Should Casinos Focus More on Non-Gaming Amenities?


Will increasing competition in the United States call for casinos to focus more on non-gaming amenities?

Across the United States, many individual states are beginning to see the construction of new gaming venues or just getting started in the industry. For the most part, when a state enters the gambling industry, several casinos or gaming facilities are constructed. Once the industry begins to evolve and do well, gambling expansion can occur. It is exactly this expansion process that may prompt casinos to focus more on non-gambling activities than actual gaming in the near future.

What do Visitors Want?

Already, the focus of the gambling industry has begun to shift away from gaming. Millennials are more focused on technology and modern entertainment rather than classic casino games. Casinos are starting to add more games of skill in order to entice this generation to stay and play. In the future, visitors will only be more focused on new technology and additional entertainment as children of today are more focused on the next cool gadget or technological advancement.

As more gaming facilities are being created, establishments may need to begin to focus on other areas in order to retain a steady stream of visitors. Loyalty programs are a good way to keep clients so they won’t venture off to the next casino nearby. Many operators are tweaking their programs to entice their members to visit more often or to choose their facility when players are traveling for gaming.

California Influx of Gaming

CaliforniaTake the state of California for instance, the state is about to get more crowded when it comes to casino gaming offered by tribal groups. Two casinos projects are already in the works and the gaming market may soon become saturated. The casinos that have been proposed, the Wilton Rancheria project and Enterprise Rancheria project, both will be located near major population centers and will most likely pull customers away from existing venues.

So what do established casinos do? The goal may soon be to provide additional entertainment that does not focus on gaming. Each casino will offer basically the same standard of gaming, blackjack, slots, etc. So how do you stand out above the rest? It could be quality dining, better rewards program, an entertainment venue with quality acts booked; the options are endless. Gambling venues are having to reevaluate what they currently offer and make changes in order to meet demand as well as continue to see a steady stream of consumers.

Changes across the Board

When you look at the United States as a whole, the casino industry is changing. Gaming facilities that are under construction are being called ‘casino resorts’ and are focused not only on gaming but also additional entertainment. Such resorts have large hotels included in plans that have major convention or meeting facilities. This allows the resorts to offer not only casino gaming but also hotel accommodations, book events, etc.

The goal of newer facilities is to be bigger and better. Focus on gaming but also offer additional entertainment and amenities. Casinos now commonly offer spa services, concert venues, fine dining and more to bring in a variety of visitors and not just those who are looking to enjoy casino gaming.

It is interesting to see this shift in the gaming industry and things should continue to change as online gambling is being considered more and more across the United States. In ten years’ time, we may find that an entirely new industry has been formed when compared to what was offered fifty or just ten years ago.