Reno Casinos Are Reopening With Safety Measures in Place

Northern Nevada is home to a huge number of world-class gambling venues. Unfortunately, most of them have been shut down for the past few months. Reno casinos are now slowly beginning to open up and visitors are now flocking to the city to take part in the festivities.Reno Sign

It’s an exciting time for Nevada. Reno has always been a major gambling hub. Now, things are slowly getting back to normal here. Today, we’re going to look at what visitors here can expect.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Begins Allowing Casinos to Reopen

Nevada is home to the biggest gambling industry in the world. Casinos can be found in all parts of the state. Obviously, Las Vegas gets the most attention. This city is known as the gambling and entertainment capital of the country.

In March, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that all casinos in the state were being forced to close their doors. He, and many other health officials, felt that these venues posed a serious risk for major infection spreads. Some casino companies here began losing millions of dollars every single day as a result of these shutdowns.

Everyone knew this couldn’t continue forever. Cities like Las Vegas rely on gambling and tourism revenue. Under the restrictions set in place, this state was losing an unprecedented amount of money and jobs.

Many of the casinos in Nevada were finally given permission to reopen on June 4th. It was a historic moment for the state. Based on several reports, many tourists from around the country were excited to begin visiting these newly-reopened venues.

Most people have been talking about Las Vegas for the past few weeks. Reno, in the north of the state, has also taken a massive blow due to the regulations set in place. This week, several of the casinos in this city opened back up to the public.

Several Reno Casinos Are Now Open to the Public

Reno doesn’t get nearly as much attention as cities like Las Vegas. Many feel that it’s actually better than Las Vegas, though. It’s much quieter, yet a huge number of fantastic casino-resorts are currently operating in this city.

As we just mentioned, several different Reno casinos began opening back up to the public. The Atlantic, for example, recently just opened its doors to the public. John Farahi, CEO of the parent company of The Atlantis, spoke about the difficulties opening back up the public this week.

“A financial issue was something we could have planned for. This is a health issue. This is by far more challenging than our first expansion.”

The cleaning system set in place at this hotel is extensive. Guests are also having their temperature checked when entering the casino. Like many Las Vegas venues, The Atlantis also requires social distancing on the casino floor.

More Reno casinos are expected to open their doors over the next few weeks. Most expect the intense safety measures to remain in place here. It remains to be seen how much tourism begins to increase here this summer.

It’s clear that many people are excited to see these casinos reopen. Las Vegas is already seeing a major surge of tourists. More of the casino-resorts here are opening up in this city and revenue is starting to come back.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Las Vegas Casinos

It was hugely exciting to see the casinos in Las Vegas open back up. Some, however, expressed fear that these venues wouldn’t have the same fun atmosphere that they did at the beginning of this year. Many of the visitors here are commenting on how things are now in this city.

Many are happy to see that casino companies are focused on safety. Most of the casinos now limit the number of players at tables. Hand sanitizing stations are also located throughout most casino floors.

Bobbi Carlisle was the first guest to check-in at the D Hotel-Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Carlisle claims the atmosphere is still fun, and she expects to gamble on the casino floor over the weekend.

“It’s just been months of us trying to get here,” She said. “Now we’re here, and we’re so excited. We’re hoping to get a keno machine, and we’ll play there for days.”

Things certainly aren’t the same in Las Vegas. The same can be said for the Reno casinos now opened to the public. They are open to guests now, and that’s about as much as we can ask for at this point.

Stay tuned for more Nevada casino news over the next few weeks!