Skill Games Coming to Casinos via Caesars Entertainment

Gamblit Gaming

Gamblit GamingTrying to woo the millennial generation, Caesars Entertainment has announced the installation of skill-based games to their properties.

Casinos across the globe are trying to figure out how to change up gaming to appeal to the younger crowd. The millennial generation are not fond of the standard casino gaming options such as slots and table games. Millennials have grown up with technology so it takes more to garner their attention. In Nevada and other states, the aspect of skill-based casino gaming has been on the table for some time and now Caesars Entertainment has announced they are preparing to launch such gaming options.

Caesars Entertainment and Gamblit Gaming

Caesars Entertainment will be working with Gamblit Gaming to offer skill based gaming content to visitors of properties in several locations. The two have signed a multi-year agreement to see properties owned by Caesars adding the skill-based content provided by Gamblit.

Just yesterday, Caesars announced the new partnership and how a California gaming venue of the brand will be the first to install the Tristation and Model G gaming positions. Harrah’s Rincon Casino will be the first and if successful, will be followed by additional properties in the state, moving along to Nevada in the near future.

For a Nevada installation, the company would have to have the necessary regulatory approvals before moving forward. For several months, Gamblit would be adding their skill-based gaming options to venues in several locations. For each of the positions, there will be several themes and games which will hopefully attract the younger crowd.

Gambling Options to be installed

Gamblit Gaming will be provided several popular gaming titles in casino form via the new positions. Such games as Catapult King and Into the Dead has been outfitted to offer a gambling component. The California properties will include these titles and more to come in the near future. Caesars will wait until a field trial is completed before deploying 125 devices in Nevada within the next few months. Caesars is also interested in installing 100 more positions in different markets during the first few months of next year.

Mark Frissora is the CEO and President of Caesars who stated that the multi-year agreement with Gamblit is part of the company’s strategy to be innovative when it comes to their offering and a step towards creating the ‘casino of the future’. The company has plans to make the gaming options an indispensable part of the gaming floor.

Eric Meyerhofer is the CEO of Gamblit Gaming who commented on the partnership as well, stating that his company is excited to be working with Caesars as the company shares their vision in offering consumers a new type of gambling experience.

The Need for Skill-Based Gaming

Based on recent studies that have been conducted, there seems to be a need for skill based gaming in casinos. Millennials are not interested in taking part in the standard slot games or table gaming options like blackjack or roulette. The older generation has had no problem in playing the games and continuing to do so year after year. However, times have changed and younger individuals are used to more high-tech products and they do not see such options on the gaming floor.

It is up to casinos to find newer ways to present gambling options that will appeal to this crowd. Technology is only going to continue to evolve. Children of today and those in the future will grow up knowing nothing less than the new technology that is presented. They will need to be enticed by something new to be able to want to visit the casinos. Many venues have begun to focus on non-gaming entertainment to be able to appeal to the millennial generation which seems to be working for the most part.