Prop Bets at LV Sportsbooks Are Now Available!

For more than a year, a huge number of states have begun legalizing sports gambling. There’s still no denying the fact that Las Vegas remains the sports betting capital of the country, though. This week, prop bets at LV sportsbooks started being offered. Sportsbook Inside Casino

The biggest day in sports is now less than two weeks away. The 2020 Super Bowl takes place between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Even the best football betting experts are having a difficult time predicting what will happen.

Today, we’re going to talk about what Super Bowl betting options are now available in Las Vegas.

Let’s get into it!

Super Bowl LIV is Just Around the Corner

The 2019/2020 NFL regular season was one of the best in recent memory. Some fantastic teams emerged as real championship contenders this season, despite entering as massive underdogs to win the Super Bowl. With the playoffs now officially over, fans around the country are busy making their predictions for Super Bowl LIV.

This is expected to be a fantastic game. Both the 49ers and the Chiefs have looked fantastic. The 49ers have an extremely well-rounded game with a pressure-heavy style. The Chiefs are well-rounded, as well, and might possess an even more impressive offensive lineup led by QB Patrick Mahomes.

Super Bowl LIV takes place inside the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. In case you’re unaware, it begins on February 2nd at 3:30 pacific time. There are a huge number of fantastic places to watch the game in Las Vegas.

It’s no surprise to see so many fans around the country making bets on the Super Bowl outcome. Historically speaking, this is the biggest day in sports betting. Some are choosing to make their bets through different online betting sites.

Others are making the trip out to Las Vegas in order to make their bets. This city is home to many of the biggest and best land-based sportsbooks in the world. This week, a huge number of fantastic prop bets at LV sportsbooks became available.

Prop Bets at LV Sportsbooks Are Currently Being Offered

As we just mentioned, Las Vegas is home to a huge number of incredible sportsbooks. This week, two of the biggest officially started offering Super Bowl prop bets. Both William Hill and The Westgate officially released their packages of different prop betting options.

Nick Bogdanovich, sportsbook director of William Hill, commented on the process of offering these bets to the media this week.

“The money dictates where we go,” he said. “It’s a lot funner than booking a game. That gets boring after a while. We only do this nine days a year with a menu of this size.”

Over at The Westgate, a collection of different betting options became available at 7 pm. Bettors had the opportunity to make up to two bets for $2,000 each.

“They know what they’re doing,” said John Murray, director of The Westgate’s sportsbook. “They’re betting under on everything and no on everything. The public will bet over on everything and yes on everything, and we’ll be rooting for these guys (motioning to the people in line) by the time the game starts.”

Prop bets at LV sportsbooks are hugely popular. Oftentimes, they account for more than half of the revenue made from all Super Bowl wagers. Over the next few days, even more of these gambling options are expected to become available.

Online Super Bowl Betting Options Are Available, Too

Right now might be the perfect time to place bets on Super Bowl LIV. Just about every online sportsbook is offering a wide range of fantastic wagering options for the big game. Bovada, one of the very best sports betting sites in the country, is currently offering several fantastic bets.

The most obvious wager is on which team manages to win the Super Bowl. At the moment, the 49ers are listed as the slight underdogs with even odds. The Chiefs come in with odds of -120.

Prop bets are LV sportsbooks are just beginning to stay available, yet Bovada has been offering these wagers for weeks. One of the best prop bets available right now is on which player manages to win the Super Bowl MVP award.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is listed as the favorite with odds of +105. He’s one of the best players in the league right now and was instrumental in getting Kansas City to the championship. 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo is listed as the second betting favorite with odds of +260.

Do you plan to make any prop bets at LV sportsbooks? Make sure to stay tuned for more Super Bowl betting news over the next few weeks.