Resorts World LV Offers a Look at New Cashless Gaming System

Resorts World LV

In less than two weeks Resorts World Las Vegas will finally open its doors to the public. It’s been a long-time coming and many expect this casino-resort to be one of the best ever made. Now is the perfect time to take a last-minute look at Resorts World LV.

The owners of this property are promising something truly special. Based on the price of its construction, that seems likely. Will it manage to compete with the other popular casinos in Las Vegas, though?

Here’s what you need to know.

Las Vegas Casinos Continue Working to Bring in Visitors

In many ways, 2020 revealed just how fragile the economy in Las Vegas can be. Granted, the events that unfolded that year were unprecedented. It still showed just how difficult things can be here when the casino industry is forced to shut down.

Closing casinos meant tourism came to a halt in the city. In turn, many of the different businesses that rely on tourism immediately faced going under. The city’s economy was hurt worse than any other in the country.

Fortunately, things have bounced back throughout 2021. Most of the major casino-resorts in the city have reopened and can now operate without any of the restrictions set in place last year. Tourism rates are increasing and gaming revenue continues to surge.

Some of the smaller properties in this city are doing what they can to bring in more visitors, too. Harrah’s Las Vegas recently completed a massive $200 million renovation. The rooms inside the property have been designed and the casino floor underwent a major improvement.

Most analysts expect to see a major surge of visitors over June, July, and August. A huge number of major musical acts have brief residencies planned over the summer. Several major Fourth of July parties have recently been announced, as well.

One of the most exciting new casino-resorts in history will also be opening its doors to the public this summer. We’re now beginning to get a last-minute look at this property ahead of its opening day.

Here’s Another Update on Resorts World LV

Most casino fans have likely heard of Resorts World Las Vegas over the past few years. This property has been under construction since 2017 and its opening date has been pushed back on several occasions. On June 24, this massive casino-resort will finally open to the public.

Resorts World LV cost an astounding $4.3 billion to build. That makes it the most expensive resort property ever built in the city. With that massive price tag comes extremely high expectations. The owners of this property certainly believe it will surpass what many imagine.

Rich Hutchins, senior vice president of casino operations at Resorts World Las Vegas, revealed this week that this property would be the first to utilize its own mobile app and cashless betting system. This, he argues, makes it the most technologically advanced venue in the city.

“Our vision at Resorts World Las Vegas has always been to provide first-of-its-kind experiences across every element of the resort, including gaming,” he said. “Through our partnerships with the best-in-class gaming technology partners, we will offer our guests a fully integrated experience, not just on the gaming floor, but across the entire resort.”

A cashless wagering system that allows players to play slots and table games will also be introduced soon. These players will be able to link their bank accounts directly to these cashless wallets. The owners believe this will end up spurring other casinos in the city to embrace this new evolution in casino gambling.

One of the biggest holidays of the year is just around the corner and Las Vegas is anticipating a huge number of tourists. Will Resorts World manage to bring in the most visitors with its Fourth of July festivities?

Casino-Resorts Announce Fourth of July Festivities

Summertime is always the busiest season for Las Vegas. Millions of people from around the world tend to flock to the city to take part in gambling, nightlife, and entertainment. With restrictions gone and travel increasing, this summer should be one for the ages in the city.

Fourth of July is just around the corner and many are now trying to decide which venue to stay in. Casinos here recognize that fact and are doing what they can to bring in visitors. Some are offering truly unique deals and experiences.

Over at Resorts World LV, a massive party will be taking place at the Ayu Dayclub. Miley Cyrus is set to headline the party. It seems likely that this will be one of the hottest and most popular parties during the Fourth of July weekend.

Nearly all of the major casino-resorts in the city are offering their guests exciting nightlife options over the holiday weekend. Nightclubs such as Tao, the Marquee, and others are putting on multi-night events. More entertainment options in the city are likely to be announced over the next week.

This will certainly be an exciting time to visit the city. Room rates are beginning to increase and many are recommending to make reservations as early as possible. Feel free to take a closer look at what Resorts World LV is offering over the Fourth of July weekend!

Do you plan on visiting Las Vegas this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!