Proposed Indian Springs Casino is Now Officially Approved

Nevada is set to welcome another casino. This week, the state’s Gaming Control Board approved the licensing for a proposed Indian Springs Casino. It’s exciting news for residents in this area, about 45 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

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It’s not entirely clear when this new gambling venue will open its doors. At the moment, all casinos in Nevada are currently closed down. Today, we’re going to discuss what exactly is happening in this state.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Sisolak Orders More Statewide Closures

Since early March, lawmakers in Nevada have been looking at ways to combat the new coronavirus. It’s been quickly spreading around the country and hundreds of cases are now confirmed in Clark County. In mid-March, Governor Sisolak announced that all non-essential businesses were being forced to close their doors.

It was an extremely tough blow to the state’s economy. As most are well-aware, several cities in Nevada rely heavily on their tourism and gambling industries. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where many of the country’s biggest casino-resorts are located.

All casinos in the state are currently closed. This week, the Governor announced another set of measures. This time, he said that all sporting and recreation venues, golf courses, and showrooms are all now officially closed.

New measures are also being introduced at grocery stores. For at least the next few weeks, these stores will limit the number of people being let in. Employees must also stay at least six feet away from customers.

There were some that hoped things would return to normal by early April. That does not appear to be the case. Additional regulations are being set around the state and more are likely to come here over the next few weeks.

Indian Springs Casino Gains Approval From Control Board

There are a huge number of casinos spread around Nevada. Not all of these are located in Las Vegas and Reno. It’s easy to find great gambling venues all around the entire state. This week, a proposed casino has been approved by the state’s Gaming Control Board.

For years, groups have worked to open an Indian Springs casino. This town is located northwest of Las Vegas and residents here have expressed a desire to see a gambling venue. Fortunately, plans for this new casino have been officially approved.

During an online meeting, the Control Board approved a license for Herbst IS Holdings LLC to open a casino in this town. Now, the company will need to gain approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission. If this happens later this month, the casino may be opened by Memorial Day.

This won’t be the first Indian Springs casino to open. The first one began operating here back in the mid-1980s. It was forced to close down in 2014 after the nearby Air Force Base decided to purchase the land that this venue sat on.

Tim Herbst, the manager for Herbst Holdings, claims this new casino will feature 75 slot machines, an eight-pump gas station, and a charging station for electric vehicles. It’s an extremely exciting time for residents in this area. Hopefully, things in the state will be back to normal by the proposed opening date.

Atlantic City Casinos Continue to Lose Revenue

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas is the biggest and most profitable gambling destination in the country. Over the past few years, Atlantic City has emerged as a close second. This city in New Jersey is home to many great casino-resorts and revenue was increasing here considerably for the past few months.

That is no longer the case, though. Due to the coronavirus, revenue in this city has plummeted. All of the casinos in Atlantic City have been forced to shut down. According to some reports, these venues are losing up to $500 million every single month.

It’s an extremely difficult situation. Some are pointing to the recession of 2008 when many gambling venues in this city were forced to permanently close. It’s still unclear how long many of the casinos here will be able to hold out during this situation.

In fact, the entire US land-based casino industry is now shut down. Casinos around the country are unable to open their doors to the public. Many are claiming they will not be able to survive long under the current conditions.

Many are happy to see the proposed Indian Springs casino gain approval. Residents in Nevada are looking for some positive news during this unprecedented time.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few weeks!