Resorts World Update: Scheduled to Open in 2021

Resorts World, one of the biggest and most exciting casino-resorts in Las Vegas, now has an official opening date. It’s been a long time coming for this gambling venue which initially underwent construction in 2016. We’ve just been given a Resorts World update, and it seems that this gambling venue will be opening in the summer of 2021. Resorts World Las Vegas

This Genting Group-owned property is expected to become one of the biggest and most lucrative in the city. Today, we’ll look at what we know about this venue so far. We’ll also talk about some of the new features coming here.

Let’s get into it!

It’s Been a Long Road For Resorts World to Finally Open

Opening a hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip is never easy. This is true now more than ever. Resorts World has gone through several major delays over the years yet it appears it’s finally on schedule to open.

Genting Group first purchased the land for this casino-resort back in March of 2013 for $350 million. Officials quickly began looking into how much money the construction process would cost. It was reported that the initial stage would take $4 billion to construct. Most of the design process was done privately.

Groundbreaking plans were initially scheduled for 2014. Unfortunately, one of Genting Group’s primary officials left the company, delaying this process. Groundbreaking eventually took place in May of 2015 during a ceremony that included lion dancers.

The Genting Group has dealt with several construction issues and lawsuits over the years. In 2018, Wynn Resorts filed a trademark infringement against Genting. Earlier this year, Wynn Resorts even sought a temporary restraining order against the project.

Hope was that Resorts World would finally open in 2020. This massive-casino resort is now scheduled to open in the summer of 2021.

Genting Group Offers Resorts World Update

Resorts World is opening several years than initially expected. According to company officials, however, the wait will be worth it. Genting offered a Resorts World update to the media this week and what’s being discussed sounds incredible.

The company officially upgraded plans for this multi-billion-dollar venue. They are now choosing to increase capacity, expanding the budget, and announced plans to break into the music residency business.

According to new reports, Resorts World will now cost $4.3 billion to construct. That makes it the most expensive gambling venue ever made in Las Vegas. Scott Sibella, president of this gambling venue, has already revealed some major changes.

It might take forever to open, yet this is expected to become one of the best gambling venues in the city. For $4.3 billion, that should certainly be the case.

Here are some of the things we now know are coming to Resorts World.

What Can Visitors Expect From Resorts World?

Recently, Scott Sibella met with executives of Genting at their headquarters in Malaysia. Here, he explained some of the new features coming to this massive gambling venue.

Initially, this gambling venue was going to have a unique Chinese theme. Now, it’s being changed to have a broader, luxury theme with “Asian-inspired touches.” Sibella abandoned themes with panda enclosures or representations of the Great Wall of China.

A 5,000-seat theatre will be constructed to host A-list performers and residencies.

A massive 75,000 square-foot nightclub will also be constructed inside the resort.

Two massive video screens are also being placed on Resorts World’s two towers. The west tower will have one of the largest LED building displays at 100,000 square feet.

“I think we’re in a pretty good position, and the energy of the Strip is moving north,” Sibella told the media. “We’re close to the expanded Las Vegas Convention Center across the street. It’s good to see The Drew is on track. And it’ll be interesting to see what Mr. (Phil) Ruffin does with Circus Circus.”

The Resorts World update we’ve just been giving is extremely exciting. If all goes according to plan, this will become one of the coolest hotels in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!