Scientific Games Furthers Reach with Karma Gaming

Karma Gaming

Karma GamingScientific Games will be able to provide even more great gaming options after acquiring a portfolio of interactive games from Karma Gaming.

Scientific Games is a top company in the online gaming industry, having secured several deals recently with land based as well as online casino gaming operators. The company’s most recent announcement covers an acquisition of Karma Gaming interactive games, with the brand taking on even more online instant games and second-change games.

Summer Gaming Purchase

Scientific Games actually first acquired a portfolio of interactive games from Karma Gaming back in June and will now be integrating the gaming options into their offerings. With the purchase, Scientific Gaming is able to accelerate their interactive strategy as well as product plans while moving up their positioning at the top of digital lottery offerings.

As the Executive Vice President of Scientific Games as well as the Group Chief Executive of Lottery for the company, Jim Kennedy stated that with continuous R&D, along with the Digital Content Studio creating even more innovative games and promotional options, plus strategic acquisitions including the Karma Gaming interactive portfolio of games, the company continues to be able to expand their interactive business with products that will help lottery customers provide unique solutions to players and help gamers move in a seamless way from retail gaming options to mobile and online gaming. The lottery entertainment experience will only be enhanced by this new acquisition.

Products Used by Lotteries Based Around the World

Scientific Games as well as Karma Gaming’s options have been used by companies based around the world. The interactive games of Karma acquired by Scientific Games have been used by top lotteries including those in the United States such as the Ohio Lottery, Minnesota Lottery and Georgia Lottery. The games have also been displayed within the Loto Quebec of Canada and the Lottomatica option of Italy.

In part with the acquisition, Scientific Games has also hired gaming developers who worked with Karma Gaming to help develop new and fresh ideas for the company. Kennedy continued to speak about the recent acquisition by stating that as a trusted business partner, Scientific Games understands the regulatory challenges that lotteries face in regards to online and mobile offerings.

The company understands that lotteries have particular constraints by way of delivering innovative gaming options as well as promotions in a way that will continue to engage players as well as provide entertainment. Scientific Games assists such retailers by providing several features including customer analytics, promotions, creative games, loyalty programs, secure technology and mobile applications. The company is committed to helping the lotteries continue to grow and evolve.

According to Kennedy, Scientific Games is the leader in interactive lottery solutions for the United States. The company currently has thirteen applications for lottery gaming in operation within the US as well as ten loyalty programs that remain active. Over 600 lottery gaming websites have been created by the company, who has a strong reputation as a top provider of interactive gaming solutions for lottery providers.

The company is not only focused on lottery gaming. Scientific Games has also created games and promotions for brands of pop culture, entertainment and license sports, with more than 200 categories. According to Kennedy, when a lottery company in the United States looks for content on an interactive scale, they contact Scientific Games for a solution. The company has most recently worked in such states as New York, Arizona and Massachusetts.

Players can now look forward to new content from Scientific Games thanks to the acquisition of titles from Karma Gaming.