Seattle Seahawks Create Online Partnership with Snoqualmie Casino

Summary: The Seattle Seahawks have signed a new partnership with the Snoqualmie Casino, allowing the venue to use their logo for advertising, working together for promotions on-site.

With the launch of sports betting in several states in the US, it has started a chain of events. Sports teams have realized that sports betting is already here so they better get on board. As soon as states began to offer services, professional sports teams began to cut deals with casinos and gaming venues to get in on the action. Just this week, it was announced that the Seattle Seahawks have now signed an online partnership deal with the Snoqualmie Casino, a venue close to the Seattle area.

New Deal

The partnership is a first for the franchise of the Seattle Seahawks and the casino, located near Issaquah. Several representatives of the team as well as the casino were on hand this week at the CenturyLink Field to make the announcement of the new partnership. With the deal, the casino will be allowed to use the logo of the NFL team to create advertisements as well as promotions.

The casino has already been a sponsor of the team and a suite holder since 2008 so they are happy to now have increased their partnership with the team. In a press release, Amy Sprangers, the senior president of revenue for the Seattle Seahawks, stated: “We are proud to formally announce an expanded partnership with our long-time partners at the award-winning Snoqualmie Casino. We look forward to working together with Snoqualmie Casino to create exciting new activations for the 12s for years to come.”

Partnerships such as this one are popping up across the United States as professional sports teams can see how they can benefit from merging with gambling facilities. The new deal between the Snoqualmie Casino and the Seahawks should be profitable on both ends.

Other Partnerships

Once the United States Supreme Court decided to rule in favor of sports betting and strike down the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act, the deals began rolling in. The first to sign was the Dallas Cowboys, who choose to work with the WinStar World Casino of Oklahoma. Other teams followed soon after including the Baltimore Ravens, a team who will be working with the Horseshoe Casino.

The New York Jets announced two months ago that 888 Holdings will be a sponsor of their organization. This marked the first time a team would be partnered with an online organization. The deal includes advertisements featuring casino, poker and sportsbook operations.

With 2019 close at hand, the next year will see major changes across the gambling industry in the United States. As more states enter the sports betting genre, expect to see even more deals between casinos and online gambling operators with NFL teams, NHL, MLB, NBA and more. Such partnerships will ensure that the teams are benefiting from the sports betting operations and it won’t be surprising if a flurry of deals are signed at the beginning of the year.

There is still plenty of time for new deals to be announced in 2018 as well. For sports betting, both land based and online, this year has been a whirlwind. We expect that 2019 will be just as busy as casinos work to launch services to hurry up and get in on the action as legislation is made law.