Second Live Dealer Options Coming to New Jersey

Evolution Gaming

Evolution GamingEvolution Gaming is reportedly ready to launch a live dealer product in New Jersey, which will mark the second live dealer gaming option for the state.

For some time now, the Golden Nugget has been the only operator in the state of New Jersey to offer live dealer gaming online. Players love what the Golden Nugget has to offer, as the operator continues to hold the top spot time and time again when it comes to online gaming revenues. The brand may soon have some competition, at least in the live dealer sector, as Evolution Gaming says they will soon be launching a new product in the state.

But with Who?

According to, Evolution Gaming has announced they will be launching a new product in the state within the second half of the year, if plans fall into place. A recent presentation involving the Q1 earnings of the company simply stated a New Jersey studio is planned for the second half of the year. This is little information to go on but does suggest that another live dealer studio will be offered in the state, especially since that is what Evolution specializes in.

The company has not revealed any other details, such as who will offer the online gaming options, where the studio will be located, what games will be provided, etc. It causes major speculation for an industry that is already booming.

We could guesstimate that Borgata might be involved, as they are the second closest operator to the Golden Nugget by way of operations, but they continue to stay millions behind in monthly revenues. Having live dealer gaming would be helpful, but probably not a major contributor, able to help the brand move up in the standings. This of course is all speculation and we will really have no idea who will be involved until Evolution Gaming decides to give up a few more details.

Live Dealer Gaming

It will be interesting to see who will be involved and how players will respond to new live dealer content. Golden Nugget has been the only operator to offer the gaming option and has been quite successful in doing so. The brand offers standard live dealer gaming with blackjack, roulette, hold’em and baccarat, with tables open from 12pm until 3am.

The brand recently launched a new live dealer option titled Live Casino Floor Roulette, which allows online players to compete alongside players located on the gaming floor. This option definitely provides a unique aspect to the game and gives players a feeling of being inside the actual casino instead of a studio.

For most online live dealer games, a studio is set up where table games are set up and played. There are no other players at the table and just the dealer to interact with. However, other players are competing with you online. With the new Live Casino Floor version, players are viewing the roulette table on the actual gaming floor, able to celebrate with players who are at the casino that earn big wins.

Will Evolution Gaming be considering adding something like the Live Casino Floor Roulette of the Golden Nugget? Or will they just focus on traditional live dealer games? It will be interesting to see what is offered and if Evolution has something new up their sleeve to be able to compete with the Golden Nugget, an operator that continues to reign supreme when it comes to online gaming in New Jersey.