Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for the Xbox One

Resident Evil 7

Genre: Action Adventure

Rating: M

Developer: Capcom

The Storyline

Resident Evil 7Resident Evil is a video game that’s available to play on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The game revolves around a man named Ethan. The player will play the game as Ethan himself. Ethan is in search of his girlfriend whose name is Mia. Ethan’s search takes him to Louisiana where he finds himself constantly dealing with drama and danger. He must make his way through many precarious situations while he finds himself face to face with dangerous monsters all while he is trying to solve puzzles in order to locate Mia.

Ethan will find himself in what he assumes to be an abandoned complex, but it is far from abandoned. He will spend his time trying to locate an escape while still trying to find answers to the location of his love. There are many plot twists and surprises along the way. The way the game presents the story helps the player to feel as if they are really invested. They take on a true desire to find Ethan’s girl. While the game is challenging, it is also one that players will be able to progress through without too much frustration and this is a very positive aspect many will like.

The game has a look to it that almost leaves the player feeling like they are in an old time horror movie, further adding to that pins and needles feeling they will experience around every turn. There are moments of fear, isolation, anticipation and pure excitement; all of the things a true gamer wants to see in a game worthy of numerous sessions.

The Graphics

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has nice and crisp graphics that work well for it. The quality of the graphics help keep with its dark horror movie likeness. While it can be said that it is a good looking game, it’s not quite up to the level of some of the other games of its time. However, more complex graphics would actually make its storyline less believable.

The game does have the necessary shadows and effects to bring the storyline to life. The house and swamp are creepy enough to make the entire scene believable. There are also plenty of dark tunnels and hallways to keep the players on their toes, guessing at what may be around the next corner.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects can make or break any game. Luckily, a lot of fantastic special touches have been put into the sound effects of Resident Evil 7 to make it as exciting and suspenseful as possible. There are plenty of little touches put into the sounds, such as far away sounds coming from different areas to keep players wondering what’s going on ahead of them, or even behind them. There is also spooky music that builds up in intensity at the proper times. The sounds in this game work right along with its graphics to create an entire story players really feel like they are a part of. The sounds in this game can be brought to a whole other level by wearing a good set of headphones while playing the game.

The Conclusion

All in all, I found the game to be the perfect blend of creepy and interesting. I spent a few hours on it my first time around. I liked the fact that it had a storyline with such a direct purpose, but there were many other outside elements to add other levels to it. Some of my favorite things about the game were the puzzle solving moments. The puzzles show up in a variety of ways that can range from turning certain objects to match their shadows up with other objects to simply figuring out what is going on in a certain scene.

One thing that needs to be noted about this game is it is a single player only game. While this may not work out great for those who like to play the multi-player games, it worked out just fine for me. I appreciate games where I can get the full enjoyment out of them without needing to wait for someone else to be in the mood to join in. I plan on spending much more time on this game because I know there is a lot more to it that I haven’t yet discovered.