Rivers Casino to Host The Ohio Players in May

The Ohio Players is a popular R&B band which has a huge tour in front of them, and The Event Center at Rivers Casino will be one of their stops. Their performance is scheduled for May 4 at 8 pm, and tickets are already on sale, starting at $25. If you happen to be near Rivers Casino at that time, make sure to check out their performance which is bound to leave you mesmerized, especially if you consider yourself an R&B and funk lover. Their catchy tunes, smooth basslines, and funky groove will not only put everyone to their feet but will also make them move their hips all the way through the show.

Who Are the Ohio Players?

The Ohio Players play music which is related to funk, soul, and R&B. Their peak popularity was back in the 70s when they made songs such as Fire and Love Rollercoaster. Some of their best performing singles also include songs such as Funky Worm and Skin TIght. One of their biggest achievements actually happened back in 2013 when they were introduced to the R&B Music Hall of Fame at the University of Cleveland, Ohio.

The band was formed in Dayton, Ohio way back in 1959, and their original name was Ohio Untouchables with initial band members Robert Wand on vocals and guitar, Marshall “Rock” Jones on bass, Clarence “Satch” Satchel on saxophone and guitar, Cornelius Johnson on drums, and Ralph “Pee Wee” Middlebrooks on trumpet and trombone. At the time they were formed, they started touring as a backing group to The Falcons, who had some popularity back in the day.

After initial vocalist Robert Ward walked out, the group decided to keep on working, adding two more singers instead of Ward. They were Bobby Lee Fears and Dutch Robinson. During that time, the band was renamed to The Ohio Players and adopted a music format which they play even today. In 1967, they decided to add another vocalist, Helena Ferguson Kilpatrick, only to disband in 1970.

They did not take long to reunite with new band members, and after a couple of singles that were popular locally, they managed to publish Funky Worm, which peaked on the Billboard R&B and even made it to the Billboard Hot 100 in the Top 20 list. Soon after that, they signed with Mercury Records and band’s career skyrocketed.

From 1973 to 1976, the band had a couple of singles that all made it to various top lists, including their popular hit Love Rollercoaster which topped both R&B and Pop charts.

Band members who formed the Ohio Untouchables are not among the living anymore, but their music and their ideas live on with the Ohio Players who have dozens of songs up their sleeve and still continue to actively tour all over the US. Despite their age, the funky rhythms and groovy basslines are still there, as they are still able to rock around the clock.

Their music is very similar to Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic as they all belonged to the same period when this type of funky music was making a revolution in the music industry. Songs such as Love Rollercoaster really made the difference back then.

Bill Keena is the General Manager of Rivers Casino, and he stated that the Ohio Players had a classic R&B sound that was incomparable. Furthermore, he added that they were really excited to have them perform at The Events Center.