The Self-Service Options in Las Vegas Are Expanding

Las Vegas has been reopened to the public since June. Unfortunately, the city is still struggling to attract tourists and many businesses are suffering. As concerns over Covid-19 increase, analysts predict that self-service options in Las Vegas will become more popular.

Self-Service Machines

Casinos recognize that these automated services provide another layer of safety. Of course, some feel they take away from the atmosphere that makes Las Vegas so popular. Today, we’re going to look at when and where these new machines may be added.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada’s Tourism Rates Are Dropping

Between the months of March and June, tourism into Las Vegas was virtually non-existent. All of the casinos in the city were shut down. Flights here were few and far between and a major concourse of the Las Vegas airport even closed.

State leaders knew that something needed to change. Together with casino company officials, they began working to come up with plans to reopen casinos in the state. Doing so in a safe manner was priority number one.

On June 4th, several of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip were finally able to reopen. It was exciting news for residents here, many of whom work in the gambling industry. Tourism here slowly began to increase and today, all of the major casinos on the Strip have reopened.

Tourism here has been dropping for weeks, though. As rates of Covid-19 increase around the country, more people are avoiding travel. That’s tough news for a city like Las Vegas that relies almost entirely on visitors from outside states.

It’s clear that tourism rates are falling. Casino companies are doing everything they can to attract more people, yet these efforts don’t appear to be paying off. Now, the focus is shifting towards making casinos even safer than they are now.

Expect to See More Self-Service Options in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a modern city. Here, visitors can see some of the latest developments in hospitality and gambling technology. In recent years, many new self-service options in Las Vegas have become available. Many tourists enjoy the simplicity these machines offer.

Now, many casino companies are focusing more on these automated machines. Limiting human-to-human interaction is now a necessity. It’s guaranteed that more of these self-service machines will start becoming the norm here.

Jeremy Aguero, an Applied Analysis economist, spoke about the situation to the media this week.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Covid-19 is a catalyst for change,” he said. “(The pandemic has) required businesses that need to adapt to look at every point of human interaction and ask: Can it be automated?” 

These machines can certainly help to make things safer. They may come at the expense of jobs, though. Some fear that many hotel workers will end up being pushed out as the self-service options in Las Vegas become more readily available.

Things like self-check-in kiosks, robotic bartenders, and ordering tablets inside restaurants are going to become more common. Casinos hope these new safety measures will attract more visitors. We’ll begin to see the impact these machines have over the next few months.

What Other Changes Can We Expect to See?

The entire world is changing right now. No one can accurately say how things will look at the start of 2021. Most agree that the city of Las Vegas will look a little different than it did at the beginning of this year, though.

The real test will be getting tourists to visit the city. This is already proving to be extremely difficult. It’s likely that better travel deals and discounted room rates will continue to be offered as the pandemic rages on.

Some of the smaller casinos here may eventually be forced to shut down. The major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are having a hard time bringing in players. This is also true for some of the lesser-known casinos here.

For now, it seems unlikely that another lockdown will be set in place. Doing so would be devastating for the local economy. Anything is possible, though, and much of it depends on the number of Covid-19 cases here.

Many analysts believe that self-service options in Las Vegas are going to expand. Whether or not that will help to boost tourism remains to be seen. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation!

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