Regulators Discuss Opening a New Casino in Danville, Illinois

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Illinois continues to expand its casino industry as quickly as possible. Several new casinos are still planned to open around the state over the next few years. Soon, a state regulatory body will make a decision on whether or not to allow a new casino in Danville, Illinois.

Plans to open a casino in this city have been presented for years. Next month could be the biggest step in getting this property opened so far.

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Gaming Board Prepares to Make a Decision on the New Casino in Danville

Ilinois has been considered the most profitable gaming destination in the American Midwest for many years. Today, both casino gambling and sports betting are legal here. Officials in the state have been working to expand the state’s gaming industry as a way to bring in more tax revenue.

A Capital Plan approved in 2019 allows for six new casinos to open in this state. Where exactly these casinos will open is still being determined. Various groups have been pushing hard to get a new gambling property constructed in Danville, yet it has taken much longer than some expected.

Proponents of this property may not have to wait for much longer, though. Reports have confirmed that the Illinois Gaming Board will meet on March 10 to vote on allowing this property. Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Junior spoke about this situation to the media and believes that Golden Nugget, the company expected to open a casino in this city, will find major success.

“What that would mean for Danville is within 45 to 60 days, you would likely be having a groundbreaking,” Williams said. “So we could be meeting as soon as April, the end of April to do that. And from there, we would likely have a casino open, the early part of 2023… Wilmorite has operated casinos in three different states, and Golden Nugget operates five different casinos in four states. They’re world-class and world-renowned. So we’re excited, because we think they will bring a world-class product here to Danville.”

This decision will be huge for Illinois’ gambling venue. With approval, construction on this property can begin and a casino may open its doors in Danville within the next year or two. Stay tuned for more updates on the opening of this property!

What is Happening With Chicago’s Casino Proposals?

Illinois is already home to many popular casinos. None have ever been given permission to operate in the city of Chicago, though. The aforementioned Capital Plan approved in 2019 would finally allow for a new casino to open its doors in this city.

Little progress has been made to get construction started on this property. Officials have struggled to come to various agreements on this proposed venue. Not the least of these issues is its location, yet several possible areas of Chicago have already been discussed.

A recent push to get this property opened in McCormick Place has gained some support. Others are pushing against this idea, claiming it will end up ruining what is one of the best business centers in the city. A decision on this property is still in the works and it remains unclear when exactly officials will agree on the location for this venue.

It is also unclear which company would operate this Chicago casino. Tax rates on this property will likely be higher than in other areas of the state. That has kept many casino operators from expressing any desire to operate this property.

For now, state regulators seem focused on the new casino in Danville. It will be very interesting to see how these regulators view this property and the one in Chicago.

More Midwestern States Work to Expand Their Gaming Industries

Illinois is not the only state in the Midwest home to a large and successful gambling industry. Many states in this region of the country allow for casinos to operate. Many of them have worked to begin expanding their gambling industries in recent years, too.

Much of this has to do with the removal of PASPA in 2018. This decision has given every state the ability to legalize sports betting. 33 have already chosen to do so and many more appear to be on the brink of sports gambling legalization.

Minnesota and Missouri are both pushing sports betting bills forward this year. Both states are home to a huge number of passionate sports fans. Analysts expect these states to earn large amounts of tax revenue with regulated sportsbooks up and running.

Some of these states are working to expand their casino industries, too. The demand exists in these states and lawmakers are hungry to see more revenue flowing in. Expect to hear more about new gaming options becoming available in the Midwest as the year goes on.

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