Resorts Atlantic City Launching New Electronic Style Live Dealer Game

Resorts Atlantic City

Resorts Atlantic CityTo try and stay in competition with fellow Atlantic City casinos, the Resorts Atlantic City has created a new electronic game that features live dealers.

Atlantic City is the only area in the state of New Jersey where gamblers will find casino gaming. The city is home to several casinos and will soon see two new options by summer, when the Hard Rock Atlantic City and Ocean Resorts Casino are open for business. Whether it be online or land-based gaming, casinos in the region must offer new and exciting content if they want to be considered the best of the best. Resorts Atlantic City is one such venue that seems to be struggling in New Jersey. The casino continues to be at the bottom end when it comes to revenues, so to change things, the brand is going to try and offer something new.

Electronic Live Dealer Gaming

The Resorts Casino is hoping that a new take on a popular game will bring players to their land-based establishment. The casino is rolling out a new gaming option that is not only new to New Jersey but also in the entire nation. The game floor will feature a new electronic table game but with live dealers, to provide a new take on the traditional electronic games.

Dynasty Electronic Table Games is a new live-dealer gaming experience offered at the casino that uses individual screens for players. The new format will be available in roulette, baccarat and blackjack games. The goal of the games are to offer something new but also maximize revenues for Resorts by only using minimal resources.

The casino will be offering the electronic table games with one dealer and game play will be much faster, which means more hands will be played per house. The ability to offer multi-game play will see an increase in the number of wagers placed per hour.

Now the question is, will players be willing to give the electronic games a try? When it comes to blackjack and roulette gaming, part of the experience is the interaction between the dealer and other players. When you consider the live dealer option for electronic gaming, there will be limited player interaction, which may not be appealing to some players.

While game play will be a little different, players are sure to like the fact that betting minimums will be lower. This means players will be more enticed to try the table games since they can bet less than with a traditional table game. The ability to play more than one game at a time should also help to see players give the electronic games a try.

Also, to consider is the intimidation factor. Players who have never tried table games want to, but many times feel intimated at the tables among more experienced players. With the electronic versions, beginner players can give the games a try without feeling intimidated.

Will It Help Resorts with Earnings?

The Atlantic City casino is hoping that the new gaming option will help when it comes to overall revenues. The brand is currently in last place when it comes to revenues in New Jersey and needs to find some way to gain ground. For February, Resorts earned close to $12 million, which is around 21% less than what was earned that same month in 2017. The goal is to see the new games entice players to visit the property and see an uptick in the earnings generated in the coming months.