Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino Adds New Pulse Arena

Seneca Niagra Resort and CasinoThe Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino becomes the first to install Pulse Arena by Interblock.

For casinos to be able to stay in competition with other gaming providers, it is important to offer something new and exciting.  Gaming venues have to constantly step up their game to be able to provide the best entertainment, gaming options, food, drinks and more if they want to continue to see steady traffic numbers. Today’s gamers want to see flashing lights, new gaming content and excitement on the game room floor. This is why casinos are constantly adding to their content. Just recently, the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino announced they will be offering a new gaming experience combining social and gambling aspects with the introduction of the Pulse Arena, by Interblock.

Hybrid Gaming Experience

The Pulse Arena is a new hybrid gaming experience combining social and gambling aspects, created by Interblock. The gaming manufacturer has decided to work with the Seneca Niagara Resort and casino to unveil the first ever placement of the Pulse Arena in North America. Interblock Global CEO John Connelly commented on the recent partnership by stating that the company is thrilled to announce the momentous occasion for his company and Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino. Connelly is confident that the multi-year partnership with the company will help to position both organizations for the future with the utilization of the Pulse Arena.

Speaking on behalf of the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, Pat Bassney stated that the casino is excited to unveil Pulse Arena which is the very first of its kind in North America. The partnership with the casino and Interblock has given the venue the opportunity to bring the interactive gaming and unique entertainment experience to New York.

What is the Pulse Arena?

The Pulse Arena is a multi-game space that creates a new gaming environment on the casino floor. The game is created to attract new players as well as those who already enjoy casino games. The configuration to be used at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino will create a symbiotic relationship between the Stir bar and the new gaming arena. Pulse Arena provides gaming plus lights and sounds so combined with the live entertainment and 43 foot video wall of Stir, the perfect combination is created. The casino experience will be elevated for those who visit the western area of New York.

During game play, players will be able to choose from five automated generators as well as 39 inter-connected play stations. Games that will be included at the stations are:

On top of the gaming arena offering, the casino will also include StarBar bar tops. These bar tops will be placed around the bar located at the center of the Arena. Players will find a mix of video poker games along with table games in this area. Players can continue to play even when getting drinks with this addition.

A unique feature to the Pulse Arena is the social aspect. With interactive and social features at play, guests will have the opportunity to communicate via chat functions with other players. There is also a social media section where players can post updates while enjoying game play. Players can play up to four electronic table games at one time without having to move to a different station.

The new gaming option seems like something that traditional gamblers will enjoy along with the millennial gamer. Casinos have been struggling to bring millennials to the game room floor and this addition should help the New York casino see younger foot traffic.