino. The casino is located near the city of Seattle, a major sports hub in the state.

Washington started allowing legal sports betting in September of this year, and several of the state’s tribal casinos have been quick to capitalize on it. Snoqualmie Casino is the first to allow mobile betting, it is not likely to be the last. As of now, patrons must be in the casino in order to use the app, but that could change with new legislation in the future. For now, the ability to use mobile phones to access the sportsbook is a big step in the right direction.

Mobile Sports Betting at the Snoqualmie Casino

In September of this year, a total of nine Washington state tribes were approved to start sportsbooks at their casinos. This was a major win for proponents of sports betting as Washington has some of the toughest anti-gambling laws in the US. Mobile and online gambling are Class C felonies in the Evergreen State.

To adhere to the strict gambling laws in Washington, bettors have to be on the casino grounds to place their bets. Patrons will also need to be a casino approved by the Washington State Gambling Commission to offer sports betting. The Snoqualmie tribe partnered with International Gaming Technology (IGT) to provide mobile sports betting to casino goers. IGT’s mobile app, PinPoint, uses bettor’s geolocation to ensure they are allowed to place their bets.

The ability for patrons to use their mobile devices to access the Snoqualmie Casino’s sportsbooks will allow more people to partake. Previously, bettors would have to access one of the self-service betting kiosks within the casino to make their bets. Now, everyone can access the sportsbook using their mobile device.

Using mobile devices also allows for the addition of in-play betting. Live sports betting is a major appeal of mobile and online sportsbooks. As the only casino in the state with a mobile option, the Snoqualmie Casino will be the only place bettors can take advantage of it, for now.

Other Washington Tribal Casinos Offering Sports Betting

The Snoqualmie Casino is the first to offer mobile sports betting, but they will likely not be the last. Several other casinos throughout the state of Washington have already partnered with mobile betting companies. There are no legal online casinos within the state, so for now the best bettors can hope for is that more casinos begin offering mobile sports betting options.

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort is a short ferry ride from Seattle. In September, the Suquamish Tribe announced they were partnering with FanDuel Sportsbook. FanDuel is a popular mobile sportsbook that operates throughout the US where mobile sports betting is allowed. With the Snoqualmie Casino already ahead of the game, it would be no surprise if the Suquamish tribe is close behind them with their own mobile sports betting option.

The Puyallup Tribe also operates casinos in Washington and has two casinos in the Tacoma area. In October, the Puyallup Tribe announced they were partnering with BetMGM to offer sports betting on their property. BetMGM, like FanDuel, is a major proprietor of online and mobile sportsbooks across the US.


The US sports betting industry has exploded over the last several years. With individual states now able to create their own laws regarding sports gambling, sportsbooks are becoming commonplace in many US states. Washington state officially legalized sports betting in September of this year, but only within the state’s casinos.

Now, one of the country’s biggest sports hubs has a casino that offers a mobile sports betting option. The Snoqualmie Tribe is the first casino operating in Washington to offer mobile sports betting at their Snoqualmie Casino near Seattle. Other tribes throughout the state, such as the Puyallup Tribe and Suquamish Tribe already have deals in place with major online and mobile sportsbook providers.

For now, bettors are only allowed to place bets while on casino grounds. However, with no legal online casino options in the state, mobile sports betting at casinos is the closest bettors can get to true mobile betting. Being able to bet using their mobile devices also allows players to access live betting options that were not feasible with betting kiosks. As more casinos begin offering mobile sports betting, it may put more pressure on Washington state legislators to loosen their rigid anti-gambling laws.