Former US Representative Critical of iGambling Ban on Federal Level

Ron Paul

Ron PaulFormer US Representative Ron Paul has openly criticized a federal ban of online gaming in the US, stating it would be in violation of states’ rights.

In the United States, a war still wages on as to if online gambling should be allowed. While three states currently offer legalized and regulated online gaming and other states are considering legislation, there are still those who wish to see iGambling banned on a federal level. In a recent opinion piece written for PennLive, former United States Representative Ron Paul decided to share his thoughts on the matter, stating that an overall ban would be in violation of the principles of federalism and would be threatening to the constitutional rights of Americans.

No Federal Ban

Ron Paul was a United States Representative for many years and ran for presidency in 2008 and 2012. He is known to be highly crucial of anyone who wishes to limit the power of state legislatures to decide on matters and continues to be vocal in his support of limited federal power over legislative issues that should be decided by individual states.

As it stands now, states have the ability to legalize and regulate online gaming as they see fit, aside from offering online sports betting. States can provide online casino and poker gaming, DFS, lottery ticket sales, etc., if they so choose. Paul has been an avid supporter of such states’ rights, going so far as to show opposition to the Restoration of America’s Wire Act in the past.

In his latest statements, Paul said that the United States Congress is ready to resume work after the summer recess and this means that the Appropriations Bill for the 2018 fiscal year will start. It was reported in the past that Representative Charlie Dent may try to place RAWA or a similar bill into Appropriations. Paul pointed out in his opinion piece that a move such as this would be a special favor from politicians to powerful special interests.

Sheldon Adelson

For years now, Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has been reportedly calling the shots, having politicians in his pocket and spending millions of dollars to see online gambling stopped in the United States. The powerful special interests that Paul refers to is most likely Adelson and his cronies. Adelson is a top developer of land based gaming venues so he is threatened by the potential of online gaming and what it might do to his venues.

However, as anyone can see with such states as New Jersey, online gaming has only helped to boost the casino gaming industry, even land based venues. New Jersey has done quite well with online gaming and continue to see an increase in profits. Land based venues in Atlantic City are seeing a turn around and online gambling has helped to provide a cushion as casinos begin to experience an upswing.

It is unclear as to if there will be a push for RAWA or similar legislation as Congress comes back to order. For us proponents, we hope to not see any efforts made for an overall federal ban of online gambling. Not only would states be affected where such gaming options are legalized but states that have put in months or years of legislative work would see their efforts dashed.

We shall see in the coming weeks if any mention is made of RAWA, but hopefully the efforts to stop online gambling on a federal level are over and we can see more states join the industry, offering quality online casino and poker game play.