Rivers Casino Set to Increase Sports Betting Efforts This March

Summary: Sports betting is in full swing in the US with Rivers Casino of Pennsylvania set to increase their efforts in the industry beginning in March.

Since mid-May 2018, sports betting has been the main gambling activity hitting the news. As many as eight states currently offer sports betting services and many more are set to get started in the future, thanks to a ruling provided by the United States Supreme Court. Beginning last summer, SCOTUS ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was unconstitutional, which led to sports betting being legalized across the nation.

The ability to offer sports betting in the US has caused lawmakers to spring into action. Across the nation, casino after casino and other gambling venues are beginning to offer sports betting services. To stay in competition and to earn the most money, US online gambling operations must continue to ramp up efforts. Just recently, the Rivers Casino announced plans for next month to offer major events involving sports betting activities.

March Madness

Rivers Casino Schenectady New YorkThe Rivers Casino will be offering special viewing parties titled March Mania. These parties will take place during the first two rounds of March Madness. The NCAA basketball tournament is a popular betting event for gamblers and this will be the first time that states other than Nevada can offer wagering on the series.

The parties will take place at the Rivers Casino from March 21st to the 24th. The goal is to highlight the series and offer an exciting atmosphere at the sportsbook. The Rivers has offered sports betting for some time now and hope to capitalize on the upcoming basketball tournament.

However, the special March Mania events will not be free. Players can purchase single chairs in the sportsbook for $75 each during the first four days of the event. For a table of four, the purchase price will be $200. The rate will include vouchers for food as well as drink. The price point will not make visitors who regularly frequent the sports book very happy, but apparently charging for seats is a common practice.

According to Andre Barnabei, the vice president of gaming for the venue, well-established sportsbooks located in Las Vegas often host such events with pay per visit charges. Locals have already begun to show interest in the upcoming March Mania event as tickets for seating have already been sold.

Another Option

For those who don’t want to pay for seating in the sportsbook, the Rivers events center will also be offering wagering options as well as broadcasting of the games. Admission to this area is free. However, seating in the front of the venue has a cost, with VIPs and groups of ten able to reserve tables. The price point for tables in this area of the facility are $350 which includes credits for food and drink.

The reservations are valid for a full day of games. This means that visitors can leave the casino as they so choose and return to their seat as they like.

It will be interesting to see how well received this new event style programing is and if the casino will be successful. Players may be open to purchasing seating for big events such as March Madness or they may want to hold on to their extra cash in order to use it for placing bets!