Record iGaming Revenues in New Jersey for August

Summary: Online gaming totals continue to soar in New Jersey with the state hitting almost $25 million in revenues for August.

Online poker and casino gaming continue to do well in New Jersey, with the state being to top operator when it comes to both industries. It seems almost every month, some portion of the state’s online gaming sector is hitting some type of record. For August, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has released the monthly totals, showing that close to $25 million revenues were generated from poker and casino online gaming combined.

Highlights of the Month

New JerseyOnline gambling came in at just over $24.8 million in August, the third highest month for the state since online gaming began back in 2013. Total revenues were over the $20 million mark for the 18th month running. This is an amazing feat and just goes to show that there is a need for online gaming and that players are not going to quit logging online to enjoy their favorite games.

Online casino revenues by themselves were up over $20 million, with August marking the 8th month running that the state was able to reach this milestone. When comparing August 2018 to the same month last year, the revenues were up over 16%, another great achievement for the state.

Individual Breakdown

When looking at each casino operator individually, you can really see how each brand contributes to the overall online gambling industry. The top contributor month after month is the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget continues to set the standard when it comes to online gaming. For August, the brand earned just over $8.1 million, surpassing the $8 million mark for the 6th month in a row.

The Golden Nugget continues to surpass the competing, easily outpacing the second place Borgata, by millions of dollars in earnings. For August, the Borgata came in second with revenues coming in at a little less than $4.7 million. While this is still an accomplishment, it seems that operators are a long way from giving the Golden Nugget a run for their money.

When it comes to online poker, Caesars is the top operator. Last month, Caesars earned $725,020 with their WSOP/888 Poker network. While this is not much compared to the millions generated via online casino gaming, it is a positive note to see the revenue increase.

New Kids on the Block

For August, the year-to-year comparisons included the Ocean Resort Casino and Hard Rock Atlantic City venues. Last year, these two casinos were not in operation, so for 2018, they certainly help to push the revenue totals up, even if they have not been in operation long. Together, the two earned just over $860,000, not much, but enough to help bolster the overall numbers.

The Tropicana is one operator that tends to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to online revenues. However, the brand has been making a comeback. In July and August, the Tropicana was able to see growth. For August, revenues came in at $3.6 million which is a 7.3% increase when compared to August of last year.

Overall, online gambling is doing quite well in the state. Combined with the land-based revenues and the recent sports betting additions, the state continues to outpace many other states in the US. It will be

interesting to watch as the year plays out just how much the online gaming sector as well as land-based and sports betting industries fair in the state. Gambling revenues could continue to come in at record numbers!