Siegecraft Commander: For Xbox One

Genre: Strategy

Rating: T

Developer: Blowfish Studios

The Storyline

Siegecraft CommanderSiegecraft Commander is the newest addition to the very popular Siegecraft series. The object of this game is to build a fortress in an existing branching structure that has specialized towers and indestructible walls. The building of this structure is done by angling and adjusting projectiles. Players will appreciate having the ability to enjoy the combination of twitch mechanics, as well as positional tactics, while facing the objective of using offensive and defensive weaponry to attack and destroy the enemy while taking on as little injury and destruction as possible.

As soon as this game loads the player will be presented with a menu screen that offers them the options of Campaign, Multi-player or Commander. While campaign and multi-player options are pretty self-explanatory, the commander option allows the player to customize their online persona. The more the player plays the game online they will move further up the levels and unlock more abilities and other elements they can use in the game.

Players who want to learn how to play the game with the least amount of pressure should think about going into the campaign mode. Once there, they can choose to play as the Lizardmen or as the Knights of Freemoi. It’s a good idea for the players to play as both sides so they get the best-rounded education on the game.

Once the player has poked around in the different gaming options and checked things out thoroughly then they will be in a better position to head into the game at full speed in any of the gaming modes that they want. Another nice thing about the designing of this game is that it is fairly simple to play with the controller, even though there is a lot happening on the gaming screen. Most of the gameplay is handled with the left thumb since this will position the shot, as well as control its power. The A and B buttons are the ones used to select, cancel, and fire. It’s the player’s goal to destroy and protect simultaneously and this is where experience and learned strategy comes in to play.

The Graphics

Siegecraft Commander is a great looking game with impressive graphics and a lot of fantastic details put in place that bring it up a whole other level. The game plays well and everything loads quickly. The graphics are clear, crisp and colorful. Players will also get to enjoy plenty of spectacular looking landscapes they can battle on. The 3D appearance of the graphics also helps to give the game an added touch of realism that makes players feel as if they really are a part of the action. The game keeps up with the movements and everything loads immediately with no lagging so players won’t get frustrated while they are playing.

One of the things that helps to make this game an easier one to play is the fact that its graphics include a nice arrangement of light and dark shades that help to separate the important features so players can immediately spot everything they need to in order to accomplish their mission. The small little touches like the random stones scattered in the grass and the vastly different colors in the different sides add to the game in a way that makes it even more player friendly.

The Sound Effects

A video game can be ruined with bad sound effects, or a lack of enough sound. Luckily, the sound effects on Siegecraft Commander are just what they need to be to help add to the real feel of the game. They can be loud at appropriate times, so players may want to consider having gaming headphones for times when the sounds rapidly increase.

I tend to like the more strategic games like Siegecraft Commander that also offer lots of chances for battle and other exciting elements. The graphics in Siegecraft Commander helped make it extremely entertaining for me. I found the game to be just challenging enough to keep me entertained and coming back to play it much more in the future. This is an all-around good game for players who like games with many elements.