The Resorts World LV Grand Opening Was a Major Success

Resorts World Las Vegas

For years, the most expensive resort in the history of Las Vegas has been under construction. It finally opened to the public this month and many expect it to become the city’s hottest new venue. New reports indicate the Resorts World LV grand opening was a major success in almost every way.

This is without a doubt the most exciting new property to open in Las Vegas in years. Many are excited to see what Resorts World has to offer. Now is a great time to talk about the recent grand opening here!

Let’s get into it.

Tourism Rates in Las Vegas Continue to Increase

2020 proved to be the most difficult year in history for the city of Las Vegas. In March of that year, the entire tourism industry here was completely shut down. Heavy restrictions remained in place for the casinos here for almost the entirety of the year.

As more casinos reopened and restrictions were gradually lifted, tourism rates into the city began to increase. This trend has continued throughout 2021. Over the past few months, tourism rates into the city have been gradually increasing.

The opening of new properties has helped to boost tourism here. That includes the new Virgin Hotel-Casino, opened this year where the former Hard Rock Las Vegas stood not far from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the first foray into the casino industry for this company.

Governor Sisolak’s lifting of the mask mandate in casinos has also helped to boost tourism rates here. As the warmer summer months go on, more tourists are flocking into the city to take part in the gambling and entertainment options.

The casino-resorts in Las Vegas have been consistently reporting revenue surges throughout 2021. The boost in tourism has a direct correlation with a jump in gaming revenue. Many of the non-gaming businesses in the city are also seeing their revenue figures increase in 2021.

One of the coolest new properties in history has just opened its doors. Here’s a quick look at the grand opening of Resorts World Las Vegas!

The Resorts World LV Grand Opening Draws in Major Tourism Interest

Every once in a while, a truly remarkable casino-resort opens its doors on the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan Casino-Resort opened its doors back in 2010 to a huge amount of tourism interest. It remains one of the most popular venues in the city.

Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction over the past few years. It cost $4.3 billion to build, making it the most expensive gaming property in the city’s history. Many have been eagerly waiting to see what such a high price tag can generate.

This property has been under construction in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. For several reasons, its opening has been delayed to the public. On June 24, gaming fans around the country were finally treated to the Resorts World LV grand opening.

A huge number of Las Vegas locals have also enjoyed seeing what this venue has to offer. That includes Cameron Tyagi, who attended the grand opening last week. He spoke with the media about his first impressions.

“The hotel feels like a hotel airport because it’s so big,” Tyagi said. “I’m telling you $4.3 billion they spent on this hotel. Most expensive hotel they’ve built. They have something special for sure.”

Thousands of individuals attended this grand opening. Based on what is being said, this is one of the coolest, most exciting new properties ever built in the city. Its opening should help to further boost tourism rates in the city over the next couple of months.

There is a lot happening with major casino hubs across the US. Here’s a look at how things are faring over in Atlantic City right now.

Atlantic City’s Ocean Casino-Resort is Finding More Success in 2021

Much like Las Vegas, Atlantic City is a major US casino hub. This city was badly affected by the events that unfolded in 2020. Things have been steadily improving, however, and many of the casinos here are now seeing a huge surge in tourism and gaming revenue.

That includes the Ocean Casino-Resort. This is one of the newest properties in the city and struggled to find success shortly after opening. Things have turned around, though, and this venue is now one of the best-performing venues in the city.

The Ocean Casino-Resort ended up being the third-most successful venue in Atlantic City last year. This venue managed to bring in an impressive $183.5 million. Terry Glebocki, Ocean’s CEO, spoke about this venue’s success to the media last week.

“Where we are today versus where we were is truly night and day,” he said. “The first 12 months the property was open, we lost $42 million. The most recent 12 months, including what I anticipate this month, we won $55 million.”

It seems likely that the success in Atlantic City will continue through the rest of the year. There are some clear signs that the land-based casino industry is surging right now. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this situation as the year goes on.

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